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World Champs pools

Posted by devo on October 29, 2009

Pools for the 2010 FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Championships

LogoFivbPool A – Italy, Japan, Egypt, Iran
Pool B – Brazil, Spain, Cuba, Tunisia
Pool C – Russia, Puerto Rico, Australia, Cameroon
Pool D – United States, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico
Pool E – Bulgaria, China, France, Czech Republic
Pool F – Serbia, Poland, Germany, Canada

pools @fivb ~ Road to Final @fivb

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Igor Yudin highlights

Posted by devo on October 25, 2009

A nice video highlighting Igor Yudin playing in Poland on this Volleyball Movies site. Lots of other video clips are also listed, including highlights of Australia at World Cup 07.

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VTAM photos

Posted by devo on October 6, 2009

Ausvolley has collated photos of the Australian Men’s Team, courtesy of,  from the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championships on their Facebook page.

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Last day at Asian Men’s Champs

Posted by devo on October 5, 2009

asian men logo 09vta smallOn the last day of the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championships today, Australia will play Chinese Taipei in the playoff for 7th position

UPDATE: Australia defeated Chinese Taipei 3-0 to finish 7th ~ read the VTAM match reports

UPDATE: In the medal games Iran vs Japan 1-3 (25-19, 18-25, 23-25, 22-25) for the gold medal. Korea def China 3-1 for the bronze medal. results/placings/MVP’s ~ video of the gold medal match at 6pm AESST on bet365

Previous results for Australia at Asian Championships – other teams

Flag of Australia
Flag of Bahrain
Flag of Japan
Flag of Kuwait
Flag of South Korea
Flag of Australia
Flag of Thailand
Flag of South Korea
Flag of Qatar
Flag of Iran
Flag of South Korea
Flag of the People's Republic of China
Flag of Thailand
Flag of Indonesia
4th 4th 6th 11th 10th 4th 6th 5th 3rd 2nd 2nd 4th 8th 1st

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Aussies fight for 5th place

Posted by devo on October 4, 2009

asian men logo 09AsianVolleyball1On the second last day of the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championships, Australia will be fighting for a 5th place finish.

Iran will play South Korea and China will play Japan in the Championship semi-final. scores and draw ~ video of semis (8pm / 10pm AESST – note that this is betting site)

UPDATE: China vs Japan 2-3 (25-20, 25-23, 22-25, 26-28, 10-15)

UPDATE: Iran vs South Korea 3-2 (24-26, 25-20, 26-28, 25-17, 15-11) Iran are having a great championship. They defeated China for their first time ever; they are now into their first championship gold medal match. Previously they have a 3rd in 2003; a 4th in 1995.

UPDATE: Kazakhstan defeated Australia 3-2 (17-25, 25-21, 13-25, 25-22, 15-11) Australia will play for 7th position tomorrow.

Kazakhstan was hailed as final set victors against Australia in a five-set close match in the 5th to 8th semi-finals at the 15th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium on Sunday.

The first set naturally saw both teams sizing up each other, neither taking a solid lead over the other. Kazakhstan relied on Svyatoslav Miklashevich at the scoring helm while setter Matthew Young distributed the ball to nearly everyone on the Australian court. Young outsmarted the Kazaks with a dink at 8-7 by the first technical timeout. The Australians then utilized their blocking game plan with 212cm-tall Thomas Edgar manning the net. The move paid off as Australia augmented its lead to 16-11. … Australia was persistent with its blocking with Andrew Grant also helping out on defence as they took the first set 25-17.

Kazakhstan tried to come off the huddle by utilizing its other offensive options. Marat Imangliyev stepped up by firing at the Australian court with back row stunners. The set came to a tight situation once again at 7-7 but Travis Passier slammed an attack down the middle, causing the Australians to take their eighth point of the second set. The Kazaks found themselves with even more options courtesy of Asset Bazarkulov who delivered crucial points. Kazakhstan took the 16-11 lead with their more fluid orchestration. Australia tried to fuel a scoring run and capitalized on their opponents’ ball handling errors but the attempt only ended on a futile note. Kazakhstan took the second set with 25-21.

Australia came back strong in the third set by reverting to their game plan of distributing the ball. They attacked from all areas of their court and took advantage of the Kazaks’ faulty floor defence. Everything seemed to work in favour of the Australians with their opponents even falling for decoys. Australia also toiled with their defence, saving the ball as much as they could. By the second technical timeout, Australia’s efforts paid off with a 16-11 lead. Australia’s second setter Shane Alexander served nearly flawlessly from the end line and zeroed in on the reception mishaps of the Kazaks. The third set ended with a huge lead for the Australians, 25-13.

The fourth set saw a reversal of fortune for the two teams. It was now Australia who was hounded by errors while the Kazaks tried to enlist more of their other players in the scoring department. Kazakhstan took an early 8-3 lead. Adam White tried to steer the Australian offense and came to fore with back-to-back kills. The Australians managed to inch closer to the Kazak lead of 16-15. The Australians tried to regenerate their defence with their tall line up but the Kazaks’ power prevailed at 25-22 to force a fifth set.

The final set proved to be a head-to-head match, each team relying on their usual gunners: MIklasevich and Imangliyev for Kazakhstan, White and Thomas for Australia. A surprise hit from Kazak captain Dmitriy Gorbatkov took the Kazaks to an 8-7 lead. Kazakhstan persisted with their defensive stance to neutralize the opposing team’s attacks. Australia relied too much on their outside hitting that Kazakhstan knew all too well to deflect. Kazakhstan took the match with a 15-11 win in the deciding set. more@avc

Classification 5th–8th

5th–8th places 5th / 6th place
4 October – Manila
5 October – Manila
5–8 1 Winner
5–8 2 Winner
7th / 8th place
4 October – Manila 5 October – Manila
Indonesia 5–8 1 Loser
Chinese Taipei 5–8 2 Loser

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Asian Champs round 2

Posted by devo on October 3, 2009

asian men logo 09vta smallToday (03 Oct) ~ Indonesia vs Australia to determine 3rd and 4th place in quarter final pool F at the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championships. Neither team can qualify for the semi-finals, but the winner will play the corresponding loser from pool E. See the draw and results ~ live streaming here today. (you will need to join this betting site) 2pm AEST Japan vs Korea; 4pm AEST Australia vs Indonesia

update: Indonesia def Australia 3-2 (26-24, 21-25, 25-22, 20-25, 15-10)

Indonesia stunned defending champion Australia in the tiebreaker. Indonesia played with impressive attack placement which overwhelmed the Australian defenders. An extensive offensive strategy proved effective for Indonesia as five players scored in double figures. more@avc

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VTAM lose their first game at Asians

Posted by devo on September 30, 2009

asian men logo 09vta smallIn their final pool game at the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championships, Australia have been defeated by Korea 3-1 (25-20, 23-25, 25-21, 25-23) VTAM match report

Australia will continue on to the next round as one of the top two teams in pool D, after a day’s rest tomorrow. They will join Japan, Indonesia and Korea in Pool F. They begin with a loss to Korea carried forward. This means that VTAM will have to defeat both Japan and Indonesia if they are to reach the semi-finals. Of course, South Korea could lose their final pool match vs Lebanon tomorrow; then it would be a different scenario.  see more results

korean-spiker 09UPDATE: Powerhouse Korea pulled off its worthiest win in four days on Wednesday by downing defending champion Australia, 25-20, 23-25, 25-21, 25-23, to boost its quarterfinals bid in the 15th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championships at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

The Koreans, third-placers in 2005 and 2007, got off to a torrid start, coming through with an array of huge shots to stun the Aussies in the most awaited match in Pool D to improve their record to 3-0. The Aussies finished their group elims with a 3-1 card but has to wait for the other games involving Lebanon to clinch a berth in the next round.

… The Aussies had 14 blocks against only 9 for the Koreans but the latter were more creative and sharper on offense.They converted 62 points on 130 tries against 46-of-111 by the Aussies. report ~ GMA News ~ The VTAM blog ~ The VTAM Facebook ~ VTAM video: well the other Aussie teams seem able to do it!

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Aussie men 3-0 at Asian Champs

Posted by devo on September 30, 2009

asian men logo 09vta smallIn their third game at the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championships, Australia remain undefeated, defeating  Qatar 3-0 (25-16, 21-25, 25-21, 25-17)

Australia opened the match with its towering frontline, stunning the Qataris with hard-driven spikes … Qatar seemed gun-shy in its plays, making the Australians deflect the former’s offensive attempts. The Qataris were, thus, limited to only 16 points, with Australia taking the first set.

… The Australians seemed unfocused on their plays and were only able to score off their opponents’ errors. … Australian setter Matthew Young led the team with better executed plays, but his efforts came late as Qatar evened the match with 25-21 by the end of the second set.

Qatar started strong in the third set … The Australians then set up a more formidable defence with the 212cm Thomas Edgar manning the net, and gained the lead at 11-10. White and Zingel contributed further by connecting with their attacks, giving Australia a 16-14 advantage. Australia maintained its defensive stance by neutralizing attacks from the opposing court, taking the third set with 25-21.

Thomas Edgar showed depth in his brand of play …  stepping up on offense at the start of the fourth set. His team quickly drove past the Qataris with an 8-3 run. Qatar slowly worked their way back into the game, …  but by this time, the Australians have already attained mastery of the Qatari offense and foiled nearly every kill at the net. White punctuated the final set with a solid kill down the Qatari court, and brought the match to a close at 25-17. more@avc

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Asian Men’s Championships

Posted by devo on September 29, 2009

asian men logo 09vta smallIn their second game at the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championships, Australia def Maldives 3-0 (25-17, 25-13, 25-12) more scores

Australia dominated Maldives in straight sets at the 15th Asian Sr. Men’s Volleyball Championship at San Andres Gymnasium on Monday.

Australia managed to lead in the first set 16-8 in spite of their several unforced errors. Maldives staged an uprising using their back row attacks but still lost the first set 25-17 to a more determined Australian team.

AVC picture - click

AVC picture - click

The Australians placed a strong barrier on the net using their towering front line headed by Grant Andrew and Shane Alexander. Maldives’  Ali Amir was pestered with Australia’s excellent defence from Joshua Thorpe and Travis Passier. Australia entered the first technical timeout with an 8-5 lead, their points coming from several service errors from Maldives. Kareem Ahmed Abdul did his duties very well as a back row hitter but this attempt did not successfully spark a Maldivian run. Australia imposed a solid blocking pattern that Maldives could not destroy which led to the Australian 25-13 triumph in the second set.

Australia showed variety in their offense exhibiting strong outside hits, back row attacks and off-speed hits that earned them a comfortable 7-0 lead. The Australian hitters were just too powerful for the Maldivians to contain and this made them weary to set up their own offense. Australia’s staple blocking scheme and hard-hitting attacks spelled the difference in the end which limited Maldives to 25-12. more@AVC

The Australians relied on their powerhouse attackers led by Adam White and Hamish Hingston. Poor reception on the Maldivian court only helped spell an effortless Australian win.

AVC photos on Volleyball Australia Facebook site

VTAM match report

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Well done Volleyball Australia

Posted by devo on September 28, 2009

Yep – you’re reading that correctly. Devo is congratulateling Volleyball Australia. The Asian Volleyball Confederation, the FIVB (neither sites have yet to acknowledge the situation), and news reports are all behind VA on news on the postponed Asian Men’s Championships.

The tournament started today using just one hall with 6 or 7 matches per day. The organisers plan to recover the lost day by removing the quarter final cross over matches.

The format otherwise stays the same, i.e. Top 2 teams from each pool advance to one of the quarter final pools where they will play the top 2 from another pool (eg 2 from pool A join 2 from pool C).  After these matches the top 2 teams from each quarter final pool will cross over in the semi-finals.

For Australia, this means that the team played Lebanon at 10pm AEST Sunday 27th.  The rest of their schedule for pool play is as follows
28-9. 9pm AEST vs Maldives
29-9. 10pm AEST vs Qatar
30-9 (1/10) 1am AEST vs Korea

All score results and match reports will be posted to the VA website, or you can follow more up to date scores via Twitter or Facebook

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Posted by devo on September 28, 2009

The good news is that the Asian Championships are underway and Aus has started with a win. (See the floods)

AUS Men defeat Lebanon 3:1 (25-20, 25-18, 17-25, 25-23) in their opening game at the15th Asian Senior Championships. ~ Volleyball Australia match report

Australia and Lebanon exchanged powerful spikes early in the match before Australia, with an average height of 201cm, took advantage at the net with some nice blocks. Though they lost the third set, Australia regained control and their block proved too much for the Lebanese spikers. more@fivb

AUS Junior Women go 1 up in the Trans-Tasman series. The team defeat NZ 3-1 (25-23, 16-25, 25-22, 25-14) ~ Volleyball Australia match report

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Asian Men’s Champs

Posted by devo on September 26, 2009

vta smallasian men logo 09The Asian Senior Men’s Championships are underway in the Philippines (26 Sep – 5 Oct 2009).

The Aussies are drawn in pool D, where they must finish in the top 2 to progress. Check out  Asian Volleyball for the draw and results.

  • Saturday – 1800 AESTAUS vs LEB
  • Sunday – 1600 AEST – MDV vs AUS
  • Monday – 1600 AEST – AUS vs QAT
  • Tuesday – 1400 AEST – KOR vs AUS

Don’t forget to vote in our poll in the left side column – its about to close


Floods and power blackouts caused by a tropical storm forced organizers to postpone the opening matches of the 15th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship, scheduled to be held in Manila today (Sept. 26).

Harry Anping, chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission, told Xinhua that the two stadiums in downtown Manila, where the matches were scheduled to be held, were flooded and organizers are yet to decide on the reschedule dates. more ~ A report on the storm

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Imagine this in Oz

Posted by devo on September 24, 2009

The hardest match for the Aussie men in the pool play of the Asian Men’s Championships will be against Korea. I wonder how the events reported below will affect their game play? The bruising is certainly not an isolated event. I know of two travelers to Korea who have seen it happening. What is new here, is that Park reported it. Thanks to contributor M for the heads up.

The Korean Olympic Committee wants national volleyball coach Lee Sang-yeol to face criminal charges after a badly bruised player held a news conference to accuse Lee of beating him up. The KOC also said in a statement on Monday that South Korea head coach Kim Ho-chul should be dismissed for allowing the incident to happen and said it was determined to eradicate violence in sport. The Korea Volleyball Association (KVA) announced later on Monday it had sacked Kim and replaced him with another member of the coaching staff.

Korean international Park Chul-woo had appeared at a news conference on Friday sporting heavy bruising on his face and marks on his rib cage and said Lee had beaten him while his teammates looked on. “After a meeting with KVA Chairman Lee Jun-pyo and KOC Secretary General Choi Jong-jun present to discuss the use of violence in Park’s case, we have decided to ask Nowon district police to file charges against Lee Sang-yeol,” the KOC said in the statement.

The left side of Park’s face was heavily marked and the 24-year-old also pulled up his T-shirt to reveal bruises on his abdomen. Park was left out of the team for the Sept. 26-Oct. 5 Asian Men’s Volleyball Championships in the Philippines. read the full article

UPDATE: An interesting discussion of this incident.

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18 teams in Asian Men’s Champs

Posted by devo on September 21, 2009

vta smallThe 15th edition of the Asian Men’s Volleyball Championships is ready to unfold from September 26 to October 5 in the Philippines. A total of 18 teams will  challenge for places on the podium.

The participating teams in the biennial AVC Men’s Continental Tournament will compete not only for the regional top honors, but also  for the single ticket available to the FIVB World Grand Champions Cup in Japan in November.

The 18 teams are hosts the Philippines, defending champion Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Iran, Thailand, Indonesia, Chinese Taipei, India, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Lebanon, Sri Lanka,. Vietnam, Maldives, Hong Kong and Myanmar.

Australia broke the domination by the three Asian titans by winning the gold medal at the 14th edition in 2007.

The 15th episode is expected to be the toughest one in the history of the Asian Men’s Championship as there are at least five teams who have the equal chance to climb up to the summit. Japan, ranked 11th in the world, … is considered the team to beat and favourite to add another trophy to their huge collection. Japan’s campaign to the podium will be tough,however, as  teams are becoming stronger and stronger, especially China, Australia, Korea and Iran. more@ AVC ~ previous results@AVC ~ match schedule

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Aussie Men’s Team for Asians

Posted by devo on September 17, 2009

vta smallVolleyball Australia has posted the team for the Asian Championships which begin on the 26th.

The team is most notable for who isn’t included. Volleyball Australia is reporting that … Paul Carroll, John Dekker,  Ben Hardy, Nathan Roberts and Igor Yudin … have made themselves unavailable for the national team for this tournament, due to club commitments in Europe.

Okay, it’s not an olympic qualifying year; our younger players will gain great expeience. For our senior players, the money they earn at their clubs enables them to stay in the sport. But as an Aussie fan, I’m peed off that we are not going all out to defend our Asian Championship. Or has VTAM conceded that a win was unlikely?

  • Shane Alexander (Qld)
  • Thomas Bawden (Vic)
  • Thomas Edgar (Qld)
  • David Ferguson (WA)
  • Andrew Grant (Qld)
  • Hamish Hingston (Tas)
  • Travis Passier (Qld)
  • Joshua Thorpe (Tas)
  • Aden Tutton (SA)
  • Adam White (Qld)
  • Matthew Young (Qld)
  • Aidan Zingel (NSW)
  • Head Coach Russell Borgeaud
  • Assistant Coach Andrew Strugnell

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VTAM vs China updates

Posted by devo on August 17, 2009

world champs 2010

Zhou Jian’an, Chinese head coach, said, “Australia is a good team and they improved a lot in these years. Australia will be a key opponent in the near future. They have some advantages in net play. We hope we can improve together. Our players’ mentality improved through this tournament, especially against Asian teams.”The Australian coach Russell Borgeaud said, “It was an exciting match. We both qualified for the Final Round. We will prepare hard for this tournament. We learned from China too. We have some weaknesses. China is a young team and has improved a lot, and block very well.” more@FIVB


In a match where both teams were already qualified for the 2010 World Championships, Australia played China in a “dead” rubber this evening. The match was anything but dead! China is one of the strongest teams in Asia and they boast victories against USA, Italy and the Netherlands in 2009.Statistically, Australia actually out-blocked and out-attacked their opponents, though the difference in attack was just 1% in Australia’s favour. China out-served the Australians, which was one of three small factors, in Australia’s defeat. The other was China’s slightly superior transition attack on serve and a set that was lost on an officiating error … A television replay revealed that the Australian hit was in by “half a metre”, despite being called “long.” more@Volleyball Australia

And Aussie captain Ben Hardy is excited!

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Australia down Thailand

Posted by devo on August 17, 2009

vtamaden china 09Volleyball Team Australia Men went 2-0 and into the world championships by defeating Thailand 3-0 today.

AUS def  THA 3-0 (25-19, 25-20, 25-20)

Paul Carroll 20 pts, Aiden Zingel 12 pts, Nathan Roberts 12 pts, Aden Tutton 2.67 digs/set & received at 71.43 with 0 errors.

world champs 2010I missed the streamed video. Did anyone see it?

photos ~ match report vs India from yesterday ~ stats p3 ~ stats p2

UPDATE: (originally posted 15/08/08) VTAM match report

The match played by Volleyball Team Australia this afternoon against Thailand could best be described as “clinical.” Australia out-played their shorter opponents in every aspect of the game. It was particularly in the area of attack (57% kill and 13% error to 40% kill and 20% error) and block (11 kills to 2) where the Australians overpowered their rivals.

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Aussie men live?

Posted by devo on August 16, 2009


UPDATE: AUS lost to  CHN 1-3 (22-25, 25-17, 28-30, 17-25)

Carroll 21 points, Roberts 20 points ~ stats p3p2

MyP2P is again saying that they will be going live with the Aussie match at the world qualifiers in China today. You can check out the link here, but be aware that the last promise did not eventuate. Let down again

world champs 2010You can follow the scores from 10pm AEST on the fivb site. The final match will be a “show match” as both China and Australia have already qualified for the World Champs next year. But there will a lot of pride on the line – who is best in Asia? China has a world ranking of 8; Australia 14. Australia is the current Asian Champions. Both teams are undefeated in this qualifier round.

In Vietnam the Oz women’s team will be taking on VTV Long An – the top club team in Vietnam – in the Vietnam Cup.

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Aussie teams today

Posted by devo on August 15, 2009

vtamBoth the Aussie men and the Aussie women hit the international boards today.

The men will play their second match at the world qualifiers in China. If they defeat Thailand today at 5:30pm AEST they will be on their way to Italy next year. You can follow the scores on the fivb site. There may be a live stream here. Thanks to Cathy for this link.

The women will play their first game at the Vietnam Cup today against the host nation. The match is at 7:00pm AEST. You can follow the girls on their blog.

UPDATE: I’ve just watched the MediaPlayer option at the above link, and it is streaming a demo program seamlesly on my satelite connection over the household wireless. Those of you with U Bewt city connections should fly!

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Aussies defeat India

Posted by devo on August 14, 2009

vtamworld champs 2010Volleyball team Australia Men are now only one match away from qualifying for the World Championships to be played in Italy next year. more@fivb

2010 Men’s World Championship – 3rd Round – Asia – G | Match # 1 – Chengdu, China – 14/08/2009

Aus def India 3-0 (25-15, 25-22, 25-19)

VTAM world qualifiers 09Paul Carroll 16 points ~ Nathan Roberts 14 points ~ Igor Yudin 10 points ~ India made 23 errors to Australia’s 8.

fivb match statistics ~ P3 ~ P2

picture courtesy of fivb – click to enlarge – match pictures here.

Asia – G | Match # 2 – 14/08/2009 ~ China def Thailand 3-0 (25-15, 25-23, 25-18)

…Russell Borgeaud’s men were much better both in tactics and physical play, staging waves of attacks right after the curtain was raised on the match. It was with little difficulty that Australia claimed the first set.

India played much better in the second set and fought hard to tie the set 1-1 and 6-6l, even leading by five points at 14-9, before India lost their form suddenly with many unforced errors. Australia narrowed the gap to 16-16 and 21- 21 before Australia got the key points to finish the set. The third set went almost the same as the second one with no team taking a big advantage but Australia then controlled the game and took it easily.

Australian coach Russell Borgeaud said: “We showed our spirit in the second set. We got key points in the third set and won the game. We look forward to continuing to improve and to play well in the next game. We have the chance to beat China if we show our best.” more@fivb

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