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Volleyball on TV this weekend!

Posted by mickmurphy on December 18, 2009

This weekend, Fox Sports 1 has the Men’s Grand Champions Cup!

Saturday, December 19
12:00 pm – 02:00 pm Volleyball : Men’s Grand Champions Cup Poland v Cuba F1D
02:00 pm – 04:00 pm Volleyball : Men’s Grand Champions Cup Brazil v Poland F1D
Sunday, December 20
12:30 pm – 02:30 pm Volleyball : Men’s Grand Champions Cup Japan v Cuba F1D
02:30 pm – 04:30 pm Volleyball : Men’s Grand Champions Cup Brazil v Japan

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Jim Lester Scholarship

Posted by mickmurphy on December 12, 2009

The Jim Lester Scholarship is the brainchild of the Australian Volleyball Referee Commission and at this year’s Australian Volleyball Schools Cup, three lucky young officials got the chance to win one of the scholarships on offer.

These scholarships include, return airfares to either the 2010 Australian Junior Volleyball Championships or the 2010 Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Championships (at the discretion of the AVRC), accommodation, meals and a per diem. The scholarship winners will each be assigned a “mentor” approved by the AVRC and will most likely be travelling from the same state to either AJVC or AJBVC.

One winner for 2009 is Cimon Lee, from South Australia.

Cimon is an outstanding young official whom will no doubt use this excellent opportunity to develop his skills as a referee.

Congratulations Cimon!!!!

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Jess Peacock is NJCAA national champion!

Posted by mickmurphy on November 22, 2009

Jess Peacock and the College of Southern Idaho are NJCAA national champions in the USA. Jess and the Golden Eagles defeated Missouri State University – West Plains 3:0 (25-19, 25-18, 25-19).

Jess was also named the MVP in her Sophomore season.

See more here and here

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Volleyball SA Beach Schools Cup

Posted by mickmurphy on November 8, 2009

This month, Volleyball SA will host it’s Beach Volleyball School’s Cup. This summer will see the biggest event in the tournament’s history, and I am told the biggest Volleyball event in Australia in terms of team numbers.

Volleyball SA is proud of their 69 schools and 767 teams that are playing during the week. The event is also rivalling the biggest event in term of participants and on top of that, they have Volleyball Australia doing some homework to find out how big this event is on a world stage.

Congratulations to all the schools, players, and staff for getting behind the event. Its so great to know there will be 1000’s of people getting behind volleyball!!

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The ‘P’ word…

Posted by mickmurphy on November 4, 2009

It seems every time someone gets some cheddar, a libero gets told to enter in the libero replacement zone and not via the corner store, an assistant coach gets told to move a chair over, a timeout request is dismissed for being too late, and now, of all things, a coin is tossed, SOMEONE complains about protocol!!!

As a referee, player and coach in the South Australian State League, I feel I am in a position to comment from a few perspectives, and I just cannot see what the issue is…

30 minutes before the match, the referee will collect the score sheet and bring it to the court for the coaches to write their names on the sheet. This is protocol, and the reason behind it is hopefully quite obvious and well known. From there we have 20 minute warm-up protocol, again, obvious stuff. We check the net height at 14 minutes, toss a coin at 13 and have our captains sign the score sheet and start their warm up at the net. This nasty ‘p’ word is all over the first 10 minutes of a match, but it needs to be so that everything is fair. It could be left alone to their players devices, but when the bounce off ensues, and players from other courts are brought in, out of uniform, to start playing just before the match, the other ‘p’ word will hit the fan.

The match starts after rotations are checked to make sure everything is fair and no one breaks rotational rules throughout the match. The players play their best, the coaches coach their best and the referees ref to their best ability.

But then something happens…

Then someone breaks the rules…The coach calls for a timeout after a serve has been authorised, a substitute enters the substitution zone too late, the assistant coach is standing on the sideline yelling at their players. The referee gives a delay warning, as they should (it’s in the rules).

And here’s where it all goes wrong. Because the referee is *expletive here, here and here* because he/she is all about protocol… You’ve heard it all before I’m sure.

So… Why does it all happen?!

The coaches and players know why they do it, and will have their own reasons, ranging from not wanting to be at fault for being on the brink of giving a point away, to thinking that referees are vile vermin that ruin the sport, and everything in between. Referees have their own reasons as well, mainly based upon the rules, but I would be telling a bit lie if I said that every referee who followed that protocol did so without the desire to piss a few people off…

But, from the examples above.

Prematch protocol is there to protect the teams from unfair behavior, sinister or otherwise.

Delay warning for calling a timeout at the wrong time is because it is against the rules (and can disrupt the serve that has already been authorised, plus the scorer will need a moment to make sure the timeout is legal).

Delay warning for a wrong sub is because it is against the rules (again the scorer needs to make sure its legal, plus we don’t want the game taking more and more time, after all the new sub protocol was introduced to save time, and get the refs out of the centre of attention).

Warning for the assistant coach for being in the wrong chair, again, because its in the rules, but most importantly, because as a second ref, you need to be able to look up and identify everyone. If you look up and a non-player is standing, its the coach, if you look up and the coach is sitting in the warm-up box, you don’t know where he/she is and can’t properly perform your duties.

The protocols of volleyball are there because it is the best shot that the FIVB have given referees to keep the game safe from unfair behavior.

Lets not forget rule 20.1.1; Participants in the match must know the ‘Official Volleyball Rules’ and abide by them.

So I open the floor…What is wrong with protocol? Or, what are referees doing wrong with it’s delivery? Without the feedback from the players/coaches/other referees, we will never know!!

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Improving Officiating

Posted by mickmurphy on November 1, 2009

On Saturday, 31st of October, the AVF at the facilities of the AIS hosted the inaugural officials forum, “Improving Officiating“.

The forum featured a workshop focussed on the position of the official today and what priorities are to improve officiating, hosted by Liz Pollock. Following this, a fascinating presentation by Jason Patchell, a psychologist from the AIS high performance unit who discussed the ‘normality’ of feeling stressed and how stress upon the body is a natural occurrence that can either enhance or hinder your expertise. An excellent perspective to share…

The entertaining Mick Stone was one of many highlights on the day, with compelling stories of his time as an official, as well as discussing effective communication tools to use with players to ensure mutual respect, calm and sensible outcomes are achieved. Mick is one of those guys who has you enthralled from the moment he opens his mouth (and even before) and his discussions on decision making processes were valuable.

The highlight for me was the exceptional presentation from Simon Taufel, cricket umpire extraordinaire. What was most impressive for me was just the sheer amount of work he puts into his officiating and preparation. There are far to few an opportunities for volleyball referees to improve their officiating outside of match play, the concept of ‘referee coaching’ or ‘training sessions’ is foreign outside of the 2 or 3 courses we do in our entire officiating life. Simon’s salient point was that a referee ‘coach’ should be distinctly different from a referee assessor. Most National referees (or above) have the opportunity to be assessed, but very, very few have the opportunity to be coached, let alone by a person unique from the assessment process.

The people who attended the forum are in no doubt better for it, and I can say confidently that I will strive to attend all future sessions and encourage all referees (of all levels) who are passionate about their refereeing to experience the opportunity.

Credit to John Cheadle and the AVF for the event, I hope many more people support it in the future.

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Forza Nathan Roberts!

Posted by mickmurphy on September 10, 2009

Congratulations to Nathan Roberts who will be playing in Italy this season.

If this poorly translated effort and facebook stalking can be believed, Nathan will be playing for Pallavola Pineto in the Italian serie A1. Pineto placed 12th in the Serie A1 last season.

Congratulations to Nathan for making it into the REALLY big league! He joins Dan Howard, who recently moved to Marmi Lanza Verona and Paul Carrol from Yoga Forli, in Italy for the 2009/2010 season.

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2009 Beach Junior World Championships

Posted by mickmurphy on September 4, 2009

The junior world beach volleyball champs in Blackpool, England are two weeks away! Starting on the 15th of September England will host the Beach Volleyball event for players under the age of 21 for the second-straight year, last year hosting the event in Brighton.

Australia’s men have never finished in the final 4, but 2009 could be the year with a strong group of players! Artacho and Sadler will be hoping to go one better than Bec Palmer and Alice Rohkamper who finished with a silver medal in Italy, 2007.

Australia is taking 3 teams across to the Mother land, with Grice and Bell (who will need to win through the cut-throat qualifiers), as well as Smith and McHugh making up the men’s contingent, with Artacho and Sadler representing the women.

You can check out all the info from the event here.

Good luck Team Australia!!!! Stay away from the Turkish food!

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Improving Officiating – Volleyball Referee’s Forum

Posted by mickmurphy on July 30, 2009

Following on from the success of the National Coaching Symposium, the Australian Volleyball Federation will be hosting a Volleyball Referee’s Forum titled – Improving Officiating. 

The event will be focussed on new rule interpretations, managing conflict, decision making and the officiating scholarship and will feature instruction from International Referees as well as keynote speaker, Mick Stone, former NRL referee.

The Forum will take place at the Australian Institute of Sport on the 31st of October (conveniently the same weekend as the MAVL round in Canberra).

The cost for the day is not set, but is aimed to be under $100.

All interested officials should log onto the AVF website and contact John Cheadle on

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Photos from the WAVL Finals Series

Posted by mickmurphy on July 28, 2009

All the photos from the recent WAVL finals series are now up on the AVL website, check out the action from a great weekend of Volleyball at the State Volleyball Centre in Dandenong.

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