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Reserve June long weekend now

Posted by devo on November 9, 2009

ADELAIDE 11—14 June 2010

25 Years of AUSTRALIAN VOLLEYBALL SCHOOLS CUP history ~ 1000’s of people with great memories!

And enough time to get your old school team together for a great weekend. Great idea VSA!

Remember these feelings? – How good was it?

Can you picture this?

  • A School team from the 80’s or 90’s playing against graduate teams from recent years!
  • Some of you putting on your old playing tops!
  • Seeing an old rival from 5,10 or 20 years ago!
  • Untimed matches played with spirit
  • Male & Female competitions — Honours, Div1, Div2
  • Relaxed entry qualifications – “ring ins” allowed
  • Some quality social functions & get togethers
  • What about the stories that will be told — remember when … ??
  • Fri 11 June — Evening Opening Party!
  • Sat 12 June — matches during the day; social function during the evening
  • Sun 13 June — matches during the day; social function during the evening
  • Mon 14 Jun — Finals matches followed by closing closing function awards. All finished by mid-afternoon

For more information contact Volleyball SA ~ Ph: 08 8363 1265 ~ Email:

15 Responses to “Reserve June long weekend now”

  1. devo said

    Now this has to be one of the better ideas I’ve seen for a while. A chance to get the old team together and have a great social time. Enough time to get everyone organised.

    What about it Wonnie boys? Are we on? Can we get into the same pool with a Mazenod team? A Heathfield team?

    • Dave Jones said

      Great idea! Can’t speak for the other boys, but I’m in. I’d love to play a few of the old rivals from the past.

    • Paul Churchill said

      Sounds great! I’ll be there, hope we can get the team together to play against some older familiar faces.

    • devo said

      I am happy to be drinks boy.

    • Paul Churchill said

      I’m sure you could pull on a top for us Devo! At least coach us to whatever end may be!

      • devo said

        I’m planning to be there Paul. I’d have to get off this computer and start training now to pull on a top – literally. But let the other guys know if you have an address. Matty expressed some interest at the weekend. Hopefully we could pull Phill out of retirement.

  2. haha! this is fantastic! is it replacing the SA Open? Bummer my high school never had a team. i’ll just have to put my hand up as a “ring-in”

  3. Andrew said

    Unfortunately the SA Open has been dwindling for a number of years so with Board approval VSA have elected to try something different.

    One of the great challenges for Volleyball across the country is finding a way to get people playing the game after they leave school – whilst a few do continue on, by far the majority stop playing altogether. A weekend tournament with some old mates may just be the tonic needed. Even if they only play this one tournament its better that not have them play at all!

  4. good work VSA! i think it’s definitely worth trying something different. SA Open has been dwindling. It was great having the heidelberg boys down last year, but it was such a shame more teams didn’t play.

    What will the state teams do for match practice now.

    Now, if VSA would just change the date of the State Schools Cup, i might even renew my membership for once!

  5. Andrew said

    Date for next years State Schools Cup has changed; it is 17 – 19 September 2010

  6. eldo737 said

    Mt Lofty ran the SA Open on behalf of Volleyball SA for the last two years and did the best we could with it, but we were flogging a dead horse. The feedback we did have from the tournament was very, very positive because Mt Lofty certainly know how to put on an event.

    As a brand name the SA Open no longer held the pulling power and the prestige it once had as one of the BIG FOUR Australian tournaments with Good Neighbour, Warrnambool, Wallabies and the SA Open. A real pity that we only have 2 tournaments out of that big 4 left.

    Mt Lofty is going ahead with its own tournament on the June long weekend at the Mt Lofty Sports Centre.
    We do not see it clashing with the new VSA event as we are looking at the top end of town not ex school teams.

    The event will be called the Mt Lofty International Skins Tournament.

    It will have $5,000 in skins and prize money making it the richest volleyball tournament in Australia.
    (Hope this is correct. I will certainly be corrected if I am not correct.)
    Any unclaimed skins will jackpot to the winner of the grand finals.

    Early indications suggest teams from Victoria, Northern Territory, Papua New Guinea and the top SA league teams will compete. Nomination forms will be out in the 1st week of December.
    We certainly want to make this one of the best volleyball tournaments in the country at one of the best volleyball stadiums in the country.
    Great to see Volleyball in South Australia coming up with 2 great tournament options to temp you interstaters to visit us in Adelaide.

  7. Wow, i hadn’t even heard of the Wallaby tournament! Have never been to good neighbour either, since it’s always been close to AVSC which is problematic.

    The skins tournament sounds like a great idea, and if the cash attracts the best team and players it will be a great spectacle.

    Our best players can come to adelaide for the skins and their hasbeen elders can come along and have a hit at the reunion! good work SA

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