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Junior Coach of the Year Award

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Award winners’ pages

  • 2009 (click) ~ Paul Freckleton

    Are you coached by a fantastic coach?

    Countless teachers, and club coaches across Australia put in hours of work to create programs that grow our young volleyballers. They are the ones that are at the gym first; they are the last to leave. They drive the bus to tournaments. They organise the accommodation and food. They are there for the first game of the tournament and then go home on the last bus.

    These are the people that often start a program from scratch. They are the unpaid heroes of our sport.

    They need their moment to shine, and to get the recognition of their peers. We can’t reward every coach out there who deserves it, but we can reward one. Your coach may not have won the most gold medals, but they might have held together a rag tag bunch who just can’t wait for their next volleyball match. They have instilled in you a love of volleyball. Each training you see your skills improve.

    Here’s your chance to nominate your coach to be the inaugural Australian Junior Volleyball: Coach of the Year.

    And for the winning coach: A trophy, a $250 Elson Volley voucher, and a European club presentation pack


    • The coach must have coached your Australian school or club team for 2 years
    • Australian national  teams can not nominate, but  national junior team coaches can be nominated in their role as school or club coach.
    • Nomination form to be signed by nominator(s) and club president / school principal
    • You must supply a list of your coach’s accomplishments
    • You must supply 500 words or less on why you believe that your coach should be the Australian Junior Volleyball: Coach of the Year. You should emphasise what you have learned; how your love of volleyball has grown; what is special about your coach?

    Download the nomination form which will be available here early next year. Fill it in. Scan it. Email it to devo’s volleyball .

    The award will be announced in December.

    Elson Volley
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