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5 huge days of Beach Volleyball at Glenelg Beach

Posted by devo on January 14, 2010

SA Open Sat 16/Sun 17 January will see 88 teams (51 male / 37 female) compete for the titles – weather is expected to be about 30C so all is looking good for an awesome tournament!

Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Championships (AJBVC) is on from Mon 18 – Wed 20 January. 106 teams will fight it out for the Andy Burdin Shield. Who will win it this year? Victoria are looking for back to back wins, and SA have been training hard to regain the title having last won it in 2008. Will Qld, WA, NSW or ACT take it home this year. more@Volleyball SA

20 Responses to “5 huge days of Beach Volleyball at Glenelg Beach”

  1. Alan Cahill said

    The SA Open looks like a big Tournament.Frankston is also hosting a large Tournament here in Victoria.How is it that two large Beach Volleyball Tournaments are being played on the same weekend? I am not part of the Beach scene so I may very well be speaking out of school,however the scheduling seems a little cannibalistic.

  2. Caveman said

    Did Frankston do a tournament this time last year ??

  3. Volleyball Athlete said

    Yeah, the Frankston tournament is part of the new Victorian ‘Regional Series’ which is aimed at getting the best players in the country playing. Which is presumably also the goal for the S.A open.

    Interesting with the dates, but correct me if I’m wrong, but the S.A open was held right after christmas last time around (December 2008) and the Frankston festival around this time in January 2009.

  4. mickmurphy said

    SA Open was always going to be held the days before the AJBVC. The precedent with that has been set in Victoria last year, and QLD the year before with their state opens being held the two days prior to AJVBC.

    On another note, there will be a referees course for Beach Volleyball conducted on Sunday afternoon, from 3 till 6pm at the Glenelg SLSC. If you wish to attend, please e-mail

    • Volleyball Athlete said

      Sorry to soundparticular but the Victorian Open was not held in the days before AJBVC. There was a tournament the day before AJBVC but it was only regular round ranking event on the series.

      The Vic Open is consistently held in mid February in conjunction with the St. Kila festival.

  5. Caveman said

    So am I right in saying that Victoria is trying to do it to SA yet again ? If so not good ! We should be working for towards trying to make volleyball in Australia better and bigger and not fighting amongst ourselves for people to go to a “particular” tournament, do it for the betterment of volleyball I say.

    • Alan Cahill said

      I am not sure that Victoria is to blame here Caveman.It would seem that this is a scheduling issue and if so,who is accountable? I do agree that we do not need to be competing for the same talent pool on the same weekend!

      • Joe said

        Well said Alan, however this is a tough one to resolve. Neither event if a national event, and it would be fairly uncommon for the states to talk about state based event timing. That both states are chasing the same participants is an unfortunate coincidence that will occur from time to time.

        I see this one as bad luck rather than bad management.

        • mickmurphy said

          The SA Open is a National event, as listed on the original release of dates for the National Tour.

        • Alan Cahill said

          It could very well be bad luck Joe but I am not that sure that current or potential sponsors would like to see the Athletes divided over two major events because they happened to be on the same weekend.
          I am reading that the SA Open is a National Event on the National Tour however I am aware that Frankston is playing host to some pretty high profile players?

          • Joe said

            No argument Alan, but as Joan highlights below there is only so much time available in the Beach calendar and so conflicts will arise. The answer would be to make the Frankston event a part of the national tour, but there are likely to be many road blocks to that as well.

  6. Andrew said

    The SA Open is part of the National Beach Series as announced by Volleyball Australia. Murph is correct in saying that states will hold their respective National event prior to the AJBVC – this was all agreed at a national meeting sometime mid 2009. SA have had these events programmed since that time.

    It will be a fantastic 5 days – and the weather looks like it will be kind to us!

    Unfortunately from a local media exposure point of view it has been difficult – the Tour Down Under and the fact that the Redbacks have actually been winning has filled up our paper & TV screens. We will keep hassling though!

    • Joe said

      Ah ok, then no basis for complaint from Victoria (if there has been any, I haven’t seen any).

      • Caveman said

        As I said Victoria is up to its old tricks yet again ! It is not good enough ! For the rise of volleyball to happen this sort of thing cannot allowed to happen.
        Therefore SA open should be the one that players go to and the Victorian one (and yes I am Victorian).

        • Joe said

          Up to old tricks? Yes how devious, putting a state event on that at the same time as a national event … lol

  7. Joan Perry said

    As Andrew stated The SA Open is part of the Australian Beach Series and dates for this have been set for some time. We try to coordinate National and State Calendars, but the reality is with less than four months of beach competition opportunities to try and schedule five states plus the national calendar there will always be some clashes. Add to this the fact that the Victorian Regional series has sponsorship and works in conjunction with the Frankston Festival there is therefore no flexibility on dates… We will continue to try and avoid clashes in the future, but some are unavoidable.

    • Joe said

      Exactly, as I said bad luck rather than bad management. Thanks for contributing Joan, glad to see the AVF providing clarity on topics such as this.

      Any chance you could do the same on the Crawford Report response? It appeared a little shoddy when reading it, so would be interested to understand why it was worded the way it was.


    • Alan Cahill said

      Thanks Joan

      For clarity can you please provide another clash on the calendar where a major regional event that has sponsorship, works in conjunction with a large,extremely well supported Festival and has the drawing power to take feature Athletes away from a National Tour Event.

  8. Josh said

    Just looking at the dates… this probably has no relevance to the specific planning process but the media release about the National Beach Series was released on November 23rd last year. Having worked very closely with the tour previously (including chasing sponsors) I can tell you from a state perspective they would have been trying to lock in dates as early as July or August.

    The national tour has a rather bad history of releasing dates way too late for states to be able to 100% avoid clashes.

    It is a shame there are two great events on the same weekend but it should probably also be pointed out that while the Frankston event has taken some of the talent from the SA Open it is also only an 8 team draw therefore the drain is extremely limited.

    Anyway just some more info that may or may not help!

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