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How much does AVSC Cost?

Posted by Hugh Nguyen on October 15, 2009

It’s now 54 days to my favourite week of the year: The Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup! Our own volleyball jamboree! Many of you out there are either participating as players or coaches, or have done so in the past 26 years.

With teams coming from Perth to Paralowie, the question I’d like answered is: How much is each school  paying for its trip per player? Let us know who you’re going with and how much you’re paying.

And what is included in your trip fees? Some schools use public transport, while others have their own shuttle bus service going to both venues. Some stay in backpacker hostels, while others stay in vacated boarding colleges. Some have meals supplied, some have to buy their own. Some teams do a lot of fund raising activities; some teams do none.

So far we have:

  • Rossmoyne (WA) – $1,350
  • Brighton (SA) – $900
  • Gladstone (QLD) – $900
  • St. Mary’s College (SA) – $800
  • Hallett Cove (SA) – $800
  • Heathfield (SA) – $790
  • Loxton (SA) – $690
  • Mercedes College (SA) – $600
  • Willunga High School (SA) – $600 (honours – $615)
  • Girton (VIC Country) – $575
  • Wonthaggi (VIC Country) – $270
  • Eltham (VIC Metro) – $260
  • Monbulk (VIC Metro) – $165
  • McKinnon (Vic Metro) – $80

44 Responses to “How much does AVSC Cost?”

  1. sam said

    i’m from rossmoyne high school in perth and it costs $1350 per year to play in melbourne. this includes a return flight on qantas to melbourne, registration and accomodation in a university style campus consisting of one bathroom for each floor and one kitchen on ground level. the room consists of a bed, a cupboard and chair. it doesn’t seem like much but when you are travelling with over 100 other students, its and experience

  2. here some croweater prices:

    Willunga High School: $750

    includes bus trip over and back. bus is left behind for early and late pickups, but public transport mainly used. Team stays at the kingsgate hotel on King St. 2 or 3 to a room. most rooms have a bathroom. NO KITCHEN which isn’t great since the kids end up eating fast food. kids supply their own breakfast and dinner and lunch is provided. Most coaches/assistants pay $300 to go.

    Brighton Secondary School: $900

    Travel over by bus, girs and boys stay at separate accommodation. The accomodation i stayed at when they were all in the same place had about 4 kids staying to a room. with exception. I shared a room with about 5 other coaches (Nathan Roberts, Simon Horner, Ian Scarorough & Matt Jones. none of whom were small). One room had an entire U16 girls team in it. Dinner (prepared by a couple of dedicated volunteers) and lunch supplied. kids bring their own breakfast. They also bring nurses and a physio (mostly volunteer i think). The best bit – buses on loop going from the venues to SVC and MSAC! Coaches get a free trip but not paid.

    St Mary’s College: $800

    Kids fly over and stay at a university college. 1 per room so they get sleep. Breakfast and dinner provided courtesy of college staff. it’s smorgasbord and apparently pretty good. They don’t have a bus and use trams, although they hire minibuses for early and late games up at SVC, driven by a staff member.

    Surprisingly, St Mary’s which is a private school now does it cheaper than brighton. 2 yrs ago, there was only $50 difference (Brighton $650 and SMC $700) and the St Mary’s girls flew.

  3. Eldo said

    Heathfield High School kids pay $790.00
    Includes transport there and back in 4 coaches and a mini bus.
    Buses run shuttles to the venues on the hour every hour from our accommodation.

    The teams have a saturday night meal in Lygon street with their coach and manager on arrival.
    Breakfast and tea – fantastic meals even if they get home late eg 10.00pm a meal is available.

    Every kid has their own bedroom.
    We have team meeting rooms and squad meeting rooms at the accommodation.
    Our dining hall looks like Hogwarts.

    We take our own physiotherapist.

    We have about 120 – 140 parents who also travel over each year. They find their own accommodation.

    It is getting expensive but compared to state volleyball or anything to do with national volleyball it is an absolute bargain.

    7 days and night
    1 million laughs
    5 days of great volleyball
    and the reason to train all year.

    Heaven on a stick.

  4. bvando said

    Gladstone Sate High pay $900.00
    This is with very heavly discounted airfares we buy in early May. We fly from Rockhampton ( This year only one not being used )

    All accommodation in 2 / 3 per rooms.

    All meals plus a dinner function to finish. Coaches coach and cook and drive bus

    All transport by mini bus and trams

  5. Whoah some good comparisons here. Also worthy to note. I know Heathfield, Brighton and Loxton stay the extra night, which would make it slightly more expensive i imagine. it is an investment well spent.

    This is the best volleyball trip there is out there. I also want to note that Heathfield and Eldo have been very good to other SA schools helping them with their first trips by allowing them to “piggyback” with them. Rostrevor College, Willunga High School and St Mary’s College are just some of the schools I know of that went on their first trips with Heathfield showing them how it was done (i only wish WHS had picked up more of their habits).

  6. I think Murph and Mercedes College on $650 is in the lead at the moment on keeping the price down. I know for years Rostrevor was around the 500-600 mark. they did do fundraising to help out and a lot of it was kept down by the efforts of the incomparable Sue Barton who organised everything, long after her kids had graduated. from uni.

  7. Tooth Fairy said

    The cost for Loxton kids is $690. This includes bus travel, all breakfast and dinners, university college accommodation (one kid per room), bus travel to and from playing venues for all teams, sight-seeing excursion (varies each year). Our trip is unashamedly modelled on that of Heathfield. Coaches are not paid, but get a free trip.
    The Saturday lunch stop at Horsham on the way over is a sight, as Heathfield, Brighton and Loxton (approximately fifty teams) are often there at the same time.

  8. Country Boy said

    Girton (Central Victoria) $575
    – 2 X buses from school to venue plus shuttles to venues daily ( we usually have the same drivers who love the event as much as the kids,)
    – Uni of Melb. Accomodation ( kids own rooms, breakfast and Evening meal – which is available til late.)
    – Boxed lunch delivered to venues
    – Special Tour shirt.
    Agree with Eldo – best week of the year.

  9. Anon said

    I think it goes to show how good we have it hosting the event here in Melbourne. I get paid to coach, get to sleep in my own bed, don’t have to worry about shuttling my team to and from stadiums, the school I coach for organises all of that. Just hearing about what so many schools go to just to get their teams to Melbourne, let alone to games on time/home in time for dinner, makes me appreciate the above all the more.

    • Murph said

      Yeah…But you don’t get to go away to AJVC every year anon…That’s the best bit!

    • i’d have to agree with murph here. it’s a completely different experience when you get away. you don’t get to go off on your own in the down time and have to live in each other’s pockets. it can be good for team bonding or disastrous.

      I’m grateful i get to go away every year to melbourne. mind you, it doesn’t cost me anywhere near what it costs these kids. just a week of annual leave (sometimes unpaid).

      I have asked Melbournians what they do. some have get togethers and sleepovers. it’s a completely different experience.

      So while the rest of australia tries to melbourne, eat and sleep, what do all the melbourne based schools do during the week when they’re not playing?

      • Anon said

        Agreed, having been to a few AJVC’s where you get to travel and stay together as a team, the experience is much greater than National Schools (as much fun as National School’s is).

  10. keen spectator said

    As the event is held in Melbourne each year (lucky vics) perhaps the local teams could pay a higher entry fee and those funds go some way to compensate the teams who have much higher costs.

    • devo said

      They do!

      • devo said


        Local – Melbourne & International)- $825 hons – $655 other
        Intermediate – (Vic country, Tasmania, SA, NSW & ACT)- $705 hons – $555 other
        Distant ( WA, QLD & NT)- $415 hons – $325 other

        • Murph said

          Given the numbers we are seeing, is that enough? Approx $40 discount per person for Rossmoyne to get to Melbourne…

          • edbinnie said

            From making it equal for everyone in terms of cost, you actually create an inequity – the teams that travel get the fun of travelling to a different city, they stay together, they are away from parents etc.
            The Melbourne based teams don’t have any of that experience.
            I think its great that there are entry fee differences, but would hate to see melbourne teams have to shell out for other’s great experience.

            • Murph said

              Thats true, Ed.

              But the Rossmoyne kids pay an extra $800 but their ‘equalization’ is $40…

              That said I think its a non-issue and the amount of money extra paid by Melb teams is fair and shouldn’t be any greater.

    • I imagine people who have to travel further get a discounted entry fee. they did that at State School’s Cup too.

  11. Tony said

    hmmm, maybe if cost is a factor then other states should investigate if they can host the event. not knowing each state’s available facilities I would think finding one/two venues like what VIC can offer to host the event might prove difficult. Maybe doing a rotation system like the AJVC would be similar to an equalization scheme but once again under comparable conditions like what VIC can provide. It is not normally the cost of the entry fee that adds a huge burden to overall cost, other factors like possibly subsidizing coaches flights, accommodation etc adds as well as uniforms, transport etc.
    It woudl be nice to have it rotated around the states but I feel this might prove hard to do.

    • Dreamer said

      It was only last year that it was announced that Melbourne had won the right to hold the event for the next 3-4 years as I remember. As a Melbournian, I would love to have the chance to go interstate for an event like this. The camaraderie displayed by interstate teams sometimes make me wish we had to go through what they go through every year (or at least until it became annoying, then I presume the event would rotate back to Melbourne)

      • edbinnie said

        I think that having it in the same place for several years straight would probably benefit the organisers – of the event, and the schools. You don’t have to find new accommodation each year, you know where you are going, you know where the shops are, etc and you can tweak things from the prior year rather than reinvent the wheel.
        From the event organiser’s perspective, again you tweak the things that didn’t work well, and you keep what did. You have a built infrastructure etc.
        This can’t be said for AJVC (although this may have changed since last I saw it in 2007) as even though the general feel should be the same, you have different courts, different arrangements, different volunteers, and so many things need to be done from the beginning.
        Without a doubt, AVSC is the best volleyball event on the Calendar, from an organisational and enjoyment perspective. And I really LOVE AJVC, AVL and ABVT!!!

        • Murph said

          There is NO way we could host the event in SA.

          • Ex school cup player said

            It just wouldn’t be the same not playing at MSAC… and the show courts! Those show courts are what every junior looks forward to playing on. Any other stadium/state just wouldn’t compare.

      • Yeah i must say that the city of Melbourne, MSAC, and the showcourts have become ubiquitous with the event. I couldn’t imagine it being hosted anywhere else. Even the coaches and players i know interchangeably refer to schools cup as “melbourne”

        is there anywhere else in Oz that could practically host it? where there are lots of courts within reasonable access?

        having it in the same place doesn’t just make it easier for the event organisers, but for the orgabisers of the participating schools. you don’t have to reinvent the wheel everytime.

        And for a sporting event this big, there’s no better place than melbourne. I’m a proud South Australian, but even i have to conceded that Melbourne is the home of sport in Australia – where ANY sporting event will get a crowd and 9 AFL teams still manage to stay afloat.

  12. devo said

    I am nolonger involved with the Wonthaggi program, but I’m told that:

    Wonthaggi (VIC) – $270 ($370)
    The school subsidises the program which subsidises each player by $100
    Accommodation: shared rooms in guest house.
    Mini buses used by coaches.
    The guest house has kitchen facilities – coaches do meals. Students make own lunch each day from provided supplies.
    Coaches are staff who volunteer their out-of-school hours.

    I still miss the trip to Canberra. It was just different.

    • Eldo said

      Agree – as good as Melbourne is the experience at Canberra was way better.

      • devo said

        LOL – we’re sounding like old men sitting on the porch!

        Can you imagine trying to get the number of teams that now compete into school halls all over Canberra and neibouring towns? It was a quieter time (unless you were playing in the snake pit)and more leisurely.

        But the buzz as you walk into MSAC is a real adrenalin rush. It’s different. It’s great for different reasons.

        This year I will attending without any commitments whatsoever for the first time. I look forward to looking at the draw and choosing which games I want to see. Having a casual coffee at some cafe on the way in, not having to worry about players, parking buses, equipment … Having the time to chat to friends without having to keep checking my watch for pre-game meeting times …

        I’ve almost convinced myself that it will be perfect.

  13. hpringle said

    Eltham High School (VIC)

    $260, which covers:

    -Tournament entry fee
    -Mini bus rental and petrol for the week
    -Eltham Volleyball T-shirt

    Everyone stays at their own houses.
    All teams have a mini bus, driven by the coach, that goes from school to the venue each day.

    AVSC is my favourite week of the year!

  14. Liam Mackin said

    Monbulk College (vic)


    -Buses, only two buses run each day, one really early and normal early then the same the way back
    -Tournament Costs
    The school pays for alot of the costs and the coaches don’t get paid but have expenses paid for them

    • devo said

      vic metro?

      • is monbulk in the country?

        • devo said

          It’s up in the Dandenongs. lovely spot. But not quite country.

          Gum tree – parking meter – gum tree – parking meter … ;D

          (It’s a joke Monbulk! I lived in Belgrave Heights for almost 2 years in the 70’s. That almost makes me a local)

          • according to google maps it’s about 70 mins out of the CBD which puts it in that “grey area”, like Willunga and Gawler in Adelaide. There’s a country vibe but it’s not zoned like that by the gov’t. I couldn’t believe that Victor Harbor in SA doesn’t qualify as “country”!

            I’ll bump monbulk to Metro

  15. Spiral said

    We are taking part in National schools cup for the second time. Last year we had 8 boys this year we have 65 boys and girls. We are about 20 minutes from MSAC and 35 from Dandenong. We have it lucky but I did have someone ask me if it was fair that our athletes should be expected to pay the $80 fee to play! Bare bones, kids get there own way there, one paid coach for 6 teams. Kids paid $160 for Vic, included a playing Jersey and Hoody. $240 for the year.

    School came to the fore though, every team has its own equipment and the bus will be covered.

    It may kill me, but I think we could have 100 McKinnon Volleyball kids by next year!

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