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Heat seeks Fiji recruits

Posted by devo on December 2, 2009

Fiji BC is reporting that … Four top volleyball players in the Fiji national woman’s volleyball team have been assigned to greener pastures next year.

Anaseini Seniloli, Clair Delai, Ruci Delai and Makarita Erasito will be playing for the ACT volleyball team in Australian interstate volleyball competition.

Former Fiji Volleyball official Jerry Cakau says the four were selected after a brilliant performance last week.  The players won the Good Neighbor Volleyball which was held in Australia, defeating Sydney North by 3 – 2.  “After the successfulness of the competition the coach of the Canberra Heat came by to ask me if the girls are available next year and CEO of the ACT came also to ask their names so the girls can return back in Canberra in January 2010.”

4 Responses to “Heat seeks Fiji recruits”

  1. VACT said

    4 of the Fijian women playing at Good Neighbour approached VACT about playing with our clubs in State League.

    However, there has been no formal discussion about them playing with the Canberra Heat.

    The Fijian media tend to get a bit excited and facts get embellished.

  2. Troy M said

    I think VACT would be a more reliable source on this one, find it hard to believe that Canberra Heat would be willing to take 4 overseas players onboard with minimal long term benefit and at the expense of depriving locals of the opportunity to further develop.

  3. Big Ren said

    Recruit to win!!!!!! Bring in internationals to win the league why not. It is a national league so why not want to win it and take from the pacific region

  4. Joe said

    Please tell me you are joking.

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