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Road show rolls into Vic

Posted by devo on November 17, 2009

Just a reminder that the Road Show hits Vic tonight.

Originally posted Nov 8: Volleyball Australia and Volleyball Victoria invite all affiliates, clubs, associations and players to an evening where you can hear from Joan Perry, Chief Executive Officer, and Adam Sachs, High Performance Manager, Volleyball Australia.

Tuesday 17th November, 2009, at the State Volleyball Centre, Dandenong North, from 6pm-8pm. more

44 Responses to “Road show rolls into Vic”

  1. Alan Cahill said

    I happened to be fishing on the weekend with a fellow Volleyball person who mentioned to me that the AVF Roadshow was rolling into town this week and seeing I have been willing to “backhand” the AVF whenever it suited,would I be in attendance?

    I nearly fell into Big River in amazement as I informed her that I knew that the AVF was “Roadshowing” but had no idea they would be in Melbourne tomorrow night.I did miss this Post (sorry Devo!) and apparently it has also been on the VV website.I looked at the time and I am amazed that they could hold such an important meeting at a time (6.00pm) that a lot of people simply will not be able to attend due to work commitments! I also wonder whether Regional Associations will not be represented due to the scheduling?

    I will not be attending as I have work commitments interstate.I wonder how many other Volleyball people will not be attending because of the AVF giving short and limited notification and a poor timeslot at 6.00pm?

    • Murph said

      Given that it will go for about 5 hours… Be thankful it starts at 6.

      • Ezra` said

        ours went for 4 hours with an hour of that in the carpark… no pun intended at all

      • Alan Cahill said

        Thats great Murph! If a Strategic Meeting goes for 5 hours it cannot possibly be strategic!!

        • Murph said

          As soon as you ‘open the floor’ in a room with the people involved with volleyball in this country, things take time…

          • devo said

            It’s because we don’t get enough venues to discuss our passion. Everyone at work talked footy on a Monday. No one talked volleyball :( So when we get a chance. Add to that the “isolation” of the volleyball groups and any occasion is an occasion to let out months of frustration, excitement …

  2. Caveman said

    As I have said time and time again…. “you can’t please everybody” !

  3. Caveman said

    Was you who had 3 successive goes at the AVF over the MAVL item ? If so why were there NO suggestions made at all …just criticism ?? So again here on this topic more criticism and again no helpful points so as make it better in your eyes.

    It is easy to criticize someone … but far harder to come up with an alternative to what you are criticizing.

    I feel that the same applies here, the people who are willing to try “SOMETHING” get criticized by people who do nothing !

    At least the AVF is trying, if you and others don’t think it is good enough try offering some suggestions rather than just criticism !

    • Whosin said

      here, here!!

    • Alan Cahill said

      Here are some suggestions –

      Schedule such an important Meeting on an Annual Basis,lock it into a Calendar at the same time every year,communicate it to the Clubs and Regional delegates directly and schedule it at 7.30pm which is a time that Volleyball people train at so it fits into their routine!!Send out an Agenda so people can be prepared and get all of the Attendees contact details so you can ensure that they go onto a Master Contact List.

      Now you have some suggestions Caveman and Whosin!

      P.S. I hope someone is representing Uni Blues at the Meeting tonight?

      • Caveman said

        That is a lot more civil than your first comment at least, and I believe whether you agree with the AVF or not you sir should attend.
        These sort of meetings should never be “one sided” by all means be on the negative side BUT… have FACTS to back yourself up with. Please Alan do not be like “Joe” and say things that you really do not know the full story of.

        • Joe said

          lol, the FACT is that the AVF doesn’t deserve our membership money if it is going to run the sport the way it runs AVL

      • Ezra` said

        tough to schedule this important meeting on an “annual basis: when it’s the first time they’ve held one, and congrats to AVF for going on out this limb and doing it.

        I’m pretty sure all the dates were up on here AND the AVF website for at least 4 weeks before the first roadshow

        • Alan Cahill said

          I would have thought,for the sake of transparency and keeping the volunteer base (which is the guts of the sport in this country!) informed, an annual meeting surely wouldn’t be a tough ask!!

          And your belief that the dates were available to the wider Volleyball community four weeks ago is incorrect. If the AVF wanted their next of kin at these meetings then their level of communication was appropriate,however most of the volunteers who they are relying on to do their base recruitment were not informed.And if it was four weeks ago at this time of the year,that doesn’t cut it!

          Can we please stop cutting the full time custodians slack and start holding them accountable for their poor management and their ability to dissappoint passionate Volleyball people.I have friends who spend a massive amount of time trying to organise,manage,run clubs and train teams only to be shattered by poor due diligence blamed on,amongst a myriad of excuses, computer errors!


          • Ezra` said


            with this sort of coverage… if you were interested in REALLY going, you’d have been there…

            • devo said

              Bit unfair Ezra

              I am very interested, I wanted to be there. It just didn’t work out for me this afternoon, despite the best of intentions.

              • Ezra` said

                Devo this was not intended towards you and sorry if it felt this way.

                Alan Cahill was implying, in my personal opinion, that the AVF just notified the people they wanted to notify with the dates of the road show early so they could attend and then notify everyone else at a very late date so that they could not attend due to previous commitments. And I disagree with that statement.

                I see that you got held up with other stuff, and I wish they’d recorded them because it would be very helpful to see what other states talked about with AVF.

                • devo said

                  Didn’t take it personally.
                  I think that Alan was saying that the information about the Road show was poorly advertised. AVF would probably say that it was the states job to do the advertising. I stumbled upon it doing a check of state sites; not on the AVF site. I tried to advertise it as I think it is important to take part in these nights. Keep the enemy close! (Joking!)

                  • Ezra` said

                    lol Devo… and thanks :o)

                    I guess I only knew because VQ did advertise it, I do agree with Alan that COMMUNICATION is soooo important.

                • Alan Cahill said

                  I would also have been there Devo,if I had an acceptable leadtime that I could have worked around.
                  My constant frustration is that experienced,knowledgable people who could have positive input are not considered! I manage a National Sales Team and my planning is done in advance.If a Calendar was issued and due notice given we could all work with the Administrators and not against them! I am asking for consideration and I don’t think that is too much to ask for.

                  • Ezra` said

                    you are asking for a 12 month consideration on something that probably has been in the pipeline for 6 months…

                    AVF are aiming for transparency and the roadshow is one of their apparatus’ on showing thus transparency….there were plenty of experienced, knowledged people at our roadshow and they all had their input and this has been the case in most states… apparently SA came to fisticuffs… (kidding SA, but I did hear it was a ‘heated’ discussion.

                    Just cos ONE individual can’t make it, doesn’t mean that knowledgable and experienced people aren’t there.

                  • Joe said

                    Not sure Alan is asking for 12 months, 1 monthh in the back end of the year is impossible for some people. I still can’t get past the fact that it wasn’t mentioned on the AVF website!

    • Joe said

      Caveman, here are some suggestions for you …

      1. Provide enough referees at events.
      2. Follow the event guidelines when managing events rather than making it up as you go along.
      3. Don’t have an interstate team (or any other really) play the last game one day and the first game the next.
      4. Don’t pretend that Canberra is Sydney.
      5. Double check results before announcing to the world who the finals teams are.
      6. Hold meetings at a time and/or venue that is accessible to interested parties.

      This whole “we are trying our best” is rubbish. The AVF isn’t a volunteer group, it is (or purports to be) a professional sporting body and should be held to account as one. Do you think any for profit business without a captive customer base would continue to exist the way the AVf runs things? I highly doubt it.

      • Caveman said

        As I stated on the MAVL topic page, you really don’t know the “REAL” story behind the shortage of referees in Queensland for the MAVL was NOT due to the AVF at all !
        I do not know about the other things that you have stated.
        But I know one thing …for you state what you have without checking into all the facts is just not right.
        If the same was done to you you wouldn’t like it all would you, I do not know why there has been no answer by the AVF, probably they prefer not to get involved in this sort of arguement (which I don’t blame them for at all).
        Anyway you look at it what you are doing is just “anti …” and does not want to at the real reasons why things do or don’t happen.
        As for giving people time before the AVF got to Melbourne… Devo has long been doing this already …. the AVF roadshow rolls in ACT.. rolls into Queensland, etc.
        Stop being anti AVF without all the facts guys !!

        • Joe said

          Shaking head slowly …

          You are totally missing the point. As a customer should I care why there weren’t enough refs? No. All I should care about is that the event was not up to scratch. As an AVF event it is the AVF’s responsibility to make sure the event is up to scratch. Don’t blame a volunteer / casual person for the problems encountered, that is just pathetic.

          As for talking without the facts, tell me which of the 6 issues I have raised isn’t a fact. Were there enough refs at the QLD round? Was replaying the game in line with the event rules? Did Uni Blues not play the last game on Friday and the first game on Saturday? Did UTSSU not get told that Canberra was their home location? Is Getting to Dandenong by 6pm on a weeknight possible for anyone who works full time in a location outside of melbourne’s outer-Eastern suburbs? Which of those isn’t true?

          • Caveman said

            I refuse to get into an arguement with you Joe (it’s not allowed anyway :)).
            Lastly I would like to say that I am not in the eastern suburbs and I could get there for 6:00pm via the freeway.

  4. The Hoff said

    wow… this sure is web 2.0 at its finest!

  5. devo said

    I had hoped to get to the road show, but other matters have got in the way. It is now past 5pm, and it’s a 1.5 hour drive.

    I would appreciate any feedback on the presentation.

  6. Robbo said

    I too would have loved to make it but i was at work until 6

    • Alan Cahill said

      I just noticed that Robbo missed the Meeting also!!

      Lets take a Roll Call on non-attendance of Passionate,Experienced,Knowledgable Volleyball people who couldn’t attend due to poor notice and timing –

      3.Alan Cahill

      If anyone else is out there please feel free to add your name to the list!!

      Total disbelief comes to mind!!

      • Joe said

        Worked until 6.30, didn’t hear about it until this thread. Missed the earlier one by Devo (though I have only recently become an “avid reader”). I look at the AVF website almost daily though and didn’t see any notices on the meeting at all.

      • i missed the Adelaide one

  7. Ezra` said

    our AVF roadshow was also at 6pm and we were given plenty of notice. I enjoyed the presentation and learnt a lot of stuff, not all I agreed with (like trying to combine beach and indoor and calling it volleyball, to do that you need one rule book… so it’s sort of like trying to combine league and union and calling it rugby, to be honest… not going to happen) but it was worth making the effort to going to.

    • Murph said


      Thats not REALLY what they are saying! The combination of ‘volleyball’ refers to centralising volleyballers in one place to learn volleyball skills and being specialised later than we currently do.

      • Ezra` said

        Murph that’s what they said and I’m pretty sure they don’t want to know that the one of the reasons behind it is that it’s harder to cut the funding from ‘volleyball’ rather than from Beach volleyball or Indoor volleyball… to me and some others, it sounded like AVF were trying to combine the two sports so that the ASC MUST fund volleyball and then WE could split the funding any way we desired… I’m quite happy to be proved wrong here, but when Adam was speaking to us, it was definitely about making beach and indoor ONE sport and talking about Talent Transfer instead of Poaching

        • Murph said

          Yeah of course, you get a ‘volleyball’ scholarship at the AIS, not a women’s beach, or a mens indoor… Its chiefly about funding protection. The secondary function is talent transfer, but that is what I refer to. Everyone goes to the tute to learn ‘volleyball’ and then get specialised for beach worlds, or Youth Indoor, or whatever. There’s hardly going to be a situation where a hybrid sport exists. I think it will allow things like fewer physios, top beach and indoor coaches not focussing on just one sport, and management and admin staff being centralised.

  8. Yaegan said

    In light of all this, does anyone know when they are planning to tour to other states, particularly NSW? Maybe I’ll send an email and ask.

  9. Sunrise said

    Maybe the Road show in Melbourne to be held again on either Friday evening or after AVL finals ? Worth to try ? Maybe pointless ?

    Maybe Road show is to be showed on Robbo’s Oz Volleyball Channel ?

    Don’t give up. Find a way out.

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