devo's volleyball – Australian volleyball: news and views


devo’s pictures at Flickr

  • World Championships – Phillip DeSalvo (FIVB pictures)
  • Volleyball Team Australia Men vs Argentina – 7/11/2006
  • Volleyball Team Australia Men vs Argentina – 6/11/2006
  • Czech division 1 grand final & semi final – Phill DeSalvo – 23/03/07
  • Australian Volleyball League final – Matt DeSalvo – 3/12/06
  • Czech Republic – Roy Earl and Andy Hunter – 17/03/07
  • AIS squad 2003 – worlds & vs New Zealand – 2003
  • AVL – University Blues vs Western Australia – 28/0707

Australian Volleyball Federation

  • AVF photo gallery – listing
  • Volleyball Team Australia at World Championships – Japan – 2006

Spike Volleyball Magazine

  • Spike’s image galleries – listing

Australian Volleyball League 2007

  • AVL Women’s Series 2007 – listing

MJR Photography

7 Responses to “Pictures”

  1. vlad baltovski said

    fair play to you for finally sorting out such a fantastic informative website on our ever so successful boys playing overseas. well done


  2. stranger said


  3. Just lookin’ around…

    Nice Blog.

    I’ll visit your blog’s more..

  4. Msasawyer said

    Talking about pictures _ Does anyone have or know of any websites that may have pictures of this year’s “Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Championships” in South Melbourne (5 to 7/Jan/09).
    Any information to view any images of the above event will be much appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

  5. Kimberley Mraz said

    There was a question about photo’s from the Junior Beach Champs in Melbourne.

    I remember seeing a guy from MJR Photography there I think.

    His website address is Jump on there and have a look.



  6. Robbo said

    Thanks Kimberley,

    I have been at a number of the Beach Volleyball events this season, including the Vic Open, the Triple Crown Finals, and the Frankston Waterfront Festival, along with various regular rounds.

    I was not asked to cover the Junior Beach Championships, and i was working through that week so i wasnt’ able to take photos at the event. Hopefully i’ve captured you at another event if you were there.


    MJR Photography

  7. Jase Pallant said

    Nah it wasnt robbo at nationals,
    there was definitely a guy there though,
    I remember him giving his card to some people and the guys from bvv,
    maybe give them an email to see if they heard from him?

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