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Volleyball SA Beach Schools Cup

Posted by mickmurphy on November 8, 2009

This month, Volleyball SA will host it’s Beach Volleyball School’s Cup. This summer will see the biggest event in the tournament’s history, and I am told the biggest Volleyball event in Australia in terms of team numbers.

Volleyball SA is proud of their 69 schools and 767 teams that are playing during the week. The event is also rivalling the biggest event in term of participants and on top of that, they have Volleyball Australia doing some homework to find out how big this event is on a world stage.

Congratulations to all the schools, players, and staff for getting behind the event. Its so great to know there will be 1000’s of people getting behind volleyball!!

4 Responses to “Volleyball SA Beach Schools Cup”

  1. El Diablo said

    Hopefully the weather stays as nice as it is this week for the event. Is there a hot weather policy in place for the event?

    With some luck the event will hopefully be better run than the schools event that was held last year. Are Brighton and Heathfield included in the 69 teams?

    Congrats VSA on getting so many teams entered! Hopefully it will provide some critical mass to get more people playing Volleyball in South Australia!!!

  2. Andrew said

    Yes there is a hot weather policy, and a date set (Nov 30) in case any of the days are cancelled.

    A full review was undertaken after last years event – and yes it will be a well run event this year.

    Brighton & Heathfield do not enter teams into this competition as it is more a participation style event. VSA are looking into changing the March event next year to include a level that would be of interest to Brighton & Heathfield.

    VSA is hoping to get every player onto its data base with name & email, so that communication can occur advising the kids of what other playing opportunities exist for them.


  3. stephen said

    I would like to know which school team from albury participated in the melbourne schools volleyball tournament and lost 2 in 3. Then, may I know the team members, thank you.

    • Andrew said

      Gday Stephen – sorry but cant help you. Our event is a Beach comp in Adelaide. Best bet would be to ring Volleyball Victoria

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