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LZ Sport update

Posted by devo on September 3, 2009

We have previously mentioned LZ Sport, a company that will help you to get a scholarship in the USA for a fee. They have updated their web site, and an Australia specific page is under construction. The updated site has a bunch of new information, more interactive information, photos, video clips and testimonials than the old site.

On the figures that LZ supplied me, this seems a reasonable service if you get a full scholarship out of it.  If you don’t want the hassles of doing the paperwork. If you are a guy and you’re not going to get a full scholarship I’d say save your $$$ and do it yourself. There are Aussies who are willing to help you get through the scholarship process, and I can pass you on to these people.

You should read the comments on the previous post. I have had no personal dealings with LZ sport; so I cannot recommend them. But they were recommended to me by an Aussie OS who I have a great deal of respect for.

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