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Schools’ Cup update

Posted by devo on December 18, 2009

The Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup has finished for another year.

Brighton (SA) has retained the Champion School trophy.

  • Open Boys’ HonoursGirton (VIC) def Brighton 1 (SA) 3-1 (23-25, 25-18, 28-26, 25-17)
  • Open Girls’ Honours Holland Park (QLD) def  Brighton (SA) 3-0 (25-16, 25-17, 25-18)

You can check out all of the division results here. And Volleyball Australia has Final PlacingsChampion SchoolPhotos on the AVSC page.

75 Responses to “Schools’ Cup update”

  1. Liam Mackin said

    No MVP awards were given at the closing ceremony,

    • Steve said

      So how was the reffing at the schools games?…ooppps sorry forgot thats not really the focus of volleyball??? Hard to tell from the whinging feedback offered in this post that is focussed on the officials, but I’m glad strong volleyball schools like brighton appear to have again gone well in the Schools comp. Good that schools like BHS continue to be a pathway for potential vball athletes. well done to staff and coaches

  2. Murph said

    Nor were they voted on in any game I coached…

  3. Country Boy said

    Go the Boys from the bush. After 2 consecutive silvers the Girton Open Honours team finally cracked it. Well done to all teams, schools, coaches, parents, organisers. Another awesome week.

    • devo said

      Always good when country schools show the city slickers how. Not that we’re biased Country Boy … ;D

      • lucy123 said

        Just thought I would let you know that Girton isn’t really a “country school”. It’s in Bendigo, which is practically a city!! I think that this classification should really be kept for real country schools like Kew, Blaney, West Wyalong etc…

    • Was great to see Girton win OHB. There’s nothing better to see a community get a good bunch of athletes together and make them into a championship team.

      Holland Park was just too strong in the girls. Heathfield OHG smashed Brighton in the prelim games in 3 but couldn’t repeat it in the semi, but got up over a Bill McHoul coached Upwey that had Shae Sloane and Georgia Sverns to take the bronze. I think we got the best 4 teams in the medal playoffs in OHG.

    • Robbo said

      I spoke to one of the Girton boys earlier in the day and he was telling me of their “choke” history, last 3 years. I watched the final 2 sets after work and damn they savoured that win. Good on them too, they played a great game and have wanted it for years it seems ;)

  4. Big Ren said

    I think that losing the MVP or All Star voting is certainly a bad thing. Yes it is a team thing to win a medal there is no doubt about that. However, players with extreme talent and the ones that stand out should be honored in some way. This is also from a players perspective something that can aid them in the future. Coaches looking to recruit players to play overseas certainly look at individual honours such as these. Taking them away may damage these kids chances later on down the track.

  5. I should also send my commiserations to a certain Mercedes Open Girls 2 coach who worked his butt off all year to put together a real contender of a team, that got knocked out after losing only 1 game. Pool of 4 with three teams all on 1 win. ouch.

    would have loved to have cheered on your team on medal day murph!

    • mickmurphy said

      Thanks Huy, appreciate that…

      We had our one loss, got stuffed in the bottom pool and suffered at the hands of the single worst set of officiating I have ever seen…! Get your voice ready for 2010 mate, it’d have been naive of me to expect to win a medal on my first try, surely?!

  6. SA Volleyball mum said

    Surely there has to be a better way of organising a referee crew? The parents pay heaps anyways so why not add $5:00 to the cost and get some paid ref’s in. I would be happy to pay that! I watched quite a few games and some of the calls were shocking. One in particular was a gold medal game, and to be honest it didnt make a difference to the outcome but it certainly hurt their confidence.

    • SA Volleyball mum said

      Just a footnote to this comment….. I did admire the work of the volunteers at both the stadiums. I certainly appreciate they keep the costs down. But I cant help but think that the ref’s were possibly tired and feeling a bit pressured sometimes. Maybe get the paid ref’s in for finals? I don’t believe the bad calls were vindictive, I just thought maybe inexperience played a hand.

      • Eldo said

        It is unfortunate that many of the coaches and teachers think it is OK to allow their young students to do their job. Although I had qualified referees in my team I still did the job as I had the most experience. At the senior level some kids are OK. At Heathfield we expect our coaches to do the refereeing. Our students get their chance to referee at school and other tournaments.

        We certainly are not prepared to pay for “paid referees”. We need pressure put on ALL coaches to do their share especially in finals.

        • mickmurphy said

          I can assure you, Eldo, that a great number of students are better than the teachers/coaches…

          Rather than finding the best/most experienced referee and having them do the bulk, we all need to get into the mindset of increasing the experience and skills of the refs, as some schools, yours included, are so good at doing.

          • Eldo said

            I do not have an issue with what you are saying.
            BUT: The Nationals is not a place for beginners and kids doing the top for the first time.

            There were some very, very inexperienced kids doing a very poor inexperienced job in important matches while their adult mentors bludged. (not in Open Honours mind you)

            We do not need to scare off these well intentioned kids.

            Cimon Lee who won the referee scholarship is proudly one of our students. He certainly did not umpire any of his first 10 matches at the ASC. I like to think we are much more professional than that.

            • Yes, agree Eldo. I think it’s ok to let novices do the first 2 days of competition, but the coaches should take over after that.

              There used to be a rule at WHS that I’d take any “important game” or any game involving Heathfield or Brighton (they used to find SIV teams/coaches intimidating).

              My U17 girls had two of the worst duties I have EVER seen. It was also with great regret to say that both were from 2 programmes and head coaches i greatly respect.

        • Jase said

          I asked to do the ref or net ref duties for the open mens honours final to take some of the pressure off my duty team but was not allowed to because I’m not qualified. Perhaps this runs true for the other coaches you speak of Eldo?

          • Jase said

            sorry, just noticed you said you were excluding Open Honours, but it was still something that happened in other divisions. My girlfriend (an Australian junior player) coached U14 girls and wasnt allowed to ref because shes not qualified either.

            So while I agree it is great to have experienced coaches doing ref duties (ie. Rick from Girton reffed our repecharge/finals when they had duty), some teams are limited by having coaches who are not qualified refs, and are therefore not allowed to help out.

            • Outsiders Point of View said

              Looking at this from an outsiders point of view – regardless of age, I would prefer a qualified ref, rather than a coach or teacher who thinks they know the rules, but may not (& not be qualified). Yes, experience pays a hell of a lot, but everyone knows these expectations (that kids will be reffing). Eldo and others have agreed here, it is not that hard to get a qualification. Yes it may be helpful for kids to referee more often, but this is up to the individual and the schools to insist that these kids do the time/games.
              As a spectator, i thought it was great to see these kids reffing the game. It added to the concept of the event.
              We just need to teach kids, coaches, and parents that there may be some shocker calls, but learn to deal with it, move on and become a better player.

              • Everywhereman said

                Exactly right!

                In preparing my team for ASC, I would umpire our internal games and deliberately make bad and incorrect decisions to prepare the kids for what they might come across, not only in Melbourne, but in any match they play, even at League or Reserves level, as we all know that horrible calls happen at all levels of the game.

                Players get to make numerous mistakes every match, if a referee makes one we all want to crucify them. When a player can play an error-less match, then they have the right to critiscise refereeing, until then, toughen up, deal with it and play the next point.

                As a side-note, you never see a referee yell at a player for serving or hitting out, or shanking a pass…

                • totally agree. The quality of refereeing is something beyond your control. If my team played a zero-error game and the referee lost it for them I’ll complain. But otherwise, I’d rather they spend their time controlling the things they can control, which will win matches – and that’s playing better volleyball. It’s not a bad life lesson either.

                • mickmurphy said

                  Yeah ‘everywhereman’…

                  Way to label your woeful standard of refereeing on ‘deliberate’ mistakes… Thats how you win the big awards, eh? ; )

                  • Everywhereman said

                    what better way to become conditioned to dealing with difficult situations, then by deliberately placing yourself in them smurph!

          • Eldo said

            It is not hard to get qualified. We even have “a seperate Honours referee qualification to make it easy for coaches.

            No team would be sending a team to the Nationals with their only qualified referee being a inexperienced year 8 or year 9 kid.

            Just think we can provide better duties with more experienced people doing the job.

            Poorly done duties is still the ASC’s biggest weakness and is something we on the commission have spent many hours on. Creating a new easy honours class of referee making it very easy for coaches to get qualified is testomy to this.

      • Krista said

        Its sad to hear of all the problems that went on with referee’s in melbourne this year. Heathfield have always been good with Supporting Qualified Referee’s and having their Coaches properlly accredited.

        Qualified Nationally badged Referee to sign off on all AVSC Referee’s at thier STATE SCHOOLS CUP. So that way, you are not getting a bunch of ref’s with no experience, rather, someone who has been assesed prior to going to AVSC.

        • Long time no hear Krista! They do make Regional referees (for honours events) get signed off by nationally badged referees at the state cup events.

          Perhaps you should come back and do a bit of reffing. they might give you Open honours medal games now that you’re not at Heathfield anymore!

  7. roy said


  8. At Willunga High School we had our best result yet on 440 points (U16GH Silver, U17G1 Gold, OG2 Gold). Might just put us in the top 10. I think we have the third best result out of the SA teams behind Brighton and Heathfield! A mantle I’m sure Nadia, Peter and the Moores at Loxton will work hard to win back from us next year!

    • Jase said

      Billanook College also had our best result ever coming third overall. Fantastic effort by Michael Miller who has to compete for gym time with chess tournaments and aerobics practice and run many trainings on asphalt courts outside in the rain.

  9. Billanook was fantastic. Their Open Boys finished 4th and would have had a lot of the kids that came up from their U16s team last year. Their U16 Hon Girls team battled through 6 5-set games to finish with a Bronze medal (Good work, Sketch!). Not a bad effort from an 8 team school. about as good as a school can go without having a team in every honours division.

    • Sketch said

      Cheers Mate. I didn’t really do much; just yelled louder when I thought we needed to win a point or two.

  10. Liam Mackin said

    Also i think the coaches and players from Mckinnon should be extremely proud of themselves for their efforts, 260 points isnt bad for a school that has only competed at AVSC for 2 years

    • And don’t forget Tin Can Bay, who bring over 1 or 2 teams and ALWAYS bring back a medal – this year 2 i believe!

    • Linford said

      That is true Liam. McKinnon should be very proud. Last year was our first year in AVSC and we had 1 boys team and this year we had 6 teams (3 girls and 3 boys).

      The revolution continues!

  11. go rossy said

    Should be noted that Rossmoyne finished quite high and would have gone very close to taking out the overall points award if it had had an OBH team

    • Liam Mackin said

      Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

    • Impressively, Rossmoyne won U15 & U16 honours, including a very noisy WA derby against Aquinas in the 15s. Huge crowd support at both those gold medal games!

      However mathematics would say that they would have needed at least 2 more honours teams in addition to the OHB team to take out the overall cup. 5 honours teams (including a hypothetical OHB), are still not enough to beat the 2 SA SIV schools with 8 honours teams.

      I think Rossmoyne should make it to the top 4 in OHB in a couple of years time!

      • I’ll wait till another school has 2 Open Honours and 4 Honours teams qualify for honours before i get excited about the prospect of someone else winning the cup!

        • Greenwood Coach said

          Over the next two or Three Years, we should see Rossy crack back into the top 5 or top 3, or even push top 2. They will have two Open Honours teams next year pushing for final births. There Year 9 boys won last year so should medal again this year. The Year 10 girls this year a quite strong and last Years year 8 were also talented so next year they could very well have 6 honours teams.

  12. paterico said

    So was there an announcement that there would be no MVP voting this year? Wondering if it’s been canned or not. Any news? Would be a shame to drop this aspect of AVSC.

    • Anon said

      i was pretty disapointed to hear that there wasn’t any mvp’s this year. this is a great aspect of the avsc and it rewards and encourages individuals striving to go to higher places, i would like to hear more news about this apparent scrapping of the award

  13. Volleyball Athlete said

    Has anyone heard who won the best banner competition?

    • Willunga High School. It had “Funi and Wang Wang” themed pandas playing 2-on-2. We’ve now won it more times than any other school has (4 times in the last 5 years, and a couple before that).

      Embarrassingly, we’ve won the banner competition more times than we’ve qualified for honours events.

      • Wang Wang and Funi said

        Quality banner, Huy!

        • Tooth Fairy said

          Congrats to Willunga (again!). If you watched the slide show at the Opening Ceremony, it was quite apparent that many/most/a lot of schools were marching with the same banner from 2008.

        • Cheers. I should make more of an effort to learn more about the poeple who have designed them. The pattern seems to be that the kids who paint the banner tend to win medals (boys don’t get into the aesthetic part of AVSC and haven’t won a medal for 4 yrs).

          I’m pretty sure that most, if not all, the funds we have to spend on equipment (balls and nets) comes from the banner comp prizemoney! so big thanks to the judges!

  14. Greenwood Supporter said

    Hey would like to say a big congratulations to Greenwood Senior High School who Finnished 13th in 2009 the highest the school has ever placed. The school is in WA and it was great to see another school from over West competiting for a top 10 finnish. A big Congrats to under 15 boys div 2 with a gold medal and too Under 16 Girls who lost in a close 5 setter against Billanook for a nbronze medal, a great effort from the girls going over with only 7 players and having to battle through with 4 injuried players. The kids should be proud. The MVP votes need to come back it highlights players that work extremly hard during the week and those players who are good. The refering in my opion was actually quite good.

    • The Greenwood U16G were damn inspiring. we beat them in 5 sets in the semi in what was possibly the most amazing game I’ve been involved in. They played a brilliant fast game through the middle that created a lot of headaches for other teams. A good team that was very well coached.

  15. Greenwood Coach said

    The game against willunga was a truly epic battle it was a joy to coach. The willunga girls played with their hearts whiched I admired becuase it is what I asked of my girls ( which they had plenty of heart and determination ). One of our strenghts was having variety and quick middle runners that ran more than the usual 3’s and A’s. It was a shame that our usual middle became extremly unwell and was unable to play which meant we played that five setter with six players and and my passer hitter played middles. But u cab not take it away from willunga they played extremly well and it was a heartbreakers to lose so much emotion went into that game. Question trying to decide what to do next year what is the standard of under 17’s compared to open any thoughts

    • Jase said

      from my experience my advice would be enter open, as the standard is quite a lot higher than U17s. I have found that many of the better teams and players from U16s go straight to open rather than U17s, making U17s somewhat weaker. With that said though it is still a good competition, and if you cant get into open honours then it could be a good second alternative.

    • The Greenwood-Willunga semi was the most remarkable effort I’ve seen from a team i’ve been involved with. We were 2-0 sets down and 12-3 down in the 5th when we made our last comeback. The referee (Gareth) certainly agreed that having only 6 made it quite hard for you guys. We haven’t used middles in the last 2 years and just “share it out” mainly. U16GH was a fanstastic comp this year. a LOT of close matches – both repecharges, semi’s and the bronze medal game went to 5-sets. from speaking to the other coaches, a lot of the teams in the top 6 will keep most of their players, so U17s should be a good comp. Willunga will be keeping it’s team in U17s. Hope to see you guys there, but will certainly sleep a bit easier if you guys go open ;)

  16. Greenwood Coach said

    The Under 16 comp was at a very high level, much higher than I expected. We should not have a problem qualifying for Open Honours, we have a straong chance at winning Open here in WA the girls have not lost a State Title yet. However they would be a team of Yr 11’s competiting against a Teams with some very talented players. Brighton and Heathfield will be very strong next year and Monbulk. PLus if Holland Park keep some of their Aus Players due to Scholarships then competition will be very tough. We see how the year goes and asses it from thier, our defence would have to be a lot better. I hope to see u all in perth National Juniors.

    • sounds like open honours is very achievable for you guys! We actually finished 5th at our state cup. It was scheduled during the netball season and so my girls had to forfeit a whole game so they could make their netball games. we got in on a wild card and ended up playing another wild card team (monbulk) in the gold medal game. I hope to get them into open honours in 2011. Will try to get to perth but will have to earn a guernsey first!

      • Greenwood Coach said

        I found that really interesting you guys were surely better than 5th and Monbulk were the best team from Vic by Far, I knew that going into the comp I coached the Under 16 state girls and so I knew their team pretty well and coach. Unfortunelly he knew us too well. When are you Trail Dates for State Teams.

        • The Vic teams have always been close. How they finish at state school’s cup isn’t an indication of how they perform at nationals. My team tends to do quite badly against the SA teams but quite well against all the others.

          According to the VSA website, the trial dates for their state teams is Feb 28-29

          • Sketch said

            I’ll second that state cup results have little bearing on nationals. In 2008 the Billanook (then u15) girls finished fourth at vics and qualified for honours at nationals on a wild card, we ended up losing to Heathfield in the gold medal match. This year, we finished third at vics with the only seven players able to take the court and most of them quite sick at the time, then turned that into a bronze at nationals with the team we beat for bronze at vics winning gold. I’d never want to come up against craig from Monbulk in a medal match, he really knows what he’s doing, fantastic coach.

            • Yeap. We got absolutely slaughtered by Monbulk. They played really well, and I think being in a gold playoff overwhelmed us. There are quite a lot of coaches in that division who know what they’re doing. And as we both well know that means 5-setters and crap shoots.

              • Greenwood Coach said

                See it is different here in the West. Rossy dominated and in the last couple of years Greenwood has put up some good fights. If a team qualifys over Rossmoyne you bet they are of a high standard. In Boys Aquanis can also be talented. So State School Cup Results reflect the best teams. I Agree Craig is a great coach and great guy. Met him twice now Once at the Under 16’s Comp and at Nationals both times he offered heaps of advice and was extremly nice. As a young Coach I admire him and learnt a lot from him, from the brief conversations we have had. The girl who coached The Under 16 Willunga girls was also extremly nice and a great motivating coach, is she going to keep coaching and move into state coaching or anything.

                • Shantel (our WHS coach) is finishing of her teaching degree and I hope she gets a get a job at the school in time to take them for a bid for Open Honours in 2011. I think it’d be great if she got into club and state coaching. But then again, she might want to have a life too!

                  • Greenwood Coach said

                    Shantel sounds a lot like me lol, jot just over 2 years left before i finnish my teaching degree and then hopefully get a job back at the school. Coaching Club School and States is a lot. I have no social life expect from Volleyball or Work. I was coaching 5-6 days a week last year some days were two sessions. This year could be even more, it is tough but you can reap the rewards. Also why are your girls not pushing for a open spot next year, If correct you guys still have Steff Collins and Elka, not a bad combo. Surely it is a chance.

                    • I’ve also got a team that won U17 div 1 gold that i can add Sarah Gould too (who has played national youth twice) that could push for honours, or at least be a strong open div 1 team. We can have a strong open team and U17 team. I think some of the other teams are in a similar situation and a lot of the same faces will be coming back for U17HG

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