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Volleyball Australia awards night

Posted by devo on November 5, 2009

  • Ted Kalkhoven Most Outstanding Player (Male)
    Matt Young
  • Most Oustanding Player (Female)
    Tara West
  • Most Outstanding Beach Player (Male)
    Andrew Schacht
  • Most Outstanding Beach Player (Female)
    Natalie Cook

You can see all the award winners at Volleyball Australia. Check out the Awards Night Photo Gallery on Facebook

6 Responses to “Volleyball Australia awards night”

  1. Fogarty said

    One of the most pleasing aspects of the Awards Night was that SBS deemed it important enough to send one of their people from Sydney to Canberra for the evening to pick up their award. (Best Media Coverage for the Olympic Games – warning I am biased)

    This led to the opportunity for their representative (Mike Tomalaris) to meet some of the people involved in the sport and for us to talk about the possibility of getting more coverage on television (seriously how many channels are there now? Why can’t we get on?).

    Although we sat him near the President, he seemed to survive the evening and left hopefully with an appreciation of the quality of the Athletes and of the sport in general. Fingers crossed for coverage of the World Champs next year.

    Whilst I’m not advocating we start spamming SBS Television to show the World Champs…….

    • Would be awesome top get the world champs on TV. They should put stuff like that on ONE instead of crap like “Slamball” (basketball with trampolines), professional paintball and that sport with two guys beating the crap out of each other in a cage.

      • mickmurphy said

        I think RAi has the rights to the world champs. They are already shown on Pay TV, so I doubt it will be seen on FTA.

  2. Julio said

    The most pleasing aspect is that players like Matt Young get recognised.

  3. markleb said

    While surely deserving of an award, did Schachty and Natalie play at all this year? Or are the awards for 2008? Or do I just not follow beach volleyball closely enough?

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