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AVF annual general meeting – Canberra

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on November 1, 2009

Flew to Canberra to talk to the AVF board to talk about some ASC issues. Two new members were elected on the board, Phil Muller and Johnathan Fogarty, both from Queensland. I have known Phil for years and he will be good. I met Jonathan for the first time and I was very impressed with his openness and willingness to listen.

I sat in on the AVF national meeting after lunch and listened to some great positive discussion regarding national and state issues on AVF membership. Anybody who has been on Devo’s site would know how dissappointing and dishonest the issue of national membership has been for many years.

Great to see this group in action and in “violent agreement” as one wise sage commented.

I for one will be watching the integrity of this group once they land back into their respective states. We have had “violent agreement” many times only to be let down by some individuals and states as soon as their plane touched down.

Anyway – I for one left the meeting optomistic.
I will expecpect to hear new exciting announcements from the AVF at the Australain Schools Cup. Any longer and I will be very dissappointed.

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