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Last weeks headlines from Europe

Posted by devo on November 10, 2009

  • Nathan Roberts top scored (12 pts) for Pineto in their 0-3 loss to Monza more
  • Yoga Forli lost to Perugia 2-3, with Paul Carroll top scoring for Forli (22 pts) more
  • Dan Howard’s Verona had a 3-1 win to take them to 6-4 for the season in equal 6th place.
  • In Germany the Franks (Lebedew, Bawden) won 3-1 to be 4-8 and 7th on the ladder more
  • The German second division TSV Giesen / Hildesheim (Goldsbrough-Reardon) has not used its chance to jump to the top of the table.  Against TSGL Schöneiche there was 1:3 in the first season defeat. more
  • During the weekin Poland  Benjamin Hardy, Igor Yudin … took part in a meeting with customers Market.An auction of items provided by Leroy Merlin was auctioned and the winners received T-shirts with autographs of Coal Jastrzebski team. Ochronka operates educational for children aged 4-16 years attending primary school or high school and coming from families eligible for social assistance … the gallery.
  • In the Polish div 2 BBTS (Dekker) defeated AZS Nysa 3-1. more
  • In Spain, the newly elevated to the superliga CV Cuesta Piedra (Bertolacci) are yet to notch up a win after 4 games more
  • In Sweden Valla won the first 4 matches of the season, but have dropped the last 2 in 5 setters. more
  • In France, (Keir) Rennes had a 3-0 win to go 5-2 for the season and sit in 2nd place video ~ “Australian Steven Keir, who knew how to be decisive when necessary Saturday night”  more
  • In Greece Alexander‘s Phoenix won a close 5 setter more
  • In the Netherlands Tutton & White’s Langhenkel Volley is on top of the ladder 4-0, and having only dropped 3 sets. more
  • In Denmark Travis Passier‘s – Marienlyst translated – have won 5 of their 6 matches this season more
  • In the Czech Republic, Andy Earl‘s  Aero Odolena Voda – are very active on facebook with pictures and results. But I’m yet to find the translator that can handle Czech!

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8 Responses to “Last weeks headlines from Europe”

  1. volleyballer said

    great rap up for a big week, also i believe adam white is playing with tutton in netherlands

  2. Phillip DeSalvo said

    Hope all the guys in Europe are having a good season so far, not just with the volleyball but with everything. I’m sure that most of you guys look at dads site every now and then.

    It’s no secret to me that when you are over seas and relaxing between training that you can send a few hours on the net. So if you know of an Aussie player that is playing in Europe that dad hasn’t found can you please let him know where they are and if possble what team. For example, he spent a fair bit of time trying to track down ad’s today… little did he know that I knew that he was with the same team as Tuts this season.

    Anyway let mum have a little bit more time with dad, a little less time trying to find out where you are playing… it should only take about 10 seconds to spash out a comment to let him know.

  3. Phillip DeSalvo said

    Thanks volleyballer..

  4. nathan said

    Greg Sukochev is playing in the Polish 2nd division in a team called KS FART Kielce. They are currently top of the ladder.

    Andrew Grant recently went to Finland for a second straight year. This year he is playing in a different team Sampo. Who are Defending champions from last year.


  5. roy said

    hey devo glad you are liking the facebook site. currently we are 6 wins and 3 losses and 7th on the ladder but we are 2 games behind the rest of the league. we are very close to getting an actual website and i will let you know when its all up and running. all the best mate


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