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on another note…

Posted by markleb on November 13, 2009

Volleyball can be amusing too. I had to laugh at the last one. Click here.

12 Responses to “on another note…”

  1. what was going on in that polish league game with Abramov and Kuleshov getting nailed!

  2. markleb said

    The funniest thing is that at practice about an hour after I made this post, one of my opposites copped a clean shot in the head in defence… and his team won the rally.

  3. curiously, now that the game is faster at the elite level, are people copping shots in the head and upper body like this becoming more common? lol does anyone keep stats?

  4. Tony said

    agreed, miss hits are the best shot in volleyball. that spike that has a little bit of float rather than top spin.
    some make a career out of nailing people to the baseline.
    …..imagine getting subbed because your face hurts :O

  5. Rusty said

    love the 6-pack off the block… never see enough of those!

  6. markleb said

    while we’re on a similar topic…

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