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Australian Junior Volleyball: Coach of the Year winner

Posted by devo on December 6, 2009

Elson Volleyaward bannerdevo’s volleyball is proud to announce that the inaugural winner of the Australian Junior Volleyball: Coach of the Year award is Paul Freckleton.

The award was announced at the Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup opening ceremony this evening. Paul received:  A trophy from devo’s, a $250 Elson Volley voucher from Elson Volley, and a European club presentation pack from Mark Lebedew.

Paul is presented with his trophy by Volleyball Australia's president Chris Schacht

Paul comes from Sunraysia Volleyball (Mildura), and was nominated by Brad Mason.

  • Sunraysia Academy of Sport (SAS) Boys Squad Coach, 2005 – 2009
  • Walkers Volleyball Club head Coach and President for many years
  • Victoria Gold Under 17 Coach 2009
  • Sunraysia Volleyball (SVI) Men’s Coach
  • SVI Volleyball Academy Program Manager and Head Coach for past three years
  • SVI Development Officer
  • SVI Liaison Officer to VVI
  • Winner of Referee Award at Vic Country Champs 2008
  • Sunraysia Indoor Sporting Group chair

Brad’s nomination, in part, reads:

I think that my coach Paul Freckleton should get the award … because not only is he the best volleyball coach I have ever had, but a great bloke to go with it.

Paul aka Freck. My first involvement with Paul was 5 years ago ( … at) the Sunraysia volleyball academy. … After one fun filled training session with Paul he had me in love with volleyball; without Paul saying a word I was coming to the rest of training whether he liked it or not because I enjoyed being at training that much it seemed stupid not to come back. … I have been able to further my skills more then I would have ever thought would be possible … this is all thanks to Paul.

Throughout my time I have witnessed Paul trying to make himself the best coach he can be. Paul attends coaches’ seminars to make sure he is on the front page of everything coaching. He asks for feedback and get tips from coaches from the highest level possible …

… Paul has been taking me to and from trainings for the whole time and anyone else that needs a lift he has no problem with taking them. To be honest I would not be the player I am today and the academy would not run without this one man. I have never known someone to be so committed to the kids that he is coaching and getting the best out of us.

I’m not going to say the Paul is the best coach volleyball has ever seen but he is constantly working his way towards it …

He is very deserving of this award.

Eldo from Elson Volley

Devo from devo's volleyball

Sorry Mark, but the devo budget does not extend to airfares from Germany!

I would like to thank Eldo and Mark for their support of the award, and also Stuart for his help with judging. Click on photos to enlarge

3 Responses to “Australian Junior Volleyball: Coach of the Year winner”

  1. Dan said

    Totally agree, a great guy who totally deserves being recognised. Well done Paul.

  2. Dinosaur said

    Great bloke. He is a doer’

    Unlike most of us Volleyball people – who generally complain about how hard it is to get any thing done in our sport…..He doesn’t talk about things too long, he just gets up and does it!

    Congratulations Freck.

  3. Jim Mason said

    What you see is exactly what you get! A large loud and lovable bloke who has the greatest passion for volleyball and the kids he’s involved with. He also happens to be an extremely good mate! We (SVI) consider ourselves very fortunate to have the likes of Freck, Allan Hassell(Hass), Ian Smith and Vicki Telfer, together with our young emerging coaches committed to the future of Sunraysia Volleyball and it’s athletes.

    Thanks to Allan and his team at Devo’s for your continued support of Volleyball!!

    Jim Mason
    President SVI

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