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Yoga Volley Forli video

Posted by devo on October 21, 2009

My corresspondent reports that Simone at Yoga Forli Volleyball makes up movie clips on youtube and runs the Forli volleyball blog. My correspondent also reports that he watched a Forli game on Tele1 the other night. “It wasn’t bad, but I had no idea what was being said!”

The games of Yoga Volley Forlì can be seen streaming on every Tuesday at 5:30 pm and every Wednesdays at 9:30 pm Italian time. A chance to catch up on Aussie Paul Carroll playing in Italy.

4 Responses to “Yoga Volley Forli video”

  1. ScottL said

    Hey Devo,

    Thought you should know that the link is broken for the site.


  2. Big Rob said

    Hi guys,
    Been using this site lately to view some great volleyball, it’s not necessarily recent, but great downloading for those interested.

    • markleb said

      I can particularly recommend the France-Russia European Championships semi final for two reasons.
      Firstly, I have heard that it is a great game.
      Secondly, I am stuck on 82.8% and need a few more peers going so I can finish the download.

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