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Men’s AVL Finals Live This Weekend

Posted by Robbo on December 5, 2009

Three games from the Final Round of the Men’s Australian Volleyball League Season will be streamed live on the OZ Volleyball Channel from the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre this weekend. The final 4 teams are QAS Pirates, AIS, UTSSU and Volleyball WA.

Update: Due to large costs at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, the games might not be streamed Live on air. We will still be recording and commentating the games but might have to stream them onto the website at a later time (then they will be available to watch at anytime). DVD’s of the games should also be available in the coming weeks. We apologise for the change at the last minute.

Update #2: Thanks to the AVF getting on board and supporting us, we are now able to stream the 3 games Live.

The schedule is:

  • Preliminary Final – Saturday 5th December @ 6pm – Loser of Pirates vs AIS play winner of UTSSU vs WA
  • Bronze Medal Final – Sunday 6th December @ 12noon – Loser of UTSSU vs WA play loser of Prelim Final
  • Gold Medal Final – Sunday 6th December @ 2pm (maybe delayed depending on previous game) – Winner of Pirates vs AIS play winner of Prelim Final

The coverage will start 20 minutes prior to each match and will be run by a number of commentators, and will also feature some interviews of ex-national players, people involved with the current AVL season and also spectators.

If you like what you’ve seen on the channel or would like to see more games in the future, please show your support by donating. The more support that OZ Volleyball can get, the more games that can be streamed and the better equipment we can use. Donations can be made by clicking the donate button, which will take you to the Paypal site.

14 Responses to “Men’s AVL Finals Live This Weekend”

  1. Toddy said

    Not sure if this is something that has already been covered in another post or anything like that, but with regards to donation, is there a way of purchasing a dvd with a copy of the feed with commentry on dvd.

    I know I would be happy to purchase the finals games if it is an option

  2. Troy M said

    yeah i think if there were DVD’s for sale it’d be good…

    just have to hope AVF don’t expect a cut

  3. Robbo said

    Yeah guys this is something i’ll definitely look into. The quality will be much better as well so it will be easier to watch. Over the next few days i will look into recording the video along with the audio/commentary so we can layer this over the top.

  4. Anon said


    Don’t forget the people you have borrowed equipment off when you say ‘I did it all off my own back’.

    • Robbo said

      Anon, i have said the “costs” have come out of my own pocket. I have also thanked others involved where i have borrowed equipment.

    • Joe said

      That is a rather petty comment Anon … I haven’t read glory seeking into any comments made by Robbo on here. There has also been plenty of credit given to Chau and others who have commentated in other threads.

      Pretty ordinary form to pull up someone who is doing a lot of good work for the sport on a voluntary basis, particularly when (a) it is minor, (b) it puts Robbo in a poor light for anyone reading this thread in isolation, and (c) it is factually incorrect.

  5. Robbo said

    Actually thinking about it again, Chau also has to be given heaps of credit as we both worked together to get the first few streams going and he’s also put a bit into it.
    By the weekend i will put together everyone who’s been involved in getting this off the ground.

  6. Volleyball Athlete said

    Didn’t really know where to post this, but does anyone know the court format being used?

    As in, will they set up the one court, and have the 2 large grand stands unfolded (like back in 2006 AVL)?

    Or will they do what they have done the previous few years, and have the one court set up with only the small few rows of seating available?

    I know that last year it got very crowded and difficult to find a set.

    • Robbo said

      From my discussions with AVF, they will be using the furthest of the 2 courts side by side. I’m not sure how many rows of the stands can be pulled out to allow for seating.

      • Volleyball Athlete said

        Thanks mate. You’re always a big help!

        • Anon said

          In the past the single court was used for AVL finals (when men’s and women’s was as the same time), then rotated to allow two “show courts” for AVSC (Which isn’t as easy as it sounds, believe me), I guess only having mens finals on doesn’t warrant the turnaround time and crew required to make it happen.

  7. Robbo said

    Sorry for the last minute change guys, but we might not be able to stream the games Live.

  8. Troy M said

    Good to see AVF getting behind things to get the games streamed :)

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