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MAVL round 3

Posted by devo on November 13, 2009

The Men’s Australian Volleyball League moves to Perth this weekend – with only the finals round in Melbourne to come. The undefeated Pirates are destined to finish top of the ladder, but the remaining ladder finshing positions are up for grabs. See all the info on the AVL page.

QAS Pirates 7 7 0
AIS 7 4 3
University Blues 6 3 3
UTSSU 7 2 5
Canberra Heat 7 2 5
Volleyball WA 6 2 4

4 Responses to “MAVL round 3”

  1. Toddy said

    Are there any further changes to team lists for the final weekend, or is it likely to be the same for all the teams as they had in round 2?

    Seemed like there was a big shift between the teams from round 1 to round 2 so hopefully there will be some more interesting results at round 3

    Good luck to everyone involved, but especially UTSSU!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anon said

    i think you can probably expect less players travelling over from the interstate teams due to costs

  3. devo said

    Ausvolley have posted team lists for round 3 on Twitter

  4. Robbo said

    I’m looking forward to streaming the finals matches on December 6!

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