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Men’s AVL – round 1

Posted by devo on October 18, 2009

AVLlogoThe Men’s Australian Volleyball League for 2009 begins tonight in Brisbane. Who will be leading the 6 team competition after round 1? Hit the poll in the left side column and let us know. Be quick as the poll will close at 7.30pm EDT Friday. Origianlly posted 16/10/09

  • The draw ~ AVL page

Updates 1&4: Pirates def UTSSU 3-0 (25-10, 25-18, 25-20) more ~ Game to be replayed in Canberra

Update 2: Correspondent Troy M reports … Latest news is UTSSU win 3-0, 75pt-0pt because Pirates used a player in all 3 sets who was not listed on the scoresheet … Pirates are protesting.

Update 3: Uni Blues def AIS 3-2 (23-25, 26-24, 19-25, 25-21, 16-14) more

Update 5: Heat def WA 3-2 (25-23, 23-25, 25-21, 21-25, 15-10) more

Update 6: Pirates def Uni Blues 3-0 (25-20, 25-19, 25-20) more

Update 7: WA def UTSSU 3-1 (25-18, 21-25, 25-21, 25-22) more

Update 8: Pirates def AIS 3-1 (25-23, 10-25, 25-20, 25-23) more

Update 9: Heat def UTSSU 3-0 (25-18, 25-23, 25-21) more

Update 10: Uni Blues def WA 3-1 (28-26, 25-14?, 21-25, 25-20) more

Update 11: AIS def UTSSU 3-1 (25-20, 25-9, 18-25, 25-13 ) more

Update 12: Pirates def Heat 3-2 (25-22, 19-25, 25-14, 17-25, 15-8 ) more

32 Responses to “Men’s AVL – round 1”

  1. Graeme said

    Does anyone know who is playing? As in the players who will take the court.

    • devo said

      If you go to the AVL page and click on the Mens League tab; then a team name; then Players you can get a list of players – I don’t know how accurate they are.

  2. Graeme said

    Yes I saw that – I was wondering which players would be playing this weekend ie AIS has 20 players listed, which of them will be travelling to Brisbane?

  3. Rusty said

    The WA list looks about right… with some exceptions.

  4. i’m still gutted we don’t have an SA team so we won’t get to see any of the action here

  5. Round One of the Men’s AVL Series will be played at the Somerset Sports Centre, Ormiston College, 97 Dundas Street, Ormiston QLD with games commencing at 7pm on Friday October 16. The last game for Round One is scheduled to commence at 3pm on Sunday October 18. The full draw is available from the AVL website (

  6. edbinnie said

    No wonder UTSSU lost the first two sets – the match report only has 5 players on court!
    Christensen, Sorensen and Slack in the Pirates team? Not to mention plenty of experience and depth (and half the AIS team). I didn’t get a chance to vote, but I would have put 2 up for Pirates winning this season.

    Didn’t see the ruling on the use of AIS players – in the past (2006 prior) AIS players could play for their home club (back when it was clubs). But that was a 10 or 12 team comp spread over 10 weekends. What is going to happen this year – when there are 3 or 4 games per team and only 3 weekends?

    • Troy M said

      i was the extra player, but because i was starting in 6 and off for the libero i didn’t get listed :( in set 1 and 2 and jack tutty started in 6 for set 3.
      Latest news is UTSSU win 3-0, 75pt-0pt because pirates used a player in all 3 sets who was not listed on the scoresheet.

      • edbinnie said

        Troy, are you jerking me?
        who was the player from Pirates?
        Let’s see if that sticks. As you know, I’m UTSSU through and through, but that just doesn’t seem right. I’m guessing Sucky is all over it though ;-)

        Now I know I shouldn’t be critical, but the scorer (and the second ref) are supposed to double check the lineup against the scoresheet (or player entry for a legal sub as the case may be), and the scoresheet against the players’ warming up.
        While the initial error is the Pirates’ Coaching staff, there’s also a couple of other mistakes here too.

        And Pierre, you don’t need to be a lady to be a fan of Yaegan.

        • Troy M said

          the refs should pick it up, and the team is supposed to lose every point they won with the illegal player once it is identified. Unfortunately for qld it was only picked up after the three sets had been played so it was too late for them. i can’t remember the player, but he started every set, so the scoresheet shows #6 in the three rotations for each set, but there was no #6 in the qld player lineup on the scoresheet. I am under the impression qld has appealed the decision, so i guess we will wait and see.

          • markleb said

            The absolute stupidest, most illogical rule there can conceivably be.

            • Dad said

              I am hearing some funny rumors about this incident, like the error was discovered AFTER the score sheet had been signed off. Can anyone fill us in with some more details?

        • Jo said

          Hey Ed, Sucky was all over it…but little good it did…the game is now going to be replayed during the Canberra round…If you ask me, this sets a dangerous precedent for future games…QLD didn’t put a player on the scoresheet that played the game…QLD’s error, not the ref’s (although they should have picked it up) not UTSSU…theirs….what a debarkle!!! What has AVL come to???

  7. pierre montgomery said

    for the lady fans, avl’s best looking player yaegan doran took the court in set 3.

  8. Troy M said

    the game is going to be replayed in canberra now

  9. devo said

    some rules:

    Only the players recorded on the score sheet may enter the court and play in the match. Once the coach and the team captain have signed the score sheet, the recorded players cannot be changed.

    Only the team members are permitted to sit on the bench during the match and to participate in the warm-up session.

    AT THE END OF THE MATCH, the team captain:
    thanks the referees and signs the score sheet to ratify the outcome;

    PRIOR TO THE MATCH, the coach records or checks the names and numbers of his/her players on the score sheet, and then signs it.

    DURING THE MATCH, the coach:
    prior to each set, gives the second referee or the scorer the line-up sheet(s) duly filled in and signed;

    Discrepancies between players’ position on court and on the line-up sheet are dealt with as follows:

    when such a discrepancy is discovered before the start of the set, players’ positions must be rectified according to that on the line-up sheet – there will be no sanction;

    when, before the start of the set, a player on court is found not to be registered on the line-up sheet of that set, this player must be changed to conform to the line-up sheet – there will be no sanction;

    however, if the coach wishes to keep such non-recorded player(s) on the court, he/she has to request regular substitution(s), which will then be recorded on the score sheet.
    If a discrepancy between player positions and the line up sheet is discovered later, the team at fault must revert to the correct positions. All points scored by the team from the exact moment of the fault up to the discovery of the fault are cancelled. The opponent’s points remain valid and in addition they receive a point and the next service.

    Additionally, the scorer should determine the exact moment when the fault was committed and all points scored subsequently by the team at fault must be cancelled. The opponent’s points remain valid.

    If that moment cannot be determined, no point(s) cancellation takes place, and a point and service to the opponent is the only sanction.

    When a team has made an illegal substitution and the play has been resumed the following procedure shall apply:
    the team is penalized with a point and service to the opponent,
    the substitution is rectified,
    the points scored by the team at fault since the fault was committed are cancelled. The opponent’s points remain valid.

    The first referee has the power to decide any matter involving the game including those not provided for in the Rules.

    At the end of the match, he/she (ist ref) checks the score sheet and signs it.

    • Dad said

      9.2.2 Once the scoresheet is checked and signed by all relevant participants
      without protest, no further team protest on technical aspects can be
      accepted, e.g. 7 substitutions, scorer’s error, referees’ error, etc.

      • Dad said

        Nobody ever listens to me (except Phongy) when I describe Volleyball as not a sport, rather a game of protocol.

    • Yaegan said

      After Queensland’s appeal to the AVF board, we (UTSSU) were told that the Queensland coach hadn’t signed the scoresheet before the match, but signed it afterwards, and as such the game should not have begun. Apparently this was one of the extenuating circumstances that meant the game had to be replayed. As far as I know (and, I’ll admit, I could have just missed this bit), we weren’t told this little detail until after the whole appeal process had finished. I do think it is a very dangerous precedent to set. If a scoresheet hasn’t been signed, or is inaccurate, the match must be replayed.
      As it is in our national league, following FIVB rules, does this mean the case should be sent to the FIVB to be put in their case book, which will then be followed by every league around the world?

      • Dad said


        23.2.3 The 1st Ref has the power. If he/she wants to start the match, it starts. Even if someone has not signed the sheet.

        23.3.3 & 9.2.2 If the scoresheet is checked and signed off by all the relevent participants WITHOUT PROTEST, no further team protest on technical aspects can be accepted.

        So the question becomes when was the technical fault noticed. If it was after the scoresheet was checked and signed off by all parties, GAME OVER.

        Not really one for the FIVB casebook other than an example of how not to handle this situation, depending on when the fault was noticed and if a protest was lodged prior to the sheet being signed off.

        Can someone PLEASE clarify when the technical fault was noticed……..

        • Troy M said

          i was under the impression also that once the scoresheet was signed it was over, but apparently there is a one hour window from when the sheet is signed within which a protest can be lodged.

          • Baron Von Marlon said

            The AVL tournament regulations allow for a one hour time period after the match for which a protest can be made. UTSSU protested, won the protest (which was decided by the control committee) QLD appealed the decision to the AVF board, who decided to replay the match. UTSSU have now accepted this, and will play QLD twice in Canberra. I’ll leave you with a couple of sections from the AVF’s tournament regulations (Appendix H – Protest Resolution):

            If a protest is upheld, the match is replayed from the stage immediately before the error occurred. In the format
            of the Australian Volleyball League there is no scope for replaying matches at later times due to a protest made after the match being upheld.

            The Control Committee will then consider the application [Protest] within 2 hours of the completion of the match. The Control Committee verdict will be final.

            To me, personally, that reads as the control committee’s decision is final (ie no appeals) and that a match cannot be replayed…. I m not against the decision (as I think it is fair), what I am against is the complete disregard of the rules by the AVF and their own regulations. But UTSSU will accept the decision and replay the game in Canberra.

            • Dad said

              Baron, I had not read your post when I made post 10.

              Thank you for filling in some of the gaps.

              One thing that the AVL regs are clear on is that the Control Committees decision is final.

              There is no appeal from there. The Control Committee is the highest authority during each round, with the powers of the VA and AVRC.

              Not exactly the proudest moment in AVL history is it.

  10. Dad said

    Thanks Troy for the heads up. I now quote from the 2009 AVL Mens League Regs

    The Control Committee is the highest authority during each round, with the powers of the VA and AVRC. It
    exists from the first match of a round until the conclusion of the final match of the round. The Control
    Committee consists of the Competition & Events Manager, the Chief Referee plus one nominated person.
    The Competition & Events Manager shall be the chair of the committee.

    The Control Committee is responsible for:

    • The smooth running of all activities related to the competition.
    • The adherence to the VA Constitution, AVL Regulations and the Official Volleyball Rules.
    • The conducting of a General Technical Meeting with each team prior to commencement their first
    match in the League.
    • Hearing and resolution of disputes not resolved by the On the Spot Protest Resolution procedure
    (clause 8.3).

    All matches will be played according to FIVB Official Volleyball Rules 2009.

    In the first instance, protests must be resolved according to the “On the Spot Resolution Procedure”
    (Appendix 6).

    Any unresolved protests that require further consideration of the Control Committee must accompanied
    with $150 with the submission in writing within one hour of the completion of the match. Protests will be
    resolved by the Control Committee within 2 hours of completion of match. If the protest is upheld, $100 of
    the submission fee will be returned to the protester. If the protest is denied the submission fee is not

    22 APPENDIX H – Protest Resolution Procedure

    The Chief Referee) holds official AVRC authority to solve problems and make determinations on formal protests
    occurring during the match in order to re-establish the situation in accordance with the FIVB and Championship

    A formal protest may only be lodged by the Coach of the team who believes that match officials have made an
    error under the FIVB Official Rules 2009 as amended by AVL Rules that will affect the outcome of the match.

    If a protest is upheld, the match is replayed from the stage immediately before the error occurred. In the format
    of the Australian Volleyball League there is no scope for replaying matches at later times due to a protest made
    after the match being upheld. Therefore a system of “On the Spot” Protest resolution has been adopted.

    Unresolved Protests

    The Team Coach must present protests concerning the result of a match, not immediately resolved, in writing, to
    the Competition & Events Manager, within one hour of the completion of the match concerned for consideration
    by the AVL Control Committee.

    The Control Committee will then consider the application within 2 hours of the completion of the match. The
    Control Committee verdict will be final.

    Well that makes it clear. The AVL regs override the FIVB regs. The Control Committee verdict is final. All disputes
    should be resolved ‘on the spot” as we do not have the scope to replay matches at a later date.

    Except the Team Coach can, in writing, and paying $150, within one hour of the conclusion of the match, lodge a protest (not immediatly
    resolved) to be determined by the Control Committee. Their decision is final.


  11. al said

    I was wondering if the same line ups from the first game have to be used in the replay?

    Can the player not on the scoresheet play in the replay?


  12. Sucky said

    I think a better question from the UTS/SU v QLD game (and the rest of the weekend) is why there were so few officials at this round. Having 3 officals and 1 assistant coach doing all the whistle blowing was clearly exhausting. As I said to the guys afterwards, given the number of games they had done and how tired they would have been they did an amazing job – even with some of the calls. I doubt all of the QLD referees were at World Masters…

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