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Hate Rock, Paper Scissors

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on June 5, 2010

Not to all referees – GET A COIN.
Who bats in the ashes test at Lords is not decided by rock, paper, scissors and it never will be. Who kicks to the southern stand end in the AFL grand finals is also decided by a coin toss – not rock paper scissors and it never will be. To all referees again, bring your whistle, your cards and a coin.

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State League

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on June 3, 2010

Have you looked at the State League premiership tables this week.
League men TOP, League women TOP, League Reserve men TOP, League Reserve women 2nd (by only 1.4%) Div 1 Men TOP, Div 1 Women TOP with Mt Lofty 2 NEXT TO TOP. Not bad team.

Premiership tables on the new VSA site

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Volleyball Results

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on May 30, 2010

We have had the Mt Lofty State League volleyball results in the Sunday Mail the last 4 weeks. This week we also have the results of our runaway success competition, Sunday League. This competition is a high level relaxed tournament and now has 10 teams. We can take more if you are game.

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$7,000 International Skins

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on May 30, 2010

Excitement is building as Australia’s richest ever indoor volleyball event, the $7,000 MT BARKER COURIER International Skins tournament draws closer. Top honour division team, Southern Cross from Western Australia are flying in with ex Lofty AVL player Jonathon Hague ready to weave his setting magic. Victorian women’s powerhouse team Eastside Hawks coached by Michael Brookens will also fly in with no less THAN 6 CURENT NATIONAL players. These teams will be backed up by the top state league teams from South Australia, Mt Lofty, USC Lion and South Adelaide. The exciting format of this tournament has drawn the top teams from WA, Victoria and South Australia. Mt Lofty and Southern Cross men and Eastside Hawks/Mt Lofty women will no doubt pocket much of the Honours $4,000 record prize pool.
In the Division 1 competition teams have been nominated again from WA and from Pt Augusta and the Riverland. The favourites for the $2,000 prize pool in Division 1 would have to be Henley Hawks in the women and Mt Lofty in the men.
The $1000 worth of movie vouchers will be fought out by the top 3 schools in South Australia, Brighton, Heathfield /Mt Lofty and Loxton with strong country association Pt Augusta also entering.
The draw should be in this web site on Tuesday.

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State League Round 6

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on May 30, 2010

Another great weekend for all Lofty players. 8 Matches were played and 8 matches were won. Congratulations to all concerned.

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$7,000 International Skins Tournament

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on May 17, 2010

Last week for nominations to Australia’s richest volleyball tournament. Nominations close at 5.30pm Friday 21st May.

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Twenty Twenty Volleyball

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on January 21, 2010

Just heard that basketball has launched their version of 20 – 20 cricket with 8 privately owned teams. Sounded very try hard to me.

What about 20 – 20 volleyball? Do we need to counter this fast food approach to sport. What about one set to 20 points. We could have 20 minutes warm up then 20 minutes of play. 5 bonus points for winning the toss. Net cords on service 5 bonus points. Wardrobe malfunctions worth 5 bonus points and all match points must be hit by a left hander. I am sure if we work hard we could look as ridiculous as basketball. They are proposing a 4 point basket. Goodness me.

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National Junior Beach Titles

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on January 20, 2010

Congratulations to South Australia for winning the Andy Burdin Shield for the best State in the junior beach titles.

SA 12 points, WA 8 points, NSW 7 points, Vic 5 points and QLD 4 points. Full results and medalists are on the AVF web site ~ photos

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Golden Rule for Beach volleyball?

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on November 13, 2009

VLS200XLThe discussion on the “golden rule” on this site was a great read, but in order to achieve longer rallies I think, the indoor committee of the FIVB need to look at what the beach committee are proposing with the longer rallies aim in mind.

I think this would work.

You will need bigger setters though.

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AVF annual general meeting – Canberra

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on November 1, 2009

Flew to Canberra to talk to the AVF board to talk about some ASC issues. Two new members were elected on the board, Phil Muller and Johnathan Fogarty, both from Queensland. I have known Phil for years and he will be good. I met Jonathan for the first time and I was very impressed with his openness and willingness to listen.

I sat in on the AVF national meeting after lunch and listened to some great positive discussion regarding national and state issues on AVF membership. Anybody who has been on Devo’s site would know how dissappointing and dishonest the issue of national membership has been for many years.

Great to see this group in action and in “violent agreement” as one wise sage commented.

I for one will be watching the integrity of this group once they land back into their respective states. We have had “violent agreement” many times only to be let down by some individuals and states as soon as their plane touched down.

Anyway – I for one left the meeting optomistic.
I will expecpect to hear new exciting announcements from the AVF at the Australain Schools Cup. Any longer and I will be very dissappointed.

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The traditions of the game

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on October 30, 2009

In Adelaide today we had some junior school championships. I did not see one referee toss a coin. It is all “rock, paper, scissors” rot. Personally I would like to see the referee organised enough to have a coin. It is not too much to ask. Bradman will turn in his grave when you see Ponting and Strauss on the pitch at Lords doing rock, paper scissors to decide who bats first in the ashes test. What about the Geelong and St Kilda captains at the grand final. All for making the game for the next generation but I would like us to maintain a little class. Or am I being an old fuddy duddy?

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Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on September 20, 2009

In front of great crowds, Volleyball SA conducted a fantastic grand finals day at Marion Sports and Leisure Centre.

LEAGUE: Norwood Bears d Mt Lofty 3/1
LEAGUE RESERVE: South Adelaide d USC Lion 3/1
DIVISION 1: Mt Lofty d Norwood 3/0

LEAGUE: USC Lion d Mt Lofty 3/0
LEAGUE RESERVE: USC Lion d Norwood 3/0
DIVISION 1: Mt Lofty d USC Lion 3/0

The Skip Cup (Champion Club) was won by Mt Lofty from USC Lion, South Adelaide and Norwood.

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AVF Media Awards

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on September 19, 2009

The AVF awards include a category for the best media of the year. To win this is not too hard as we certainly do not get too much, do we. I was just thinking because Devo wouldn’t do this. Did anybody / state nominate Devo’s site for the AVF Media award? It certainly should be nominated in my view.

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Chris Schacht – Our own ABC Sports reporter

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on August 23, 2009

One of the most listened to radio programs on Adelaide radio is the ABC’s radio 891 “The Two Chrises“.

Here Chris Schacht and a non volleyball believer Chris Pyne (Liberal Shadow Minister) debate local and national political issues. It is entertaining radio but it happens while I am at school. I get a free podcast emailed to me each week. It is great radio.

Fact 1: Our “El President” Chris 1 generally wins any debate hands down because he is generally good, positive and doesn’t try to score political points all the time.

Fact 2: He plugs volleyball at every opportunity and gets away with it.

I don’t know if nominating Chris Schacht for the AVF media award is appropriate but, he gets more media for volleyball than anyone else in Australia. (Brian Kempe, Mt Lofty volleyball in the Mt Barker Courier, excepted.)

Have a listen – The volleyball stuff is first in this podcast. Subscribe if you have any interest in politics because it is really worth listening to and it is so cool to hear the word volleyball mentioned on radio.

Click here to hear volleyball on radio. r418970_1989032.mp3

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Rule changes for rule change sake

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on August 10, 2009

At the SA State Schools Cup held over the weekend, we were forced to play with one time out / set. Reason? So kids get to play more. Matches started late, we had 3 – 4 minutes before sets and the honours finals were best of 5 sets, no time limit.

Has anybody else seen a tournament where the rules were changed for the rules sake?

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Rally Point v’s Retro

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on July 29, 2009

We have had the kids playing “serve to win a point” Volleyball at school this week. The kids love it. They love the fact that you can be 8 – 1 down and you can still win the set.

I think it is easier to coach kids to play this way as it nicely explains some important aspects of the game. If you put aside the 5 hour matches and playing for 20 minutes and the score is still 3 all (Aust v Canada 1986), it is still a great way to play volleyball.

The loss of the 15 – 0 “pants down” matches at ASC in Canberra is a sad loss. I once saw a team from ?????? who were done 15 – 0 by ??????? drop their dacks with absolute class to waddle one lap of the court with their shorts around their ankles. The crowd loved it. It was fun and if you can believe it was done “classy”. The captain said “drop them” and they did. Today you would have red and yellow cards and outrage. If anybody out there can remember this add a comment. It is still a great smiley memory of mine. And, no, it is perhpas not a tradition that need to be brought back. Although 25 – 0 should have some sort of ramification.

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