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Payments to players

Posted by devo on October 15, 2009

Getting a contract in Europe is one thing. Getting paid what your contract states is a completely different thing.

Players not getting their full pay is not exclusive to volleyball in Europe. A legal bun fight is developing over USA basketballers being ripped off that has gone to the US courts, and may have implications for all clubs in Europe. You can read the details at CNN. Thanks to AL for the heads up on this one.

3 Responses to “Payments to players”

  1. Alexis said

    You’re very welcome!

  2. roy said

    it would be nice if something changed with this cause i am getting pretty f-ing sick of it

  3. markleb said

    I’m sad to say that I doubt it will have wider implications, at least for volleyballers. Volleyball agents don’t have the financial backing to fight the big clubs like Olympiakos, which will have all sorts of political backing in Greece, or even smaller clubs. And players have even less money. Which is of course the reason that clubs continually get away with not paying. In the end the only power a player has is his ability/willingness to play, and there are so many more players than available positions that there always seems to be someone prepared to take the risk.

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