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Slamball or volleyball?

Posted by devo on December 22, 2009

One of the sites that I check out occasionally is Loris Bertolacci‘s Sport, Health & Fitness blog. Loris always talks passionately about his topic. Somehow I missed this post; it’s worth a read.

Come on you guys. Wrest the initiative from the AFL and get kids to play Volleyball in Western Sydney. Paul Roos would be rapt! Before someone gives Lote another million to play Rugby League and Demetriou starts brainwashing newly born babies in Western Sydney get in there! I hear that every new baby born in Western Sydney will be given a Sherrin.

The men’s Volleyball team won the Asian Championship last year and is a great team. There are some awesome and spectacular athletes playing.

Someone has to realize that the one constant in life is change and there are some sports that simply are global and some that are not. Take the punt.

Get rid of slamball and put Volleyball on the screen and sponsor it. Go on. Do it! read the full post

2 Responses to “Slamball or volleyball?”

  1. ScottL said

    I think there should be volleyball as well as slamball. That sport is nuts!

    Maybe someone should start working on a volleyball/slamball combinations… Probably wouldn’t help rally lenghts though.

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