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Posted by devo on January 11, 2010

Neil Cocks over at Mikasa Australia is keen to promote the newest Mikasa beach ball – the VLS300. The 300 has 10 curved panels.

The 300 is FIVB approved, and it will be used on the World Tour and also at the London Olympic Games. The VLS300 will also be used on this year’s Australian National Beach Tour; so watch out for it.

You can check out all the new specs at Mikasa Oz: a softer composite cover, a double cloth backing and improved water resistance.

4 Responses to “VLS300”

  1. Andrew said

    These volleyball manufacturers must have finally got new people in their Marketing departments. ‘If you want to increase profits, have more things to sell. So just make a different ball and tell everyone it’s better!’

    Or is that just the cynic in me ;)

  2. athlete said

    Heard that they are not in mass production yet. Hence players on world tour next year (where the ball is being used) cant get their hands on them to train with. bit stupid really

  3. Neil Cocks said

    Firstly Andrew…Mikasa is always striving to give the volleyball public the best ball available. The VLS200 (now superseeded) still to moment in time without peer. The new VLS300 builds on that and has increased it so that no other brand can get with cooeee distance of it.

    Athlete….Never base an arguement on a “Rumour” because you will most likely lose…. the VLS300 IS in mass production and will reach Australia very soon. If you had checked our website for Australia you would have seen that they are expected in Australia sometime in February.

    Whether it is Indoor or Beach “No Time” is a good time to change balls, but change is inevitable, making a new ball is a very long process from the initial conception of design to product testing and then having it approved. As the old addage goes “Haste makes waste”.

    Neil Cocks
    Mikasa Sports Australia

  4. Neil Cocks said

    I forgot to mention usually when a ball is superseeded it is iwthdrawn from sale, we at Mikasa Sports Australia feel that the VLS200 is so far ahead of any of our competition that we will continue to market it in Australia as a high quality training ball to the VLS300. So you see Mikasa is the ONLY Beach Volleyball in Australia that has TWO high quality balls that can be used for Beach Competition.
    As we like to say “Forget about the rest and buy the best…Mikasa !”

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