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Golden Formula update

Posted by devo on November 18, 2009

Hussein Imam Ali reports: As promised I have uploaded on the website the VGF videos.

1. Quick Attack: Most teams repeatedly performed spectacular back zone quick attacks – Download high-quality video

2. Out of Game: Three teams opted not to play back zone quick attacks ( please watch the receiving teams’ front quick attackers movements) – Download high-quality video

3. Quick Attack Combinations: Most teams repeatedly performed spectacular back attack combinations – Download high-quality video

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5 Responses to “Golden Formula update”

  1. markleb said

    I just quickly watched the Quick Attack video. If quick attack is supposed to mean first tempo, then most of the attacks in the video are not quick attack. More than half of the actions in the clip are second tempo pipes from the backrow receiver with the middle blocker not involved in the play. So they are not quick attacks at all.
    The Quick Attack Combinations video seems to be all clips of teams running the first tempo ball and setting to the outside. This is the simplest volleyball play and not what I would consider a combination at all. To me a combination is a quick attack with a pipe. But from what I see in the videos, we have a quick attack OR a pipe.

  2. The Chief said

    Quick numbers from the first video (quick attacks) could be off by one or two.

    From 32 attacks i saw 2 combination’s

    the front court player spike the ball 10 time with 3 direct hitting errors and blocked once. with only twice the player facing a single block and a staggering 16 times (50%) that the player had a triple block.

    I’m with Mark on this one; the video doesn’t show us spectacular quick attacks it shows us a triple block on a pipe attack.

    • devo said

      The tendency is to watch the spikers, but you get a different perspective if you just focus on the blockers. Nice stats Chief.

  3. and at their most “spectacular”, the rallies are still short.

  4. Please also have a time to watch the video of the back zone Quick attack combinations

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