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11 Responses to “Read This”

  1. Big Mac said

    What’s all this goss I hear about a Volleyball camp being run in January. I heard Tomas Santamaria is Head Coach, so it must be pretty good. Has anyone else heard about it? How do I sign up. Is he coaching the girls as well?

  2. devo said

    try this link:

  3. Yass said

    Hallo Mr. devo
    I have one question for you, and I hope you can help me
    Why Russian women team didnt participate in World Championship? Please reply my question.
    Thank You.

  4. devo said

    Hi Yass

    Good to hear from you again. Are you referring to the World Cup being played in Japan? Only the 1st and 2nd teams from each continent qualify. (Italy and Serbia)As the 3rd team Russia may have received one of the 2 wild card entries but these were given to Poland (who Russia defeated in the European Championships)and Dominican Republic. Wild cards are more about politics than where you are in the rankings!

  5. Yass said

    Thank you very much Mr. Devo for your information.
    By The way, It means that Russian team will not participate in Olympics game oe how? And how about China, why they didnt participate in WorldChampionship? Thanks before Mr. Devo, you so much help me to know about volleyball.

  6. Michael said

    Hello Devo,

    I wanted to thank you for putting a link onto your site for Volleycamp. We had overwhelming success with over 90 players and some 20 Coaches and Consultants. It was a hot weekend in Melbourne, however all did well and it was a fabulous camp. Coaches from Tassie, SA and Vic were in attendance. Tomas Santamaria was head coach of Boys and former Olympian Lou Bawden was Head Coach of the girls. Plans are underway for the Setters and Spikers Camp to be held in Melbourne in October. If any young boys or girls are interested they should go to the site to pre-register Thanks again Devo.

  7. Dan said

    Mate, you are falling behind in the news. Craig and Emma Mansfield gave bith yesterday to a little girl. Lily

  8. devo said

    @Dan – thanks for the heads up! Too fast for me!

  9. Michael said

    Hello Allan,

    I was wondering if you could replace the current information for Scholarship 2 with the following.
    Could you also establish a link under ‘what’s coming up’as we have just announced dates for the next camps in October.
    Thanks Michael.

    Volleycamp has announced a scholarship that will assist up to two athletes per year who are in need of financial assistance.

    These athletes will have been identified as potential National Youth or Junior team players (in the eyes of National Team selectors) who might not get the chance to do so otherwise. This will assist athletes to achieve their dreams.

    To apply, please write a letter to Volleycamp outlining why you are in special need of support. Volleyamp will then contact National Youth / Junior coaches and a decision will be made based on your application letter and follow up details obtained.

    Send your letter in a word doc of no more than 2 pages, include your full name, address and contact details.

    The Scholarship will consist of a combination of services depending on the needs of individual athletes.

    Some of the services may include:

    Financial assistance to give potential National Youth and or Junior squad athletes a chance to attend a camp or tour by offering financial assistance.
    Support servces such as Sports Psychology, Strength and Conditioning, Biomechanist and / or Nutrition
    One on one coaching
    Opportunity to attend specialist Volleycamp camps at reduced rates
    Assistance with sponsorship
    Email to enquire

    To find out more about Volleycamp, go to

    Find out more about our camps in 2008 click this link

  10. Big Mac said

    Hi Devo,

    Are you able to update me please. Does EIV still have a boys program. I know GMVA does not exist. So it seems we have gone from overkill (for boys at least) to nothing.

    Big Mac

  11. Andrew Simos said

    Hi Devo, my name is Andrew Simos and I am the head trainer for the Sydney Cedars. I have been involved with volleyball in Australia both as a player and coach since 1980 and have seen a lot of changes. I would just like to say that what you are doing with this website is quite amazing. I would like to congratulate you on a fantastic job on keeping all of Australian volleyballers informed about what is heppening both here and overseas.

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