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perana logoAussies Ross Sullivan and Chau Le have been working on volleyball statistical and video analysis software. The first product off the line is iPerana (an iphone product). The PC version, Perana Volleyball, is in the process of being tested. You can check out the progress of the programs at the revamped website:
elson logoFor Coaches and Players

Eldo has the following resources on the Elson page to help coaches get ready for Schools’ Cup

  • How to score on an International scoresheet (Powerpoint display)
  • The new net touch rules explained. (Video – very very clear)
  • Free statistics program (requires Microsoft Excel), courtesy of Elson Volley.
  • How to keep on the bench (Pure Sue Dansie humour here)

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12 Responses to “Coaching”

  1. Pottsie said

    Hey Devo,

    Where are all the retired volley ballers gone & why don’t they go on to become coaches? I mean the sport has given me so much & I’ve seen so much more because of volleyball, why are they not keen to give something back & teach others they way of the Volleyball?

    In SA it’s difficult to find coaches, especially @ a State League level, I can only assume it’s the same in other states?

    So many people play, yet only a select few go on to coach!!!!

    • A lot of coaches who have the maturity to coach state league are often of the age they have families and kids, and with State League held on a Saturday it’s hard to make that commitment.

  2. Alexis said

    Maybe if coaches were to be respected in the same way referees are, that is, with financial reward, it would be easier for former players to justify the huge commitment? Why not have coaches on the same pay scale as Referees (with the same quality control requirements that referees have implemented)?

  3. Dan said

    So I see the post has been removed regarding Maskell leaving Sasi – so Hugh, what is the story?

  4. Wang Wang and Funi said

    Good question, Dan. I think for the sake of the website, and Devo’s wellbeing, all comments regarding that matter should remain silent.

  5. Brian Kempe said

    Over the past few years I have spoken to a lot of ex and current players about coaching and the general trend is as Hugh says. Most are heavily committed eeking our careers, families, building houses etc and dont feel they are able to commit enough time to coaching a team for trainings and Saturdays. Im sure this is about them wanting to do it properly as well – they dont want to do it unless they can give it their best shot.
    Most do indicate that they would like to get back into it at some stage, and miss the sport, etc.
    I guess its just a matter of keeping asking them until their houses are built, their jobs are established or they own it and can have someone else doing all the work (does this ever happen?), and their kids are grown. Then you have to hope they havent moved interstate or overseas, or lost the confidence in being able to deliver the modern game to our modern Y gen players!

    I think the other thing is that generally speaking the type of people we think would make good coaches (and are good coaches) – do have good skills in lots of areas – so naturally they are busy people in all sorts of facets of their being.
    As for paying them – I do agree theoretically – however it would throw another financial impost on players to fund and even higher cost, in an already fairly expensive sport.
    Ref’s could take a pay cut and share with the coaches?

    • mickmurphy said

      Brian, the cost of the match goes to paying the refs and the court hire + admin etc etc, if the clubs want more money to pay their coaches, then they need to look outside the club members (sponsors?) to pay the coaches, surely?

      I think a problem that has lingered from previous years is that if you coach on a Saturday, you coach for ALL of Saturday. You can’t just turn up for your 2pm game and leave at 3:30pm, because your game might start at 3pm, or worse… This year was a lot better, with longer timeslots, allowing for a more definite match start time. There were a lot fewer ‘surprise’ 8pm games this year! Hopefully this, in future years, will allow coaches who have time constraints to say to their family ‘i will be gone for 2 hours, thats all!!’ and actually be able to follow through on that.

  6. Dreamer said

    I’d like to see some younger people as coaches at these higher levels. Not every person has the ability, but there are many that have the knowledge.
    I know it’s a different sport, but take the NFL. There are many head coaches who are younger than many players they are coaching but they have the knowledge and dedication. It seems that younger people can make time to play, I’m sure that many could make time to coach.
    There seems to be some idea that to be a good coach you must have played for several years and that qualifies you to coach.
    I have seen a few teams in Victoria in lower grades being coached by current players who are younger than some players, but this hasn’t been adopted at the highest levels yet.
    Why can’t we give the younger coaches a chance at that level?

    • mickmurphy said

      Austral in the VSA State League is! Their head women’s coach is 22, their head men’s coach is 24.

    • NFL Lover said

      I would have thought that the issue is more that there are ONLY young coaches. That’s probably the issue throughout Australia. I think the more salient point is there are MANY coaches from 50-80 years old coaching American Football in the States.

      Further, regarding the NFL, there are a couple of younger coaches employed but they are doing poorly, if they indeed still have their jobs. Having said that, there are probably somewhere between 10,000 and 50,000 full time professional American Football coaches in the US (compared with 8 full time professional volleyball coaches in Australia), so I think there are some risks with making too many comparisons with NFL coaches.

  7. bekhechi said

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