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38 Responses to “Aussies OS”

  1. Finally I can add something, woohoo!

    Rebecca Walter & Sam Simmonds – George Mason University
    Link to the university website (volleyball portal) –

  2. Also Paul Sanderson and Luke Reynolds are still listed on the roster at Newman University so I can only presume they are still there:

  3. Hey guys,
    Got another hit. Hamish MacPhee is playing at Graceland University. I’m sure you know the website Devo given that Matt went there but just in case

  4. devo said

    Okay, you get my Google King crown

  5. Hamish Macphee said

    Hi all back home in OZ. The NAIA season starts for Graceland University this Sunday against Lindenwood University. I will keep you posted with results. Hey devo – great page, glad I made it!

  6. Trio said


    Tara West (ex AIS middle hitter) was playing last year for Washington State in the NCAA, I think she’s back again for another season this year.

  7. Aden said

    David Jones from Melbourne Falcons is currently on a 6 week trial for the rest of the season with us in Denmark with SK Aarhus for next season and is getting his papers sorted out to be eligible to play just in case :)

  8. John Doe said

    I think spike needs to do a article on SHAYLA CHALKER. She has been living and playing volleyball in America for the past two years. She has won many awards… she is a two-time All-America. Her freshman year she received a NJCAA Player of the week. Shayla has won many MVP awards and all tournament teams. Shayla is being recuited by some of the top colleges in a America and I feel like she isnt getting the recognition from Australia that she deserves. Shayla has been a valuable member of volleyball victoria since 2001 and one of the best young athletes at junior nationals over the past 6 years!!

  9. Josh said

    John Doe,
    Just letting you know that we are following up on Shayla. Please drop me a line at the spikemag email address, especially if you have content or information that may be of assistance.

    Spike Mag

  10. Sandy said

    Hey Devo,

    You probably have this link already, but… if you want to run a search of female players in the US, you can go to Rich Kern’s website ( ) — run a search by country under Roster Index.

    Rich Kern is a great resource to keep up on women playing in the NCAA/NAIA.


  11. Rhiannon said

    Hey Devo,

    My sister Emily Tooker is currently at Mississippi State University… her and Christie Naumann finished at GSHS in the same year.


  12. chris chalker said

    hi this is chris ‘great website’

    i’m shayla chalkers father she has been offered a scholarship at coe college cedar rapids iowa and will attend there this year 2007

  13. Big Ren said

    Hey Devo,

    Paul Sanderson, Luke Reynolds and Cameron Blewett are heading overseas in Spetember will be playing Division 1 in Canada with the Brandon University Bobcats.

    Keep on blogging mate its always good to hear from Matty whats going to be on ya site next.

  14. Aden said


    For the next 2 seasons Brad Tutton will be playing in SK Aarhus in Denmark as setter


  15. […] Aussies OS […]

  16. Josh said

    Emily Tooker has transferred to University of Northern Florida

  17. Shane Alexander said

    Im signed to play @ HYPO VBK Klagenfurt in Austria for the 07/08 season.



  18. Mark said

    Cool! Good luck!

  19. Kasper said

    Hey Devo

    Nik West is no longer in Denmark. He’s in Australia, coaching Adelaide Rangers. See this link:

  20. devo said

    I knew Nik was back in Oz and coaching the girls. The AVL is now over. I’m not sure what Nik’s plans are for this season. Anyone out there know?

  21. Kasper said

    We played a training match this weekend against Swedish team LUGI.

    They had a guy called Steve Wallace, who I think is Australian.

  22. Murph said

    Nik is training in Adelaide at the moment…

    Seems like he’ll play State League in South Australia this season.

  23. Houst said

    Does anyone know what is happening with Nick Goldsbrough-Reardon? He isnt listed on the UC Irvine mens volleyball roster so I thought he might have moved elsewhere.

  24. Anon said

    He has had some paperwork issues. He’s been training with them but is not cleared to play, which explains why he isn’t on the roster on the website.

  25. Houst said

    Oh thanks for that. Hopefully it all gets sorted out, I would love to see him play and hopefully appear on tv lol. :)

  26. USAVB said

    Yes that was a very unfortunate situation..Nick was recruited to go to UCI and organized an exchange from his college in Australia so as to get credit towards his degree I believe. I had the pleasure of seeing him play in the pre-season and I must say he was doing very well- great athlete! apparently looking good to be a starter- coach John Speraw is a good friend of mine. Unfortunately the NCAA was being extremely difficult in clearing him because his exchange program was not “available to all the other schools in the conference”, and unfortunately this was something that no one could have anticipated before hand. John has very good things to report about Nick and last I heard he is still working hard with the team in every way obviously apart from the games. I am unaware of the final result of his clearance but I would guess, unfortunately for both him and the team, it did not work out for the best. UCI is currently in Utah playing in the conference quarter final game against BYU for a spot in the semi’s.

  27. Vando said

    Emily Tooker is now at University of Hawaii at Hilo
    Rhianon Tooker is at University of Oregon

  28. Per-Henrik said

    The best Swedish club, Falkenberg are searching for a new opposite player. Check their home page on

  29. news said

    Andrew Grant has signed and is already in Finnland. Josh Thorpe has signed and is in Estonia.

  30. news said

    Tom Edgar, Adam White and Travis Passier are all going to team Valla in Sweden. Greg will also stay with this team for another season.

  31. devo said

    @ news

    Teams for Andrew and Josh? Thanks for the updates.

  32. Thorpey said

    Hey Devo, just letting you know that i have signed with team Tartu Pere Leib in Estonia for season 08/09.



  33. Tony said

    hey Devo, just letting you know that i’m in Canada playing for the University of Alberta (Golden Bears)….first up match this weekend vs sando and big renn! go bears :p


  34. Thorpey said

    Hey Devo, just letting you know that i have moved from Estonia, and am now playing in Latvia with a club called Cesu Alus.

    Hope you’ve had a good summer.


  35. Rob said

    As Mark Lebedew is listed I assume you are including coaches as well, or is he a player/coach?

    And is this listing only indoors? If not Victor Anfiloff is coaching the women’s program for Beach Volleyball in the Netherlands. He is an ex player on the FIVB beach tour and just missed making the 2000 Olympics with Schatty.

  36. . said

    hey devo,
    just letting you know that Gregory Mann of the Queensland Pirates will be going to play for the North Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Canada this season.

  37. Kasper said

    Travis Passier just signed for Danish champions Marienlyst.

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