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Karpol: Lunatics – That’s What I Need

Posted by devo on January 13, 2010

We get a lot of “spam” and requests to present info here at devo’s. Most of it is rubbish. Most of it gets caught by our “spam filter”. But occasionally something comes through that is a little more interesting.

I have only seen Karpol in action on video, but he is certainly one of the “personalities” of the sport. Has anyone had the chance to read this bio? Should I be adding this book to my post Christmas reading list?

I am free to inform you about launching a book on famous Russian coach, two times Olympic champion and three times silver medalist, World champion and three times bronze medalist, two times FIVB Coach of the Year, Hall of Fame member… Nikolai Karpol.

The book is titled “Karpol: Lunatics – That’s What I Need” and it is available at You can see the content of the book at

Tomislav Birtic, author

6 Responses to “Karpol: Lunatics – That’s What I Need”

  1. For a literary culture not particularly known for its brevity, the book is surprisingly only 130 pages??? It seems to have lot of references to his love of mathematics and some obscure dislike of Genetically Modified food. Translation looks a bit clumsy. for less than A$20, I reckon it’s worth reading, even if it is out of morbid curiousity.

  2. Alexis said

    Its actually been out for a while. I read it about 5 or so years ago and remember little, except that it is worth a read. Worst case, it only takes a couple of hours to read!

  3. markleb said

    It is well worth a read and not just because it is one of the few (only?) volleyball coaching biographies. Karpol is an interesting character far beyond his reputation for yelling a lot.
    And clicking on the inside-volley link above, I can say it is 50x better than the Lloy Ball book.

  4. authortom said

    Thanks, pals :) All of you :)

  5. Shane said

    Hey Guys

    We’ve ordered 20 copies to sell in the AVW shop so if anyone wants to take a look before they buy it should be on the shelves very soon.

    Karpol…what a guy…he sat right beside me to watch the gold playoff at Sydney Olympics after his team just blew the bronze game. Thankfully he’d calmed down a bit by the time he got into the stands but let’s just say none of his players were ready to sit near him at that point. Awesome guy but didn’t speak too much English??

    Catch ya

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