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Roy on VTAM in Česko

Posted by devo on August 6, 2009

Our Czech (and Aussie) correspondent, Andy “Roy” Earl, reports:

czech promo

Andy Earl #9

Andy Earl #9

I was on hand to see the 3 games the Aussie team played against the Czech Republic. It was really nice for me to finally be an onlooker and not a player.

The first game was in Nymburk in a small gym with virtually no spectators. It was one of the quickest 4 set games I have ever seen. With all the sets bar the first being very one sided. The Aussie boys looked quite inexperienced compared to the bigger bodied, more experienced Czech team. They showed some life in the 3rd set by taking it out very comfortably, but otherwise were outplayed for most of the match.

The second game was a totally different story. It was played in Svitavy which is where the Czech team plays alot, as they have a lot of supporters there. It was the first of the 2 official games and it was very noisy and a great atmosphere. The Aussie guys came out looking really inspired and aggressive. All aspects of the game were really great and there were some really impressive rallies by both teams. It was 2 sets to 0 in favour of the boys, but in the 3rd set it was almost like the Czech team flicked a switch and really turned it up. They took the next 2 sets and the Aussies looked quite nervous. The 5th set was a real shame, as the boys were up 11-9, but then went on to lose the next 6 points I think.

The last game was played in the same town again with a good turn out. I had a chance to wave my Aussie flag high and proud after this game as the guys won 3-1. This game the Czech team started with a few of the bench players and it showed. Although they made some changes, it was still very much a 2nd team. But I will take nothing away from Australia, as they had to earn the win. In similar fashion to the night before, Australia started well and really took it to the Czechs. They built a 2 set lead, but then slipped again in the 3rd. I was worried that there would be a repeat of the night before, but the Aussies knuckled down in the 4th and took out a much deserved win.

Good luck for the World Champ Qualifiers.

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Aussie OS update

Posted by devo on January 13, 2009

I’ve had mail from two of our Aussies OS, and updated the Aussies OS page.

Andy “Roy” Earl is in Slovenia, where he says life is good. I am playing well and the team is doing quite well. I love the town and the people here.  Just trying to have fun mainly. The website for the league is and we are MTB Maribor. There is no English but you should be able to navigate okay. The results are usually on the main page – just look for our team name.

Nathan Roberts is in Greece where his team is … struggling at the moment but hopefully we start winning some matches soon. His team is sitting in 10th position with three wins for the season. Nathan has sent a page that gives results in English for the Greek league.

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Phill and Andy get new coach

Posted by devo on January 28, 2008

Phill DeSalvo and Andy Earl have finished round 2 of 3 rounds in 8th position playing for CZU Prague in the Czech Extraligy. In what has been a frustrating season for the club, with injuries and losses in games that might have been won, the club has replaced the coach. The new coach, Zdeněk Pommer, is the most successful coach in the history of the league, and began his tenure with a win. They are now looking to use the last 9 games of the season to improve their standing to better position themselves for the finals.

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Phill updates his blog

Posted by devo on November 2, 2007

Phill DeSalvo has updated 2 pages on his blog:

We won in five sets and then after I went and had a vomit. I would have to say that my experiences with national team have helped me so much in the way of still performing when I am sick. I think it is something that you really can learn how to do …

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Praha win the Czech derby

Posted by devo on October 30, 2007

praha def KladnoPraha pulled out a thrilling win overnight to defeat Kladno 3-2. With Kladno at the top of the ladder, 7th placed Praha went into the match as underdogs. They won the first set, but then, as expected, Kladno began winning. Praha came from behind to win in both the 4th and 5th sets. It was the weekly TV game

Four of the Praha team including Andy Hunter and Andy Earl played for Kladno last season. Phill DeSalvo trained with them while playing in the division 1 team. So there was a lot on the line here.

I’ve sat in the Kaldno home court and watched them play. They are a polite crowd. Most of the noise comes from a few people down the end who come prepared with drums. But I am sure that it must have hurt to be beaten by ex-players and the new team in the extraliga. It has been several years since Praha has had a team in the extraliga. Kladno is only 30 minutes by bus to the centre of Praha. They’re close. And I’m sure that the derby will become a grudge match that will be looked forward to with anticipation.

For now: Praha 1 – Kladno 0.

Kladno remain at the top of the ladder (5-3). Praha are now equal 4th. (4-4)

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