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MAVL stats

Posted by devo on November 11, 2009

AVLlogoStats for the first 2 rounds of Men’s Australian Volleyball League are now on the Volleyball Australia AVL site.

The best scorer in the league so far is the UNI BLUES #11 ~ Eddson Bhachi ~ 118 points. Check out all the other stats.

3 Responses to “MAVL stats”

  1. Volleyball Athlete said

    Good work AVF. From my memory these are the only stats of this extent I’ve seen in quite a few years.
    It’s great to be able to follow who is playing good and bad!

  2. ausvolley said

    Actually thanks goes to Andre Borgeaud & Dan Ilott. They are doing stats for all the games and videoing those they can’t do live, to then record after the game. Great work guys! Thanks!

    • Ezra said

      Yeah I’ve watched them at work and it’s pretty awesome what they’re doing!!! Nice one Dan and Dre :o)

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