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Author of Crawford Report on Radio

Posted by Hugh Nguyen on November 20, 2009

While driving this evening I was surprised to hear an interview with businessman David Crawford about the release of his report on the future of Australian sport, on Radio National’s “Australia Talks” programme.

  • The report is now available for download here.
  • You can download the interview here.

The Crawford Report seems to have been quite well received. One should always be prepared for anything when inviting Australia to “talk”.

Only one caller seemed to express pride in seeing the success of our elite programmes. When asked if promoting achievement at the elite level should be a priority for the government, “Frank” from Geelong responded by saying “I get no satisfaction out of seeing Australians in the pool crushing tiny nations with six swimmers”. People seemed quite happy with the findings of the report, with many of the callers expressing that more money should be instead spent on the grass roots and community sport instead of the elite level and Olympic movement.

The report also suggests spinning off the AIS from the ASC and merging the resources of the state-based institutions with the AIS.

One Response to “Author of Crawford Report on Radio”

  1. Whosin said

    There was also an interesting 2 page spread in yesterdays AGE newspaper. Again, some interesting people listed there, to voice an opinion of the Crawford Report – most of whom come from the watersports background, fencing, weightlifting etc, but none from our sport.

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