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Howard video

Posted by devo on January 17, 2010

You can watch Aussie Dan Howard #15 starting for – Marmi Lanza Verona ~ Translation – vs RPA in the Italian League at legavolley

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aussies in Italy video

Posted by devo on December 10, 2009

In the Italian League: Dan Howard‘s – Marmi Lanza VeronaTranslation vs Paul Carrol‘s – Yoga ForliTranslation:  Check out the video and the stats

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From Italy

Posted by devo on October 22, 2009

ARAN KITCHEN ABRUZZO PINETO – Marmi Lanza Verona 2-3 (25-18, 25-18, 19-25, 19-25, 11-15)

Howard won 5 points and Roberts 4 in this Italian league match which had Aussie playing Aussie. But it took 5 sets to decide a winner. Pineto had asked for the match to be postponed after a serious traffic accident involving admin from the club. The league refused this. Verona match report

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Dan evens the season

Posted by devo on October 14, 2009

dan-howard.JPGDan Howard – Marmi Lanza VeronaTranslation

Dan’s team is now 2-2 for the season.

Latest report ~ Photos courtesy of Verona

Marmi Lanza Verona 3-2 21 25 25 28 15
Prisma Taranto 25 22 19 30 10

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Aussie vs Aussie in Italy

Posted by devo on October 10, 2009

UPDATE: Yoga Volley Forlì 3 def Aran Cucine Pineto 0 (25-23, 25-20, 25-20) ~ Carroll 15 ~ Roberts 5

After the confusion at the start of the Italian volleyball season, the teams of Nathan Roberts  (Pallavola PinetoTranslation) and Paul Carrol (Yoga ForliTranslation) will face each other this Sunday. Both teams have yet to win this season. This is Pineto’s 2nd game; Forli’s 3rd.

The game is also an opportunity for an unusual “Australian derby” between the two young Roberts in the 1986 class Pineto and Carroll in Forli. Carroll immediately showed schiacciatore dell’ARAN a good personality on the difficult field of Macerata, confirming the good things seen in training and is expected to confirm his potential. match preview @ pineto

In other Italian news, Aussie Dan Howard‘s  Marmi Lanza Verona (Translation) are 1 & 2 this season.

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Best Aussie indoor player you’ve seen: results

Posted by devo on February 22, 2009

David Beard 55 23.91%
Dan Howard 54 23.48%
Ben Hardy 34 14.78%
Shane Van Beest 23 10%
George Santamaria 15 6.52%
Pauline Manser 14 6.09%
Ted Kalkoven 9 3.91%
Steve Tutton 9 3.91%
Kerri Pottharst 9 3.91%
George Mraz 5 2.17%
Anita Palm / Spring 2 .87%
Diane Scholtz 1 .43%

Well, I think we’ll call that a draw between David Beard and Dan Howard.

I don’t know just what the poll results tell us, but at least it got a bit of discussion going here on devo’s volleyball. Hopefully our younger visitors have a few more names in their volleyball vocabulary that they didn’t have before. And those not so young visitors enjoyed the trip down memory lane. (or at least those whose memory still works for them!)

In future months I may use the list in the comments to do a few biographies on some of the players from the past.

You can check out the full poll results, and the results of our previous polls at polldaddy.

Thanks to all who took the time to vote, or to post a comment. Another poll will come along soon. If you have a suggestion for a poll, let me know via the Contact Devo page at the top of the site.

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Dan Howard interview

Posted by devo on January 14, 2009

This is a (terrible) computer translation of a club interview with Dan Howard. See the original here

UPDATE: read marklebs translation in comments – it won’t screw your head around anywhere near as much!

Daniel Allan Howard is been born to Kingscote (AUS) 13 December of 1976.
Grown sport in Germany, it landed in the Italian championship after to have been engaged from the Rooster Joy of the Hill Prefabbrica you, in A2, 1998-99. Debuts in A1 Series with Yahoo! Ferrara, in 2000-01; in 2001-02, to season in course, it was engaged from the Asystel Milan, with which it played the semiends of Goblet CEV.
The successive year was moved to the Canadiens Verona; it dressed the mesh of the square veneta for five seasons, winning one Goblet Italy di Serie A2 and obtaining the promotion in A1 in 2003-04. In 2007, with the National Australian it has won Samples to you Asian, coming elect MVP of the manifestation; currently Paradise Gabeca Montichiari supports from two seasons in the Water.

What has made you to choose the Germany like your first European goal?
In the summer of 1997 I was in withdrawal in Germany with the national Australian and our according to trainer it was German, therefore it had contacts in the teutonico championship and is thanks to he if then it has made part of the Tumverein.
The year after, to the guide of my national one, has arrived Stelio De Rocco and is thanks to he that I and other companions we are arrives to you in the Italian championship.

Your future you see more Australian or Italian to it?
They are in Italy from 11 years. Here I have disputed eight samples to you in A1 and three in A2. Mia moglie is Italian and my future will be sure in Italy; for the moment not task at all to my return in Australia. Moreover to Montichiari I find myself very well; the society is much serious one and organized and that that stimulates me more is that there is an ambitious plan.

After one scoppiettante 2008, the new year is begun with the brake by hand pulled …
It is true, in this championship we have had more problems with the squares of average classifies regarding the big! With the strong squares, in fact, we succeed to pull outside something in more and expressing us to a higher level. While with the formations of inferior rank we make more hard work to having game continuity. They can be the many reasons of this … we must only continue to work like we have always made with engagement and much will and these problems will be resolved.

Sunday to the PalaGeorge arrives the fanalino of tail: Padova, ready?
We do not have to face with lightness the Sunday game because it has been just Padova to carry Trento, the capolista, to the fifth set in the slid day. We will have to be a lot attention to their struck ones that they could put to us in difficulty. According to me the more dangerous adversary will be Ramon Gato: with he I have played many years and I know its enormous potentialities, even if this year is not disputing its better season. We will have to be attention to its service because with that one it is successful various times to change the face to the games.

29 January, to the quarters of Italy Goblet, you will find of forehead Copra …
Hard game will be one a lot. Piacenza is a square who in the moments I am decided to you, demonstrates always its value. It will be difficult to pass the turn. However they are trusting, because with the big of the championship we have always made beautiful figure. I do not know where we will arrive, but I know that this square is able to play optimal pallavolo and can strike anyone.

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Dan Howard has retired from Aussie Team

Posted by devo on June 10, 2008

DuckTOKYO, June 9: One of Australia’s most celebrated men’s volleyballers, Dan Howard, has announced his retirement from the National team after Australia’s elimination from the Olympic Volleyball Qualification Tournament in Tokyo.

Howard, 31, regarded as one of the finest middle blockers in the game, represented Australia in both the Sydney and Athens Olympics and his imposing 208cm will be missed, as coach Russ Borgeaud begins his re-building campaign for London 2012.

The Italian-based Western Australian, who has battled both back and knee injuries in this campaign, made the announcement at the team’s final meeting following their 3-0 loss to Iran at Tokyo’s Metropolitan Gymnasium on Sunday afternoon.

Affectionately known as “Duck”, Howard waited until coach Borgeaud and captain Ben Hardy addressed the team, before dropping the bombshell that he had worn the green and gold for the final time. “You know when it’s time and my body is telling me that another four years would be very tough indeed,” said Howard, who was named as the game’s best attacker after Australia’s eighth place at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. more @ Hanson Sport Media

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Finals time OS for Aussies

Posted by devo on April 17, 2008

UPDATE – originally posted 14/4/08

In Italy Dan Howard’s Acqua Paradiso Gabeca Montichiari (7th) will be playing Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo (2nd) for a chance to progress to the semi-finals. The club is “managing” a “stretch” that Dan is carrying. more ~ UPDATE: Dan’s team went down 2-0 in the best of 3 final. (2-3, 2-3)

Lauren Bertolacci and Sarah ChoatFighting KangaroosWorldLingo translation will finish the home and away season in 2nd place (on set difference) in German div 2 South division.

Steve KeirGenerali HachingWorldLingo translation in the German Bundesliga finished 4th. In the playoff for bronze … UPDATE: they won the series 2-0.

Andrew GrantDelecta Bydgoszc Babel translation lost the last match of the season to finish at the bottom of the ladder and heading for relegation next season.

In France, David FergusonArago de Set WorldLingo translation finished in 8th position of 14 teams. Anna MaycockUSSPA Albi VolleyWorldLingo translation finished 4th and will play the top of the ladder Cannes in a semi-final on Wednesday. UPDATE: Anna lost the first of the best of three matches 3-0

In Austria, Shane (Beautiful – the joys of translators) AlexanderHypo VBWorldLingo translation finished 4th after losing in the finals. They were first after the home and away matches. more

A loss to Hawaii cost the Waves (13-10, 12-10) and Paul Carroll the opportunity to claim the #4 seed and host a first-round Mountain Pacific Sports Federation Tournament match (regional final) next weekend. Instead, the Waves are the #5 seed and play at #4-seed UCLA next weekend. more

Magdalena RybickiLondon Malory is in 4th place in the English National League

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Dan Howard carries injury

Posted by devo on February 5, 2008

Dan Howard Aqua Paradiso Gabeca Montichiari WorldLingo translation – is hoping to play next Monday. He is working not to full regimes because of the inflammation to the ginocchio; (knee?) today (he) has begun to jump a little more. We hope that (he) recovers for Monday.

Paradiso are sitting in equal 8th position in the Italian A1 League (7-9)

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Devo takes a break

Posted by devo on October 11, 2007

Posting will be on the back foot for the next three days. Devo is off to the Victorian Schools’ Cup to be held at the new State Volleyball Centre. Volleyball Victoria has named the halls after Aussie team members: Dan Howard – Courts 1, 2, 3 & 4, Igor Yudin – Courts 5, 6 & 7, Luke Campbell – Courts 8, 9 & 10, Phill DeSalvo – Courts 11, 12, 13 & 14 and Ben Hardy – Courts 15, 16 & 17. With a bit of luck I’ll get to coach in the Phill DeSalvo Hall. Now that will be a life time thrill! I’ll try and post some pictures on the Flickr site.

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