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Poll result – What do you expect?

Posted by devo on January 31, 2010

In our latest poll this is what you saw as a minimum response on the Volleyball Australia web site within 12 hours of  the end of an Aussie match.

Scores, MVP, stats and brief match report 26 – 27%
Scores, MVP, stats and full match report 25 – 26%
Scores 20 – 20%
Scores, MVP and short stats 18 – 18%
Scores, MVP and full stats 6   – 6%
Scores and MVP 3   – 3%
98 votes

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Poll no to Golden Formula

Posted by devo on November 15, 2009

The readers of devo’s volleyball are in no doubt. The golden formula rule that was trialled at the recent Men’s Club World Champs should not become a regular rule of volleyball. Poll results ~ more ~ more

votes %
No 94 89%
I’m not sure yet 9 8%
Yes 3 3%

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Poll result Asians

Posted by devo on September 27, 2009

While we wait for news as to when the Asian Men’s Championships will get underway, or if they will get underway, in storm damaged The Philippines, our readers have been very evenly split over how the Aussies will go.

  • About a third – 30%: we’ll play off for the gold medal
  • About a third – 32%: we’ll play off for the bronze medal
  • About a third – 37%: we won’t make the medal rounds more detail

With flights booked to European clubs, and coaches waiting for players to arrive, the bigger question could be whether Australia will have a team left to compete in a delayed Championship!

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Poll results – costs of AJVC

Posted by devo on May 4, 2009

These polls are problematic. 81 respondents is a good number, but I have no way of knowing which states they represent; or whether they are from a valid cross section of the volleyball community. However, there are two points that I want to draw out.

79% of repondents believe that the fees are too high for those representing their states at Junior Nationals. If the fees are justified; then the states need to do more to educate their players and their parents on the costs involved, and what needs to be done to lower the costs.

What is most alarming is that 19% of respondents – 15 players –  report that the fees have stopped a player representing their state. Even those who think the fees are fair, struggle to pay them. If the States cannot lower the fees for everyone, they must a least institute proceedures that ensure that no player misses out due to costs. If they can’t find sponsorship for the whole program, they must at least address social justice issues. There must be philanthropic or government agencies that can be approached.

Yes. We must find ways to lower them. 49 60%
Yes. It stops me (my child) playing for my state. 15 19%
No. The fees are fair. But I struggle to pay them. 9 11%
No. The fees are fair. 8 10%

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AVSC poll

Posted by devo on December 17, 2008

Schachty raises an interesting question in his comments on the Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup.

Can the tournament progress beyond where it is, does it need to, or has it reached its potential?

Hit the new poll, and post a comment here to explain your vote. Let us know if you a player, a coach, a volunteer or a parent.

And after 18 years of non-attendance you must make the effort to get here Schachty – you won’t recognise it.

UPDATE: Most of you are saying that the AVSC only needs minor fixes. What are they?

UPDATE 2: Some are saying it’s had its day. What model should we go to?

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