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On the move

Posted by devo on January 19, 2010

It’s not volleyball, but …

The WACA takes great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Andrew Scotford to fill the newly created position of Cricket Operations Manager.

Scotford has over ten years of experience in sports management and joins the WACA from Cricket Australia, where he held the position of Umpire Manager for two and a half years. Prior to working in cricket, Scotford was Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Volleyball Federation for seven years. more

13 Responses to “On the move”

  1. Joe said

    “Within his role at the Australian Volleyball Federation, he undertook a strategic and structural review and introduced constitutional change to deliver streamlined management of volleyball in Australia.”


    Anyway, good luck to him.

  2. Trio said

    Honestly Joe, your cynicism wears thin even on a cynic like myself.

    • Joe said

      So you think the above is a fair comment? Have you seen streamlined management implemented? I see it more as spin by the cricket association than anything else.

      Also, I was sincere with my good luck comment. While I wasn’t necessarily a fan of him as a CEO (the AVF took a punt on him when he was very inexperienced and that inexperience was a problem during his tenure), Andrew is a good bloke and I am glad to see him doing well in his career.

      • markleb said

        He came to the AVF when the federation was all but bankrupt, had no office, or even a fax machine. His first salary was less the average labourer. He was the one taking the punt.
        When he left the AVF it was a stable organisation with offices, income, and employees.

  3. Joe said

    Trio, perhaps you should look up the defiition of a cynic, or better yet here is a cheap internet definition for you…

    cyn·ic (snk)
    1. A person who believes all people are motivated by selfishness.
    2. A person whose outlook is scornfully and often habitually negative.
    3. Cynic A member of a sect of ancient Greek philosophers who believed virtue to be the only good and self-control to be the only means of achieving virtue.

    Now I do have some Greek heritage on my thers side (way back), but I doubt you were referring to number three on the list.

    I definitely don’t believe people are motivated by selfishness. Self interest is always a part of any persons actions, but I honestly believe most people involved in the sport have the best interests of the sport at the heart of what they do. This doesn’t mean we should question whether there is a better way of doing things or point out when paid officials do odd things, or ask for clarification on why a course of action was taken when it would appear there was a better way. You are more than welcome to blindly accept how things are done, but not in my nature.

    As for number two, I think if you were to look through my body of posts you would find numerous conglatutory posts as well as those the could be perceived as negative such as the one above. Most however are asking a question rather than being negative. Again, you can simply accept how things are done if you like, but I would prefer to understand why and perhaps provoke others to wonder the same thing.

    Ok, I am done ranting/educating now!

  4. Ezra said

    Congrats Scotford!! Deosn’t make me want to go to WA, but I think you did some really good things for Volleyball Australia, you better be at AJVC this year :o)

  5. This is the second time someone at the AVF has gone on to a career in Cricket administration. Former Oz coach John Buchanan mentions in his book “If better is possible” (kindly lent to me by Simon Phillips) that he worked at the AVF before taking the Queensland Bulls job. This would have been. This would have been pre-1994. can anyone remember that far back?

  6. Alexis said

    I remember when he stayed at our house while visiting Adelaide in that role, and it was WAY before 1994!

  7. Volley fan said

    Andrew Scotford took the AVF from Bankruptcy to televised AVL finals.

    He set it up only for others to let it fall back down again.

    He is an excellent sports administrator and i wish him all the best.

    • Joe said

      Mark’s points are fair, I don’t think these are. Televised AVL was not sustainable and blaming others for letting it “fall back again” is pretty unreasonable. It is like blaming one pilot for not completing a perfect landing after another pilot took a plane up with only have the required fuel.

  8. Robbo said

    I’ve had a fair bit to do with Andrew in the last month and he’s been great to deal with. I’m sure Cricket WA will benefit from him heading over there!

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