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112 teams at Good Neighbour

Posted by devo on November 24, 2009

Entries for the 2009 Good Neighbour Tournament have now closed. Another great turn out, with 112 teams coming to Canberra to compete in 14 divisions next weekend. The draws should be out by Thursday. Further tournament info can be found on the Good Neighbour Tournament page.

Men’s Honours has 7 teams:
Hills Dragons
University of Sydney
AIS Blue
AIS White
Canberra Heat
Uni of South Pacific Fiji
Women’s Honours has 6 teams:
Sparta Auckland
University of Sydney
Sydney North
Uni of South Pacific Fiji
Canberra Heat
Fiji Women’s Team

8 Responses to “112 teams at Good Neighbour”

  1. Dissapointed said

    No Pirates or Uni Blues or Mt Lofty… :(

  2. Yes it is disappointing to not have some of the bigger Aussie teams/clubs competing in Honours again this year.

    They all had various valid reasons ranging from player unavailability and injuries to preparing for MAVL finals the weekend after.

    Still should be a great weekend of volleyball in the national capital and hopefully next year we can get all the AVL teams here to compete once again.

  3. Morky said

    Strong comp in both honours men and women. Would put money on Sydney Uni and Hills Dragons consuming the most amount of alcohol on saturday night – would be a very interesting game if they had to play each other at say 8:00am on Sunday morning! (something for the organisers to contemplate perhaps??)

  4. Yaegan said

    Hey! Everyone at Sydney Uni are elite athletes… right guys?…. guys?
    Also, Sydney Uni are younger than hills… we’d take em.

  5. Michael said

    Was disappointed to see the pirates not attending was looking forward to playing them.

  6. Joe said

    A logical national calendar probably would have enabled them to participate Michael.

    • Alan Cahill said

      I couldn’t agree more Joe!

      I am that old I remember when, as a club, Good Neighbour,Warrnambool,Shepparton and Adelaide were the tournaments that you would attend to test your skills against the best clubs in the country.The timing of all of these tournaments were such that you could ensure you would take your best to play your best!

      That was when you had a week playing for a National Title with the twelve standouts in your state and the rest of the time playing for your club! Surely everything from 25 years cannot be wrong?

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