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Rick Mitchell on Crawford

Posted by devo on November 22, 2009

Rick Mitchell represented Australia at the 1976, ’80 and ’84 Olympic Games, and was also the inaugural executive director of the Tasmanian Institute of Sport. In The Age today he says:

… the Crawford Report suggests otherwise. Coming from a panel with a majority of members having football affiliations, it proposes we focus on sports in the Australian psyche, like football and cricket rather than “minority” sports.

What exactly is a minority sport? Volleyball is hardly part of the Australian psyche, yet it is one of the two largest participant sports in the world. Why should Australia not want to be good at it? Why support sports that have immense media deals and financial capability as it is? Because their representatives say so? Let’s get real chaps! In the global sense, rugby league and AFL, for example, are played by a minuscule gene pool? Minority sports? Indeed!

However, the Crawford report raises one pertinent question. Do we judge Olympic success by medals won or should we focus on the percentage of athletes who produce lifetime bests in the Olympic arena? If it’s the former, then sadly, our view is short term. The latter will bring medals, provided we spend our funds on the one thing nobody seems to mention.

… The real issue is the almost complete lack of a professional career path for coaches in most Olympic sports.

Read the full article ~ The Crawford Review isĀ  here.

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Volleyball funding to be cut?

Posted by devo on October 27, 2009

Markleb began conversation on the Crawford review last week in his What will YOU do? post.

The Daily Telegraph suggests thatĀ  …

The Crawford review is said to have told Federal Sports Minister Kate Ellis the broad funding model that exists for Olympic sports costs the government too much. It is set to recommend only a handful of sports in which Australia is highly competitive at the Olympics – like swimming, cycling and track and field – should receive full funding.

Funding for most other sports – like volleyball, tae-kwon-do and badminton – would be phased out over several years. more

I have read so many articles from overseas sources holding up our AIS as THE model to follow. Many countries have followed the model. It is ironic that our model may disappear. As Markleb asks: What will you do? Are you ready to man the barricades?

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