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Links to major volleyball web sites









These links are to sites that list players and awards:

Many thanks to the people who have taken the time to compile the lists and ensure that our history is not lost.

Let me know if any links are not working, or you would like to suggest a link to add.

4 Responses to “Links”

  1. Nicole said

    The Greatest Russia Volleyball Player Website- Lioubov Sokolova Kilic

  2. Matheus said

    I suggest the website Melhor do Vôlei, , a brazilian website!

  3. emy cervantes said

    Nicole, I’m with you. Russia’s greatest volleyball player is Liobov Sokolova-Kilic. In fact, for me, she’s the greatest in the world. Why is she not playing in the CEV qualifying tournament for the 2009 World Grand Prix? It will be a big loss for the Russian women’s team if Sokolova doesn’t play.

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