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Posted by devo on January 24, 2010

You wouldn’t know it if you were looking at the Volleyball Australia site, but the AIS boys have been touring overseas. We reported a belated release that let us know that they had gone, and that gave the  match results from the Japanese leg of the tour.

The guys have been in Italy: no results on the Volleyball Australia site. Maybe some parents can fill us in with results?

The third leg of the tour took the guys to Sweden. Thankfully, the Swedish national site thinks that we might want to know the results.

  • 19/1  – Sverige J – Australien J 3-1 (22-25, 25-19, 25-22, 29-27) – match report original ~ translation
  • 20/1 – Sverige J – Australien J 3-1 (26-28, 25-19, 25-20, 26-24) – match report original ~ translation
  • 22/1 – Sverige J – Australien J 3-1 (25-19, 20-25, 25-21, 25-20) – match report original ~ translation

13 Responses to “AIS OS”

  1. Fiona Clewes said

    I think the boys won two matches while in Italy. Don’t know any other details unfortunately. Am only going by comment son made on facebook “Finally had a win last night”,dated 15th January.

  2. Parent said

    Thats the info we got – two wins from three games.

  3. anon said

    is this an indicator that this australian junior team is weaker than the past age groups?

  4. Parent said

    It isn’t an Australian Junior Team

  5. anon said

    ok then the ais team made up of all australian junior team players?

  6. Chiefnic said

    Or that the Swedish Junior team is stronger then an AIS team focused on development and made up of Youth and Junior players, who knows.

    Well played boys, unlucky with the results hope you all had a great tour.

  7. shh... said

    I guess we’ll never know as long everything from the AIS remains a secret.

    • devo said

      I spoke to CEO Joan at AVSC 2+ years ago about the internet and related subjects. At that time she told me that there was a problem with some staff who were not “internet literate”. And that this was a problem that would have to be corrected. They would hve to learn.

      The women’s program and junior programs – due mainly to some dedicated coaches and parents – have established blogs to keep us up-to-date with their programs. This has been fantastic.

      The men’s program, unfortunately, as not been so forthcoming. There was a time when coaches would SMS results to me so that I could put them up. That nolonger happens. There are at least 2 “officials” on this tour who are internet savvy. They have not been in areas where the internet is difficult to access as is sometimes the problem. Parents seem to be getting some information.

      It appears that CEO Joan is either unwilling, or unable, to insist that part of the duties of a touring Aussie squad is to keep us fans informed.

      It’s time that the men’s / AIS program got told. Do your job! Inform the fan base!

      Joan, give them an iphone and show them how to use it.

      • shh... said

        I’ve also spoken to Joan about that very topic and it seems to me the answer is ‘unable to’. The staff simply don’t think it is their job to promote volleyball or their own program.
        And if I were a cynic, I might ponder aloud that the more open one is and the more one does in public then by extension the more one’s actions can be examined. If one keeps what one does a secret one can never be questioned/criticised.

      • Alexis said

        Devo, I think its a bit more complicated than simply ‘doing your job’.

        I don’t know any of the specific ins and outs but I do know that in elite sport (and it may well be the same in other parts of sport and/or life) there are generally 3-5 times as many things that come under your ‘job’ as there is possibility/time/resources to actually do it.

        I don’t know what the answer is but I know that everything comes down to, not whether or not it should be done, but what priority it is. I know that writing a clear match report that actually reflects and contextualises the performance of the team is more time consuming that you’d suspect. On the other hand, you’re right, texting scores is easy, but often doesn’t provide meaningful information.

        Perhaps you could do a poll to see what type of information the volleyball public would really want? A-scores, B-scores and stats (you can just pdf the datavolley sheet and email it for this I think), C-brief match report, D-detailed match report.

        that’s my 2 bobs

        • devo said

          Yes time is at a premium. Any coach who has taken a school team away will be aware of this, and I know it is even more difficult for a national coach.

          But with the technology available, a score and at least stats should only take a few seconds to send to Volleyball Australia on the bus trip back to the accommodation. Volleyball Aus should be able to post that info at 9am the next day. Or give the email address to the “home team” web page master. At the least he could email a link to VA. I’m sure they would be happy to get the extra hits on their site.

          Happy to wait for a detailed match summary.

          I’ll put a poll later today.

  8. Ballboy said

    public servants, getting paid, so it doesn’t matter.

  9. Player said

    On every AIS Europe tour there is access to internet and stats and whatever is required to write a match report. There perhaps was a lack of demand of these hence the stoppage of them been posted, that or the heads of VA just aren’t asking for them from the staff.

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