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Men’s AVL – Round 2

Posted by devo on October 26, 2009

Round 2 of the Men’s Australian Volleyball League begins in Canberra this coming Friday night with the first of 2 matches beginning at 6pm, when the AIS will take on the Pirates. The draw for this round has been modified to fit in the replay of Pirates vs UTSSU from round 1. The scheduled AIS vs Heat match will now be played at a “date to be confirmed”.

Let’s hope this round is free from controversy, and the focus can be on the volleyball.

With the NOAS Improving Officiating forum being held at the Australian Institute of Sport on Saturday, let’s hope there are enough refs available to do the job, without the load falling again onto just a few.

Our poll for this week is: Will the UTSSU team be able to record its first win this week? See the poll in the left hand column.

The ladder after round 1 – less the replay match is:

QAS Pirates 3 3 0
Canberra Heat 3 2 1
University Blues 3 2 1
AIS 3 1 2
Volleyball WA 3 1 2
UTSSU 3 0 3

7 Responses to “Men’s AVL – Round 2”

  1. volleyballer said

    will be interesting to see how the AIS boys do back on their home court after a couplee of losses in brisbane

  2. Member said

    It will also be interesting to see how heat do without Trav Passier!

  3. Ezra said

    ok so maybe I may have been the first referee of the replayed game… but besides that… only one QLD ref refereeing in Brisbane and Karla Hoorweg helping out. That’s only 2 referee’s for 10 games of volleyball over 3 days… Ray Harris (referee delegate for the tournament)and Phong Nguyen (AIS medic) also chipped in with 2 games each so that I only had to do 8 games out of 10 and Karla 7 out of 10… let’s HOPE there are more referee’s this weekend cos I was shattered after the Brisbane round.

    • Troy M said

      I don’t think anyone could have asked for more from yourself and Karla considering the number of games you both had to do. Have they allocated games for Canberra yet? Will you be refereeing, going to the conference or both?

  4. Murph said

    I’m there for you, Ez… There there!

  5. Tony said

    im really happy that our resheduled draw now has Uni Blues playing an 8pm game on friday then backing it up with an 8am game on saturday morning….bit rough isnt it?

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