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Posted by devo on October 31, 2009

AVLlogoRound 2 of the Men’s Australian Volleyball League will kick off at 6pm tonight at the AIS in Canberra. You can follow the results at the AVL Page, and you will be able to get live updates of each match at Volleyball Australia.

21 Responses to “MAVL 2”

  1. Murph said

    AIS/QAS game had some quality rallies in it, good game to watch.

  2. Graeme said

    Congrats UTSSU proving the 71% of doubters wrong!

  3. Member said

    Are there any photos from this round on the internet?

  4. Murph said

    Cheddar Ez strikes again!

    • Ezra said

      Josh and Darrin both deserved the Cheddar… they knew it and took it gracefully (ish) and I even had a beer with Daz later on in the QANTAS lounge.

      Canberra struggled without Travis Passier who seems to be the deciding factor between round 1 and round 2… although their coach Neil Boyes did provide me with some of the best feedback I’ve receive this AVL season as a referee.

      UTS brought in player #3… forget his name but he’s the brother of player #1… both are definitely game changers.

      Uni Blues didn’t have Will this round, (I think it’s a sizeable loss) and they also lost their huge middle halfway through the round with ligament damage i heard…. two big losses and struggled to compensate.

      AIS are AIS….just damm good, little ‘too’ structured at times but that’s probably just me

      WA… always a dark horse… always bring something a little different to the table… this year they brought Jimmy Barnes (yes i did hear that sledge through the net lol) and they have lost some very close sets that could have gone either way.

      QAS always bring height and heart to the court. down 19-23 and still manage to win… winning game 29-27… it’s always tough to beat them and this year at 7-0…. bookies would have them as the favourites.

      • Pierre Montgomery said

        I think the UTSSU player you are referring to is #2 Yaegan Doran.

      • Member said

        what do you mean by ‘too structured’?

        • Ezra said

          did you watch the VIC vs QLD mens u/21 Gold medal match at AJVC this year in Brisbane? structure (QLD) vs ability to try something different, spur of the moment, and make it work (VIC)

          that’s why I thought that Will Lewis is a big loss from the Uni Blues team, has this great ability to turn a set around.

          like i said, that’s probably just me :o)

          • Murph said

            So it’s more about that game changing moment…

            The big change that the AIS seem to have (and they didn’t seem to have many more…) is bringing on Harry Peacock for the opposite and playing a 2 setter system.

        • Anon said

          AIS like to play the ‘set high outside balls to 4 and 2 and let the 2m+ guys they recruit hit over the top of everyone and beat them down with brute power. This style is very simple as it doesnt necessarily require pin point passing or precise sets to work. It can become one dimensional or ‘too structered’ when the opposition is able to adapt to the style, and, with the ais sometimes reluctant to change the tempo of their play, it can be easy to read. i think qld has the best style of play. Their outside balls are super quick and the middles are used frequently to maintain variety. WA also run a good offense with plenty of combos and backrow variations to keep the opposition guessing and to make up for their lack of height.

          • volleyballer said

            i think you will find that the AIS seem to be running a reasonably quick offence this yr (not at qld speed) but definatly not high balls! they also use a much varied attack especially with the pipes middles and these have been effective.

  5. volleyballer said

    AIS seem to be on the improve and my bet is they hit form at the right time of the season, QAS continue to look good even without slack and the games between them and AIS are the highlights. any thoughts? Bring on the next round!

    • brisbanevolleyball said

      WA pushed QAS to 29 and 27… and were up 23-19 in one set… I’d like to see QAS lose a game before Melbourne finals just for a reality check… but a perfect season is never bad either :o)

  6. Yaegan said

    I thought it was a good round, Canberra put on a good show and had some solid and very vocal crowds during the weekend. I definitely enjoyed it, and the competition is certainly interesting now. The fight for the last couple of spots in the finals looks to be tight, and although QAS are obvious favourites, they’ve been pushed a by a couple of teams now, so there could well be an upset at some stage. My tip is a points count back to decide the places in the finals, and of course UTSSU to run away with it in the end.
    And Pierre, thankyou for all your generous comments, but keep in mind, the one match I played libero in the Brisbane round, we were pretty badly slaughtered. I’m glad you’ve noticed the effort I’ve put into my appearance though.

    Oh and player number 3 is Jeff Skinner and his brother is Doug.
    I agree, bring on WA.

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