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National Junior Beach Titles

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on January 20, 2010

Congratulations to South Australia for winning the Andy Burdin Shield for the best State in the junior beach titles.

SA 12 points, WA 8 points, NSW 7 points, Vic 5 points and QLD 4 points. Full results and medalists are on the AVF web site ~ photos

3 Responses to “National Junior Beach Titles”

  1. mickmurphy said

    Huge few days of volleyball!!

    MASSIVE amounts of credit to volleyball WA who not only took out their first female medal, but also swept under 23 men with positions 1 to 4. Marty Suan and the Perth Beach Volleyball School has got to take some of the credit for the exceptional results.

    SA took control of the u17 and u19 divisions, with SA taking gold in u17 men and women, as well as u19 men.

    U17 men was won by Halliday and Sibbons, while U17 women was taken out by Sadler and McEwan who dominated, well, everyone. They won the final set of the tournament 21-2, with no team scoring about 16 against them. Hamish Moore and Russel Moore won the U19 mens title, after defeating WA’s Cole Durant and his partner in an exceptional 3 setter. They then took out the final against another SA team, Cameron Mackenzie and Todd Rankine.

    Finally a congratulations to Maria Fe Artacho who won her second U23 title with Katie Bartoli. Maria Fe is just 16, with Katie 18. Amazing!

    Congratulations to all players for their great efforts as players and also as duty teams (I was a referee at the tournament, so I am pleased to say this!!!). Congratulations to all coaches, especially the two coaches who looked after VSA this week, SImon and Summer were fantastic!!

  2. Brian Kempe said

    Well done SA! Nice work. Congrat’s to all – organisers and players!

  3. Tooth Fairy said

    I ask this question without malice, and I am not sure whether the AVF or Mikasa who I am sure support the tournament can provide the answer, but in a sport where there are only two people on the court the whole time, only one Mikasa ball is given to the gold medal winning team. Surely another 6 balls (3 age divisions per gender) would not break the tournament budget.
    ( Guess whose kid didn’t get to come home with a new volleyball……………….again!)

    PS well done SA.

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