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MAVL finals

Posted by devo on December 6, 2009

Streaming AVL Live

And so to the finals of the Men’s Australian Volleyball League. If you’re in Melbourne, get down to MSAC at Albert Park to check out the action. If you can’t get there, the prelims and medal games will be streamed on Oz Volleyball. (Make sure to give a small donation to encourage Robbo and his team to keep showing us Aussie volleyball on the net) You can also follow the action on the AVL page.

  • SAT 12PM – Semi Final 1 – QAS Pirates lt AIS 2-3 (25-22, 26-28, 15-25, 25-22,12-15)
  • SAT 2PM – Semi Final 2 – UTSSU def WA Hornets 3-1 (25-18, 23-25, 25-19, 25-23)
  • SAT 6:10PM – Prelim Final – QAS Pirates vs UTSSU 3-1 (25-23, 23-25, 25-20, 25-23) – watch match here
  • SUN 12PM – BRONZE – WA Hornets def UTSSU3-0 (25-21, 25-14, 25-22)
  • SUN 2PM – GOLD – AIS def QAS Pirates 3-1 (25-20, 25-11, 23-25, 25-23)

You can replay the final 3 matches on Oz Volleyball.

20 Responses to “MAVL finals”

  1. Robbo said

    Apologies for the delay in starting. There were some technical issues we faced in the half an hour leading up to it.

  2. Robbo said

    great gold medal playoff today between ais and pirates. We had an awesome time up in the commentary box calling the game!
    Huge thanks to everyone involved. Sketch, Ryan, jase and Nic did a great job, and also thanks to Luke for his special comments. Thanks too to Andre for supplying us with live stats and well done on the mvp too ;)

    Also a big thanks has to be given to Susan and Teresa from avf for their work in supporting us to make sure we could get the stream out there!
    I hope everyone enjoyed watching it live and remember that you can watch the games whenever you like at and ill keep everyone updated on what us happening with the DVDs. Hopefully everything worked well

  3. Tony said

    just wanted to thank robbo for his contribution to the MAVL and his coverage of the finals series….the greater volleyball community can take a leaf out the “OZ Volleyball Channel”‘s book! i dont think im the only one who like the direction that these boys are trying to take us in!

    congrats robbo and the team!

  4. Volleyball Athlete said

    Great stuff Robbo. Loved the coverage, you truly are a saint!

    • Robbo said

      Thanks mate. Most of it has to go to the boys though since they did all the talking. They definitely kept me entertained up there

      What were the thoughts on the Jase Pallant model? haha

  5. ScottL said

    Great stuff boys…

    Loved it from start to finish, very professional and very very entertaining. Would love to get that sort of commentry for every match.

    Thanks a lot.

  6. Hoff said

    5:20 in preliminary final…


  7. Paul Prindiville said

    Cheers for the coverage of the finals, I know a lot of our family and friends back here that were able to watch us play on sunday as a result of it being on the net and we enjoyed being able to sit back and watch a replay sunday night. Is there anyway we can buy copies of the game on DVD?

    • Robbo said

      Thanks Paul. I’m in the process of putting the DVD’s together. They won’t be “sold” but a copy of a game will be sent to anyone who donates over a certain amount. I will post on here when it’s all ready.

  8. Paul Prindiville said

    Cheers, sounds good. Will await the details when they become available.

  9. Player said

    Anyone know if a stats summary is going to be available?

  10. Joe said

    Here is an interesting tid-but for everyone out there.

    Google news search on “Australian Volleyball League” … the only one of the top 100 search results that has anything todo with the AVL is the Fiji article about their players playing for Heat in next year’s tournament … which VACT says isn’t true.

    Other stories to make the top 100 are on the AVSC (good), beach volleyball (ok), and my favourite … one of the chicks that Tiger Woods have been using his driver on happened to play volleyball in high school.


    • Jase said

      when i google it all the results i get are about avl, with devo’s being the 6th result!! go devo, but if i was google id have devo number 1

    • devo said

      You get better results if you use

      And for devo’s if you do a google blog search – blog search

    • Joe said

      I did a news search rather than a general web search … the news search gives a better indication as to whether news outlets have picked it up rather than getting volleyball website results.

      I was happy to see AVSC come up, but dismayed that not one article was really about the AVL.

  11. Player said

    What happened to the photos from the rest of the games? The photos from the first semi-final are there but what about the other games? And the stats?

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