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AVSC underway

Posted by devo on December 7, 2009

Eldo receives 25 years award

The Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup got underway yesterday with the opening ceremony at MSAC. Competition began today. Draw /results (updated)

At the opening ceremony, Volleyball Australia’s Chris Schacht made some interesting comments on the Crawford report, insisting that although volleyball was an Olympic sport, it was also a participation sport. And that the stadium full of athletes at the opening ceremony was proof of this. He promised to send a photo of the ceremony to Crawford and to the minister of sport!

A special mention too for devo’s volleyball regular David “Eldo” Eldridge, as the Heathfield coach became the first person to achieve a 25 years of participation award. Well done Eldo!

2009 AVSC award winners

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  1. Alan Cahill said

    I went down to the SVC yesterday to watch the Honours Mens game between two of my favourite teams in Mazenod and Monbulk,scheduled for 3.00pm.I left my office at 2.30pm accepting that I would miss the warm up but make the start of the game. As it turned out I made the start of the game by exactly two hours!! The match started at 5.00pm – What a joke! No wonder there were only a few spectators and even fewer parents.
    Surely it cannot be that difficult to design a reliable schedule that allows interested people to make the time to watch games they want to? I go and watch my children play other school sports and I know what time they start and what time they finish.I know what time they have to be there and more importantly what time they are leaving.
    It amazes me that Volleyball cannot see how important it is to be reliable!!!!

    • Dad said

      I am sure some positive suggestions would be appreciated on how to make it work better.

      Maybe if Honours were best of 3 instead of 5 sets?

      Maybe if Honours were fixed one hour time slots like U15 Div2 ?

      Maybe if we had more courts/more venues/ fewer teams/earlier starts/ no warm ups/ no time outs, it might ‘run to time’ a bit better.

      SVC Court One had 4 matches before the one YOU wanted to watch- 2 five setters, 2 four setters.

      Over any given day some courts run overtime, some do not. If you have spare courts and spare duty teams somtimes you can do some catchup, usually at the end of the day.

      Your suggestions please…………….

      • Matt said

        I went to watch my brother coach an U/14 match on Monday night. The game was an hour behind. After this the team had one game off and then had their second game. This match started 2 hrs late even after it was moved to another court and concluded after 11pm!

        Keep in mind that:
        – these kids are 13 years old
        – it was the first day of the tournament
        – all games on this court had been best of 3 sets

        As we are all aware thanks to the recent Crawford Report “participation” is key for funding so we don’t want to reduce the number of teams. Changing games to best of 3 sets, as seen above doesn’t solve the problem and adding a time limit to an untimed game is like adding a time limit to a game of golf. That’s the beauty of volleyball…no matter how far you are behind there’s always a chance to come back and win.

        Often teams are ready to play but the duty team is still playing. Courts are often available. Is there a way to organise duty without paying for more refs and without teams having to come to the stadium for duty only (as opposed to having duty before or after a game)?

      • Alan Cahill said

        Its not Rocket Science – have some sympathy for the parents and spectators and have set times.
        Not everything needs to be at Olympic standard and not everything has to be about what suits the sport!!

  2. Joe said

    I have to say I am a traditionalist on this point and like untimed 5 set games with games going until the wee hours. As a player I loved it also (though take the point with the 13 year olds). While on a totally different scale people deal with the Australian open tennis night session being held up by the day session … it is just the nature of the sport.

    Alan, you could have called someone to know when the game was going to start, to use your words it isn’t rocket science.

    The only solution that I can think of, which personally I still don’t find completely acceptable but it may get majority support, is to have a standard game assessment with 20 minutes to go in a timeslot. If a team is winning 2-0 then they win the match with coahces gien the option to stop play or to continue a dead rubber for the last 20 which would give bench guys a go. If a team is up 2-1 then irrespective of the 4th set score it is cancelled at that point and a “Super Set” begins. That “Super Set” is a race to a required score, 15 for the team leading 2-1 and 25 for the team behind 2-1. If the game is at 2 sets all then you finish the game.

    In the latter two there will still be some time leakage but it would be far less than under proper rules. As I said, personally not a huge fan because I like the long days, but at the same time it would achieve the result desired by many while still being fair to both teams.

    • Alan Cahill said

      My apologies Joe.What an idiot I am for not calling someone.What I did was what most non Volleyball people would do and simply look at the Draw!

      The reason why this sport is going nowhere is because of insular thinking like that!

      “It’s just the nature of the sport” doesn’t cut it when you have tired,angry parents waiting around for buses, at schools, all around Melbourne at all hours of the night!!

      I even had a Senior Coach tell me that getting home late is all part of the week that “makes or breaks” kids as Volleyballers! Should’nt we just be trying to make them Volleyballers?

      • Joe said

        You did what most non-volleyball people would do … you are a volleyball person. Pick up the phone.

        • Eldo said

          The fact that this fantastic tournament puts the players who have paid between $500 and $1500 for their one week of the year with best of 5 set matches before a parent, is certainly not something I am prepared to apologise for. You perhaps should be thankful for the fact that the tournament is being played in your state and you can see your team. Most of the parents who paid for their kids to attend are not in your position.

          EG random parent from Perth.
          Left the office at 2.30 to see the match. After a $700 4 hour flight caught a $60 taxi and waited to see my son’s team play. After a $200 hotel room I fly back to Perth on Thursday on another $700 flight.

  3. Luke said

    I totally agree. They must be kidding if they think open boys honours 5 set match will finish in the 1 hour they allow. It’s just not that hard

    • Joe said

      If they are allowing an hour for a 5 set match that is idiocy, no arguments here. Remember, we are talking about the AVF here.

      • Dreamer said

        The schedule is 2 games in a three hour block. Victorian State League has 2 hour blocks and usually the 4pm game starts on time, however, only 4 games are played on a court each day. Perhaps some earlier starts and later finishes for the games? They are trying to play 6 or 7 games a day. Perhaps AVSC would be better advised to start the first games every day at 8am for these divisions and have night games starting at 8pm to give each game 2 hours?

        I however, am happy with how things are. Having been involved for a while these sorts of things are accepted and dealt with. Move on.

        • Anon said

          I must say that this year has managed to run behind time in a fairly consistent manner, ie. all of our games other than the first of the day has been roughly two hours behind. Our latest finish so far has been about 9 o’clock which I find pretty reasonable.

          I can see the logistical tension between not wanting to have a court vacant with teams waiting for an allotted start time and just saying that all time slots should be longer. Surely there can be some sort of statistical analysis (with data sourced from all those meticulously filled out score sheets) as to the average game time and a model devised from that. Does anyone know of somebody looking for a maths/statistics Ph.D topic?

          • Karl said

            This might be a little off topic, but it does in part answer Anon’s last point – – Warning: lots of maths contained within

            Whilst I’m listed as a co-author, I had very little to do with the paper itself (so hold back on the criticism). I’m aware that it is simplistic and some of the assumptions may not be valid, but it was intended to be a simple model… There is scope to expand the model, so contact the owner of the website (who is the lead author of the paper) if you have the mathematical expertise to help out.

            The host website also has a link to an excel spreadsheet that lets you input the strength of each team (represented by the probability of winning a point on serve – something that could be derived from score sheets) and returns the likelihood of winning the match and the expected match duration (in points, not in time). Again, I’m not the author, so don’t shoot the messenger.

            • devo said

              The formulas for the probabilities of team B winning a match are obvious.
              Well, maybe for you! I just got a sore head.

            • Alexis said

              Great to see you on here Karl! The paper is interesting. I find it hard to get past the assumption that if you try harder in any given portion of the game you will therefore win, but its interesting nonetheless.

    • edbinnie said

      Please all remember that empty court space is literally money.

      You definitely can have a tournament where every game starts on time – you just need to leave minimum 150min timeslots.
      I believe that the FIVB has a stat that the average set length is 22mins (you could use AJVC data here to verify in a similar setting, but from past experience 20 to 25 mins per set is not unreasonable). so with 3 mins between each set, a standard 3-0 game (with 10 minute warmup) will take 82mins. 4 set will be 107 mins, 5 set will be 150mins.

      So if you want the games to start on time, go for 150min timeslots, and accept that a lot of the time you will have some 65minues of dead court space for the priveledge of knowing exactly when the game is. Currently the AVF have 60min then 120min slots, so an average of 90mins. you’d need an additional 60mins of court time per game to get courts started on time every game. that’s a 66.7% increase in court costs – done through increasing the number of courts required. So then you up the number of court staff required by 66.7%. Whilst they are volunteers, they do still cost money – uniforms stipends etc, not to mention that there aren’t that many of them. I could be completely wrong, but volunteer costs and court hire would make the vast bulk of the Event Budget. So you’d effectively have to increase tournament entry by about 66.7% (not to mention the limit of court space, so the actual capacity of the tournament may be an issue).

      I recall my time as a volunteer at AVSC, and yes, almost every court ran over, but generally it was not by much more than an hour. In some instances, games would be up to 3 hrs behind, but the AVF were able to move games to different courts, and get duty teams, so the final game of the night may only start 1hr behind.

      To be honest, I think that this was a much better solution than increasing costs by 66.7%. The AVF may consider going to slightly longer brackets, but given the limited intellect of many high school coaches, I think it probably smarter to stay with 60 to 120 minute increments, rather than deal with 70 or 85 minute increments.

      Might be a good devo poll though
      Would you rather have AVSC games :-

      a) always start on time (and double the entry fee)
      b) never fall to far behind start time (increase all time increments to cover a 4 set match, and increase costs by 25% to 50%)
      c) stay as they are – earliest start time saves money, and you just accept that your late games are never going to start on time

      oh and voting is done based on number of teams the school enters. (yep eldo, pretty much whatever you think goes).

      • Dreamer said

        How about leaving a 2 hour block in the middle at say lunch time to try and get the courts back on schedule? Might avoid teams sitting around for 2 hours waiting for a game (even if it only reduces is by an hour!).

        • edbinnie said

          That sort of idea is always a good one – a couple of 2 hr times slots back to back. I’m pretty sure they do that for AJVC, but am surprised that they wouldn’t adopt it for AVSC.

  4. Caveman said

    Alan Cahill and “Joe” whining and whinging yet again …. what is it with you two ? Nothing positive to say at all… I do not wanting say that Victorians are whingers as I am one (Victorian that is) myself.
    Alan please don’t be negative all the time regarding the AVF, suggest something than can fix the situation. God hates whingers and so do I !

    • Joe said

      Started responding to another baseless rant by our cave dwelling AVF apologist and then realised it was a waste of my time.

    • Alan Cahill said


      1. Does this very succesful Tournament have a naming right Sponsor? – NO!
      2. Was the Tournament opened by the Federal or State Sports Minister,Education Minister or any other Political dignitary? – NO!
      3.Was David Crawford invited along for what would have been a great opportunity to “push the cause”? – I think not!
      4.Have there been any “Corporates” invited along to potentially sponsor such a large event?
      5.Has there been any press (other than Devo!) on the tournament at all? – I read the standards most days and haven’t seen any.
      6.Other than the Volleyball Websites do we have the results in any Media? – NO! (FYI – I can get the National U/18 Lawn Bowls results in the Herald Sun)
      7.etc etc

      I believe that this Tournament gives this Sport massive credibility that is not harnessed and used as it should be.Someone needs to take this Tournament out of the “regulars” and into the “big wide world” out there!

      Whilst you seem to be very happy to keep this sport in your cave Caveman I am not going to stop criticising the AVF who allows such a great opportunity to go to waste!!

      • Joe said

        2. Was the Tournament opened by the Federal or State Sports Minister,Education Minister or any other Political dignitary? – NO!

        Well, Chris Shacht is a senator.

        Other than that all valid points to the best fo my knowledge. What happened to the Bakers Delight sponsorship? To show my age it was a shame that misbehavour in Rugby (I think) caused CommBank to pull out all those years ago.

      • Caveman said

        The Federal sports minister is overseas at the moment trying to get the soccer (world Cup), and the Victorian Sports Minister was asked but… the second year in a row something came up at the last minute and wasn’t able to make it. The AVF has been trying, you two make it sound like something completely different… well it’s not !

  5. Caveman said

    When going to a volleyball tournnament you expect the following:
    Your first match will be at either 8 or 9 in the morning after driving half the previous day to get there.
    Your last match of the first day will be at 9 at night and don’t even think about the evening meal until after that.
    When you go to a tournament you expect these sort of things to happen it is all part and parcel of the “tournament experience”.
    The Schools Cup is no different, ask the players who have gone to ANY tournament whether they like that sort of thing and the answer is “NO” … then ask them if they would go again next year and the answer is “YES”.
    These sort of things are what makes a tournament what it is, no tournament run runs on time… even Wimbledon doesn’t.
    Again I say if you are going to be constructive… then be constructive ….not destructive !

    • Joe said

      But please tell me how this is different to what I wrote above. Perhaps Captain Caveman, “Cavey” to his friends I am sure, struggles with basic language skills? Here is a tip, that liquid paper on your screen really wasn’t necessary.

  6. devo said

    Alan – that’s nothing!

    Wonnie started an open honours match at 11:00pm one night about 6 years ago. Finished at about 1am. When the match after ours began. We met the winner of the second match (Elizabeth College)the following day in the bronze medal match. We won. We apologised to EC.

    But we still talk about it when Wonnie kids get together. A problem? Yes. Is it better now? Yes it is. Do we take 5 setters off honours games? No we don’t.

    I spent the day at MSAC today. Saw some great Vic players of the future playing in under 14’s. Saw 2 Ex-Vic players coaching relatively new teams at schools’ cup. Do I miss it? Yes I do. Is it worth all the hassles? Yes it is.

  7. devo said

    On another matter.

    Had a few coaches tell me that this is the $20 fines Schools’ Cup. Apparently it is unsafe for coaches to sit on the bench with sandles on! Really?

    • Anon said

      I’ve quite often felt a threat to myself while supervising a duty in sandals, I just don’t know exactly how I can make the shuffle over to the ref stand safely. Despite my ability to walk in a relatively competent manner in most other surroundings in a variety of different footwear options, it must be something about those flat hardwood floors…

    • Alexis said

      Finally, someone has done something about this blight on the sport.

  8. David said

    This is a MSAC venue rule apparently
    Seems rather stupid that they allow spectators to wear thongs /sandals but coaches cannot while coaching.

    No problem from my point of view. Often a good idea to get the kids out of sweaty and smelly sox after a match.

    Would be polite if the venue MSAC actually let the AVF (as rather big bill payers) know before the event that this is a new expectation.

    We certainly cannot fine anybody as it is not in the ASC rules and we as the organising committee cannot arbitrarily impose fines.

    • devo said

      Agree David. BUT I was approached by coaches today who told me they felt “harrassed” – or used similar words. It will be interesting to see if fines are up this year. Or perhaps there is young group of volunteers who are just a little eager – haven’t settled in the pase of Schools’ Cup yet ;-))

    • Joe said

      To play devil’s advocate, as is my place it seems, if this requirement keeps MSAC’s public liability insurance down and thus keeps the cost of renting the venue down then it is in everyone’s best interests to comply. I doubt it is a pure money grab, they have probably been sued by someone with two left feet and are now being overly cautious.

      Agree it should have been communicated far earlier though so coaches were aware.

    • Volleyball Athlete said

      They constantly fine people. My friend nearly got fined for walking between halls at M.S.A.C barefoot!

      • Incredible said

        Your friend NEARLY got fined…..either your friend was fined or not. It appears that there are many people that NEARLY got fined but very few complainers on writing in saying they WERE fined. Is this another urban myth??

        • devo said

          Or overly enthusiastic volunteers who are not choosing their words carefully enough. The feet thing is an MSAC ruling; not an AVSC ruling.

          • Incredible said

            I certainly would prefer an overly enthusiastic volunteer than none at all! So glad there is at least one AVF event where there are lots of ‘overly enthusiastic’ people on all sides…volunteers, coaches, players…and, of course, the parents…great event, even with the new ‘rule’.

        • Linford said

          I got fined because in the space on the score sheet where you write down who first refereed et cetera, I only wrote my first name and not my second name.

          • Incredible said

            Wow! A fine for being dumb. I hope it doesn’t become the norm. Now how do you think they could check who the referee is?

  9. Parent said

    Congratulations to Girton for winning the gold in the open boys honours. Does anyone know who was MVP for open honours boys?

    • Wow said

      There were no MVP’s in either open honors divisions… The awards simply weren’t given out this year…

  10. Volleyball Athlete said

    Or know the overall championship school results?

    Did Heathfield or Brighton come out on top?

  11. Louise said

    BIG Congratulations to Holland Park girls!! Didn’t lose a set the whole tournament and a really lovely group of young women!!
    You do yourselves, your school, coaches and Queensland volleyball very proud :)
    (.. and no, I’m NOT a Holland Park parent ..)

    • devo said

      And to the under 14 player from Greenwood who immediately put up his hand to indicate that he had touched an out ball. (#50 from memory) Sportsmanship is alive, and obviously well taught in WA.

    • FAIR? said

      Pity the girls did not start school at Holland Park in Yr 8. Is it fair the true, fair school teams has to play what is nearly a State team gathered there for the QIS program. I think it is a way off.

      I would not brag about not losing a set. The competition is for school teams. If the Vics all joined up they would beat Holland Park. We would then have another State junior nationals and what is the point of that. Most of the people at ASC also agree.

      Not fair and, this thinking will eventually ruin fair competition at the ASC.

      Looking at the Girls final, the winning team got no where near the joy and the respect the Girton boys got.

      • Dreamer said

        Lets not start on volleyball in Bendigo.

        • Dinosaur said

          Please explain!

          • Wow said

            Wow, whats the bet your from Victoria… last time i checked the vics didn’t beat QLD at nationals either so even if the HP team was the entire Qld team, which it wasn’t, then you would still go down… Yes it’s a freak team but nothing to have a whine about under an Alias and behind peoples back… Clearly your a sore loser and need to grow a pair…
            Lots of love,
            Wow :)

      • HP said

        None of the girls from holland park were recruited at all.
        One moved there because she moved from rural queensland and it was pure luck. 2 of the girls moved there because the volleball progam at their school closed down. 1 movd there purely because they moved house down the road fromthat school. the coach had no idea what was going on. zero recruitment happened at all. reputation was a contributing factor but isn’t it always? the rest were there from grade 8. yes there are 3 aus players in that team, but so does upway and brighton and hailburry last year.

        • Liam Mackin said

          very good point, plus hailbury did offer scolarships to the people they poached. plus even last year they were team of mainly year 10’s playing against year 11 and 12’s and still won. clearly they have more than skill, they can bring it together as a team. all credit to them.

      • mickmurphy said

        HP team were the best team in the comp and deserved all the respect of any other team…

        It’s a pity that these discussions occur after the event in a faceless forum. The girls in that team stood before a big crowd for all to see, but their detractors did not.

        It should be noted that at least three players in the Brighton team did not arrive at the school in year 8. Schools work hard to get a reputation for excellence, and when they get rewarded with results and the best players, the rest of the comp needs to deal with it an improve, not lament that they were somehow robbed.

        Although everyone is entitled to their opinion on the matter, the HP girls should be commended for their play and representation of their school.

    • - said

      For starters its QAS not QIS and in my opinion there is nothing ‘fair’ about your little rant about a group of 16/17 year old school girls.

      The players choice to attend that school because it was recommend to them via coaches not because they were recruited or asked by any of the coaches or players to attend that school.
      If you believed it was ‘unfair’ you should have raised this issue before the competition not after. In my opinion who cares if the boys final got more respect then the girls final, Holland park as a team went out and accomplished what they set out to do and that in the end is all that really matters.

      Holland Park isn’t trying to make ASC into another Nationals event by any means.

      • The last couple of years have had an unusual set of circumstances that have made it hard to win OHG unless you have a big programme that allows you to get kids that wouldn’t otherwise go there. That might me a credit to the programmes these teams belong too. but i can see how it can annoy people who try to make an honest team out of the kids they get there.

        The final 4 last year were Haileybury, Holland Park, Brighton and Heathfield. 3 of which get some pretty good “out of zone” players including national reps. 3 of the 4 teams came back this year in the final 4. You know that the teams are packing a bit more heat than an average school could when an upwey team with Georgia Sverns and Shae Sloane (who were at Upwey since the beginning) finish 4th.

        I think things will even out. mostly. Holland Park might not get all the state players choosing to go there like they did the last couple of years. Haileybury might not have the recruits they had before and not be able to sustain the success. And the AIS will finally run out of beach scholarships to give out to kids who get told to go to brighton.

        But Brighton will always be hard to beat so long as they are a blue chip public high school with an SIV programme, and there are parents of talented kids out there disatisfied with the quality of their local high schools.

        No idea why Heathfield doesnt get more out of zone kids. it’s not that far from the city!

        • mickmurphy said

          It takes twice as long to get from the city to Heathfield as it does to get from Heathfield to the city…

          • yes, according to non-hills-dwelling volleyball parents.

            “oh, but they’re used to it!”

            All credit to Heathfield for staying in the top 4 in OHG without any recruits (who may or may not have been actively solicited from the schools they joined)

            • - what the .. said

              Lets rewind to last years AVSC where HP won both Open Honours and U/16 Girls Honours respectively. It is definitely worth noting that every player in that U/16 girls team had attended the school since year 8. Surely it’s not that hard to believe that maybe the coaching staff at Holland Park are actually doing a good job? The fact that none of those girls were ‘poached’ yet still managed to win 3 consecutive AVSC honours titles is worth applauding.
              For a school of only 500 to have 11 members throughout this years state team is pretty damn good.
              Now in regards to the so-called ‘poaching’ off the girls in the Open Honours team.
              Two members from that team moved from MacGregor State High – a well known volleyball school in QLD. MacGregor competed at Albury U/15’s in 2006 finishing with a bronze. MacGregor was a dominant team winning many QLD Schools cup titles only to have their volleyball program shutdown in 2007. So these two girls left for Holland Park in 2008, a school 3minutes down the road.

              Another two girls moved from rural QLD (Gladstone High and Kingaroy) as the constant requirements of volleyball trainings in Brisbane became too much and too hard. Another relocated house and now lives two streets away from Holland Park State High.

              To be honest I enjoyed watching Holland Park play at this years schools cup. And even though, yes, they do lose 3 or 4 players due to graduation I believe they will continue to do well both throughout state and national schools cups.

              • - said

                Personally I just think that Holland Park has done exactly what they wanted to achieve and that it should be drawn to the hard work and training not only from the players but as ‘-What The…’ said ‘Surely it’s not that hard to believe that maybe the coaching staff at Holland Park are actually doing a good job?’.

                So lets be honest they are right, HP not only has great coaching staff but also access to alumni students who have represented either Queensland or Australia throughout their years at holland park, brining excellent knowledge and coaching technique to the program.

                the fact that they also have successful junior teams throughout the year also shows that Holland Park as a Volleyball Development school is capable of providing good quality players of their own right.

  12. Yaegan said

    I thought the week was great. There were niggles here and there, but otherwise it was very enjoyable. As a coach of honours this year, as well as a former player, I have little issue with courts running late. Sure it would be nice to have every match start on time, but I don’t think its a major issue. The courts run late in general because there are a series of long games; these matches are great for the kids. Over the week you simply expect to begin late, finish late and be exhausted throughout. On one of the nights at Dandenong we played the last match, which was running about 2 and a half hours late. It was a five setter and finished at about 10:30ish. The bus driver waited an extra hour and a half for us and the kids eventually got home and had dinner at about midnight (I was in the hospital with a sick kid till about 3am… but that’s another story).
    In a week entirely devoted to volleyball with number of divisions and teams playing, I think this is fine (the exception being the Friday of last year). Players and coaches from interstate don’t expect to be doing anything other than volleyball, so having to wait a couple of hours for a match is no biggie at all.

    The next morning we were a little slow backing up for our 9am duty, turning up about 10 minutes late (though still during the warm up) and we were fined, quite rightly, $120. When the head of our program had a chat to Susan Diver-Tuck explaining our situation, the fine was rescinded. During our duty we were told that we had to wear shoes as there had previously been nails pop out of the floor boards and they didn’t want us to rip our feet open.
    I think the talk of overenthusiastic and overzealous volunteers is a bit harsh. I think they did a great job, and most people running the tournament (in my experience at least) were very understanding.

    There are aspects of the tournament that I believe could be changed, (like reverting back to the old net touch rule for non-honours and younger divisions – the variation of interpretations in some matches I saw was ridiculous, from calling every touch of the net, to not calling any at all) but overall I think it was, and always is, a great week, and is definitely one of the best run events each year. I think a level of congratulations to everyone who was involved should be chucked in amongst the criticism.

    • Murph said

      Re: Net touches.

      That’s the responsibility of the state organizations who run the ref courses… I will be disappointed if any SA teams did that with the net touch rules.

      • i thought the video that devo posted a link to explained it pretty well. I distributed to the willunga teacheres who showed it to the kids in their volleyball/PE classes.

        what disappointed me was that there seems to be this line ball over m regional referee accreditation. i paid for it TWO YEARS AGO and was allowed to ref last year but the AVF reckons it expired 2 yrs ago. I filled out the forms again, AND IT STILL WASN’T Fixed. It’s great when it still doesnt get sorted after calling my state association twice during the week and talking to the AVF.

        Which is fine. since it gives me a good excuse to not referee and let inexperienced kids do it badly, and for it to get to an emabrassing situation where the redcoats get called out. very watchable.

    • devo said

      Agree Yaegan – although I only got to see a few hours of Schools’ Cup this year, it was again fantastic. There are always a few hassles. Each year a little different. But 5000+ keep coming back. That says it all. And as for the volunteers, I have the highest of respect for them. They make the tournament.

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