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AVSC almost here

Posted by devo on December 6, 2009

The Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup is almost here again. As the good senator is want to say, “The jewel in the Australian Volleyball crown.”

The top schools last year were:

  • Brighton SA 591
  • Heathfield SA 569
  • Monbulk VIC 529
  • Girton VIC 521
  • Billanook VIC 512
  • Eltham VIC 510
  • Rossmoyne WA 510
  • Upwey VIC 500
  • Craigslea QLD 478
  • Mazenod VIC 457

So who will be the schools to watch this year? Can the 2 SA teams be knocked off the the top 2 spots? (Hit the poll in the left side column) Who will be the big improvers in the honours divisions? Who will be the new schools to watch?

Here’s your chance to let us know. Hit the comments tab at the end of the post and let us know the latest goss from your school.

Poll update: Other category ~ Eltham 6, Forster 2, Upwey 2, Glen Waverley 1, The Gap 1, Willunga 1, Unley 1 (6/12 @7:40am)

27 Responses to “AVSC almost here”

  1. Anon said

    I reckon boys open honours results will go similar to last year. Il go with 1.Brighton, 2.Girton 3. Monbulk.

  2. Yaegan said

    Does anyone know what AIS players are playing, and who for?

  3. Volleyball Athlete said

    I think Girton will take out Open Honours this year. They’re team of players are all highly skilled with an Aus Youth team player in the mix as well.

    One to watch for a surprisngly strong finish I think will be Monbulk, perhaps a bronze to them I think.

    • Volleyball Athlete said

      Just to add some fact to that post…..

      Girton have a strong team with James Winzar, who was in the all star 6 at AJVC and Todd Broadbent who is a huge universal player. And a very tall team as well, with there average front line being over 190cm quite easily.

      Monbulk will do better than at Vic Schools cup (where they finished 3rd in a killer bronze match), as their captain and national youth team player Luke Hill was sick that weekend. Add him in the mix, they are a very unpredictable team capable of upsetting anyone on the day.

      Has anyone got word of the players on the Heathfield Open Honours roster?

      • not sure. Rory Welsh will definitely playing in the boys. The girls have Georgie Rowe who is their biggest name and I think will be coming in a bit underrated but will no doubt make it to the semi’s.

        The performances of the open honours teams from Brighton and Heathfield will decide who brings home the cup.

      • Liam Mackin said

        He had swine flu a week earlier, he looked in horrible condition when i saw him a day before the tourny

    • Volleyball Athlete said

      Don’t want to gloat, but my prediction kind of came true!

  4. practically mathematically impossible to beat Brighton and Heathfield off the 2 top spots – unless they tie and a 3rd school takes 2nd spot!

    You can’t beat schools that have an honours team in each division. Especially brighton which can get out-of-zone talent and the AIS beach players. Heathfield DID beat them by a point at SA state School’s Cup, so I’m backing Heathfield.

    Open honours boys to go to Brighton. Don’t forget big Brendan Clewes is on the team. Rory Welsh playing for Heathfield OHB.

    Open Honours Girls to go to Holland Park. Just can’t beat the QLD state team, especially if the rumours are true aned Taliqua Clancy is allowed to play for them even though she is enrolled at Brighton. Brighton look dangerous with McEwen, Sadler, Ardill et al.

    My big improver and school to watch would have to be Loxton. They have an Open Boys team and U16 Girls Honours team, and historically strong results in Div 1. They COULD make the Top 10! Oz Junior Beach rep Hamish Moore is playing in their Open Boys. The team missed SA Open because of yr 12/footy commitments and Hamish playing for Australia overseas at the time, but thankfully got granted a wild card.

  5. Also, a great effort from Mazenod to consistently get up there as the only single-sex school in the top 10 – which limits them from getting half the maximum possible points!

  6. Athlete said

    Rory Welsh the AIS setter from heathfield will be in their open honours team, also playing a role as a hitter i would imagine, definatly one to look for.
    Brendan Clewes will be brigthons open honours middle.
    They are the two AIS boys playing.

  7. Country Boy said

    Open Honours Boys will be worth watching. Who knows what arrives with NZ. They may be a repeat of Penrose in “07. Monbulk will be tenacious, SA always dangerous and I know that the Girton boys want to try to change the colour of the silverware after the last two years. Whatever, roll on the highlight week.

  8. volleyballer said

    Eltham High open honours boys will take the gold

  9. Player said

    Rory Welsh for Boys Open Honours MVP

  10. i’d put money on rory too. heard this eltham team isn’t particularly bag, but quite skilled. would like nothing better than to see someone different (Eltham, Monbulk, Girton) win OHB. hope it will be a week of spectacle on the show courts!

    • Liam Mackin said

      Yes Eltham are quite skilled indeed, but they generally beat teams by running the tights outside sets, because you’ll notice alot of their players arent overly tall, they also have a strong passing lineup

      Id have to say, monbulk and brighton in the grand final, not sure what
      brighton is like this year but they are still very strong in any divison, If Luke Hill and Corey Archer from Monbulk are on song, Monbulk WILL win. Also Luke Hill for MVP, easily the best pass/hitter for his age group and below always steps when needed and if the set is there will always kill it

    • Jase said

      what about Billanook?

      • their 3 honours teams last year all medalled (2 silvers and a bronze).

        it appears their boys team who took Gold in U15HB (2007) and U16HB (2008) are not playing U17s, which would have been a guaranteed medal. Looks like the team has been absorbed into their Open Honours side who qualified with a wild card as the 4th best Vic team behind Monbulk. Seeing U16HB final last year, i can say some of those guys can play!

      • i thought it was impressive they finished 5th last year overall with only 3 honours teams, none of which were in opens. definitely overachievers!

  11. Don't Underestimate said

    Nothing wrong with qietly sneaking up from behind and achieving success.
    Not much mention of Heathfield here, but they will draw on everything they can and have, and from their wonderful history and depth to have a fair crack.
    Last year was close, it will be the same again this year I reckon.
    The 2 SA sides just have too many good performing honour teams across men and women to have the overall title go anywhere else other than them I think. It will be a great week whatever happens!

    • Joe said

      “Nothing wrong with qietly sneaking up from behind and achieving success.”

      That is one way of putting it!

  12. Everywhereman said

    A rumour doing the rounds in SA is that several key members of the Heathfield OHB team, including the captain, were expelled as a result of indescretion’s on “muck-up” day and won’t be making the trip to melbourne.

    Perhaps Eldo can confirm or deny this?

  13. roy said

    BRIGHTON ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!! ok sorry i am quite biased hahaha

  14. wildcard said

    i think mazenod stands a chance this year with a strong middle combination and consistent perimetre hitters ..the fact that they came 5th at vics makes the boys a better team as they are labelled the underdogs

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