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German volleyball live

Posted by devo on January 17, 2010

On Monday, 18/01 at 19:20 –  (19/01 at 5:20 AESST) transmits live and  free the Bavarian derby VC francs vs Generali Haching. – Bundesliga LIVE und KOSTENLOS

UPDATE: If you slept in ;{ you can catch the match here.

With four wins on the trot, and now in seventh place, the German team of Aussie coach Mark Lebedew and Aussie player Tom Bawden will be a good watch for early risers. Volleyball Club FrankenTranslation

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German Bundesliga

Posted by devo on December 23, 2009

On you can watch the most recent match of VC Franken (Mark Lebedew (C), Tom BawdenVolleyball Club FrankenTranslation) and other matches in the German Bundesliga

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From Germany

Posted by devo on October 22, 2009

First Bavarian derby against VC Francs – first victory for Generali Haching. Against the Eschenbacher volleys won the German Cup 3:0 (25:19, 25:20, 25:23). more

Giesen/48 Hildesheim advanced with 8-0 points into third place of the Bundesliga 2 North league table, with only TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen and VV Humann Essen, each with 10:2 points ahead of  it. more

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Lebedew wins without Bawden

Posted by devo on October 14, 2009

Tom Bawden – Mark Lebedew (C) – Volleyball Club FrankenTranslation – Another Aussie theme to a win – this time in Germany. The re-badged Eschenbacher volleys (who took up the licence of the nearby SG Eschenbacher Eltmann) succeeded in the Jako Arena in Bamberg. The newly formed League team on Friday night swept Moerser SC 3:0 (25:11, 25:16, 25:21) out of the hall and landed in the second game of the season their first victory.

It was a great team effort, everyone has done his job,” enthused coach Mark Lebedew after the emphatic victory. … a surprisingly clear home success, although the hosts had to do without their diagonal Tom Bawden. The Australian national team member only returned on Friday.

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Aussies OS 09/10

Posted by devo on August 6, 2009

_2009_sfv_lauren_bertolacciContracts are being signed, and players are heading to new clubs. If you know of any new movements, please let me know, as I hope to start updating the Aussies OS page next week.

We’ve already reported on Paul Carroll who will play in Italy with Yoga Volley Forlì Tom Bawden has signed in Germany with Volleyball Club Franken, Steve Keir has signed to Rennes in France and Shayla Chalker has taken up an assistant coaching position at Quincy University.

The latest news is that Lauren “Lozza” Bertolacci is off to Spain, where she will play in the Volleyball Superliga Femenina (Royal Spanish Volleyball Federation) for Traysesa Santa Cruz who will be playing as CV Cuesta Piedra this season. “The player … arrives at the Tenerife entity to lead the team in its first participation in the Superliga women.” more

And Andy “Roy” Earl is playing again in the Czech Republic for Odolena Voda.

And Ed Binnie will be an Assistant Coach with Columbia University

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Mein name ist Tom.

Posted by devo on July 29, 2009

Aussie player Tom Bawden has signed with the Mark Lebedew coached Volleyball Club Franken for the 09/10 German Budesliga 1 season according to their club site. The new club “replaces” Eltmann and will play in the UNESCO listed town of Bamberg, possibly one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Well I loved it there. Even the smoked beer!

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The 2 Toms up for Swedish awards

Posted by devo on March 1, 2009

tom-edgarSwedish Volleyball is reporting that voting is underway for the leagues top volleyballers.

Two Aussies have been nominated. Thomas Edgar, Linköping, is nominated in three categories: player of the year, attack and best new player.

Thomas Bawden, Lugi is also nominated for best attacker. Tom will be the league’s top scorer, provided that he kills 9 points in his last game of the season. (Check out how the other Aussies are going on the list)

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Aussies win in Sweden

Posted by devo on February 16, 2009

Steve Wallace and Tom Bawden‘s  – LUGIWorldLingo translation won a surprise meeting with Tierp 3-2-with 15- 12 in the deciding set. And it was also a historic victory for the team  – who had never defeated Tierp in Elitserien.

Tierp turned  0-2 sets down into 2 sets all. After the team took home the fourth with a clear 25-18, it was believed that Tierp had the momentum to win the fifth set. At 10-9,  however, Lugi’s Sven Boström Svensson won three straight points including two aces, which meant that the home team pulled to 12-10. Steven Wallace, after two hours, took match point when his hit was in: 15-12.

Lugi had their large profiles in the passports Kalle Sandberg and scoring king Thomas Bawden. In the first set, it was often  Bawden vs Tierp. The Australian took 28 points. original article ~ translation

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Aussies winning points in Sweden

Posted by devo on January 23, 2009

Young Aussie players in Sweden are scoring points with Tom Bawden, Tom Edgar, and Adam White in the top 10 scorers. Trav Passier is at 21 (2nd in blocking), Steve Wallace at 23, and Greg Sukochev sneaks into the top 50 scorers. more at Swedish Volleyball

You can also check out Elitserien Herr results, tables, and team photos at Volleyball Sweden.

# Namn Förening Match Serve Block Anfall Poäng
1. Adnan Herco Habo WK 87 12 16 19 197 232
2. Thomas Bawden Lugi VBK 12 10 27 194 231
3. Thomas Edgar Linköpings VC 11 16 25 149 190
4. Mark Burik Vingåkers VK 11 14 11 164 189
5. Staffan Sahlberg Säters IF VBK 11 15 10 160 185
6. Martin Yngerskog Sollentuna VK 13 12 17 151 180
7. Andrew Bonner Örkelljunga VK 9 18 18 129 165
8. Adam White Linköpings VC 11 8 21 135 164

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Tom leading stats

Posted by devo on November 18, 2008

My correspondent reports that Tom Bawden, playing in Sweden – LUGIWorldLingo translation scored 40 points in Saturday’s 5 set loss against Sollentuna with 37 kills, 2 blocks and an ace. He now leads the Swedish league in points with a total of 86. His break down is 3 aces, 10 blocks and 73 kills.

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Steve and Tom head to Sweden

Posted by devo on September 7, 2008

Steve Wallace will have Aussie Tom Bawden playing along side him at LUGIWorldLingo translation this season in Sweden. Steve has been named captain of Lugi.

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Tri State Tournament

Posted by devo on October 28, 2007

Mildura Grand 2007 Tri State Championships

UPDATE 5: Original posted 26/10/07 – 21:29
My correspondent tells me: The Clinics seemed to be the biggest winner for the weekend. Some of our Junior Athletes that got to have a hit this morning with the teams and our juniors who line Ref’d, I am sure will not forget the experience!!

Today (Sunday) the AIS defeated the team that is going to Korea 3-0

All of my spies are telling me that the weekend was a fantastic experience. Of course, the talk is already turning to next year. The players want to experience the Mildura hospitality again. The question is what form should next year’s tournament take. I hope that Mildura looks to go bigger and even better (if that is possible!). Perhaps it’s time to see the return of Men’s Nationals? Or a competition between the winners of each states’ state league? I guess it all comes down to what the AVF do with the Australian Volleyball League. I know that the competitors at this week’s tournament will need no encouragement to head to Mildura again. Well done to all those who organised the weekend!

The Mildura Grand 2007 Tri State Championships were won by the AIS. Tournament MVP was Tom Bawden. Tomorrow the overseas touring team will play the AIS in a exhibition game.
Match 3AIS def Falcons 3-0. The AIS were dominant in the first set. The second set, Falcons were able to keep it close, but the AIS ran away with it in the third. Best players were Tom Bawden, Adam White and Dave Delaland.

Match 2
Mt Lofty def Falcons 3-2. Falcons took the first 2 sets in this mornings game before Mt Lofty began a winning streak of 3 sets. My spies have nominated Stu Maycock and Dave Delaland as best players.

The first match at the Mildura Grand 2007 Tri State Championships is over. See also here.

The AIS def Mt Lofty 3-1 (25-15, 25-20, 22-25, 25-21). Devo’s spies have nominated the best players as Adam White and Tom Bawden.

A good crowd was in to watch the match. Mildura Volleyball is putting on a great show: qualified first and second refs and right on down to the great job being done by the floor wipers. Those country associations know how to put on a show. The Falcons boys tell me that the accommodation at The Quality Hotel Mildura Grand in Mildura is absolutely fantastic. I wonder if they’re getting to taste any of Stephano’s food?

Tomorrow Falcons gets to play Mt Lofty first up, and the AIS tomorrow night.

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