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Aussie vs Aussie photo

Posted by devo on October 14, 2009

Yoga Volley FORLI v Aran Cucine Abruzzo PINETOAussie Nathan Roberts tries to penetrate the triple block that includes Aussie Paul Carroll.

You can check out all of Forli’s match photos from the Italian league here.

Yoga Volley FORLI v Aran Cucine Abruzzo PINETO ~ click to enlarge ~ photos courtesy of Francesco Di Leonforte
~ match program using the first picture: forli_14ottobre09_latina

4 Responses to “Aussie vs Aussie photo”

  1. Dreamer said

    There are using Moltons, maybe VV aren’t that crazy!

  2. Alexis said

    I have to admit my Italian is a little sketchy, but the way I read the team sheet there is a Dutch guy called Paul playing for Forli and no Australian playing for Latina……….

    • devo said

      yes and yes ;D
      There is an advantage to having a European passport. Saves a lot of hassles and “student visas”
      The program – which I posted as a typical club match program – certainly has 2 Aussies on the front cover!

  3. keen spectator said

    The photo on the program is from the previous match against Pinetto, Nathans team. The program is promoting the match against Latina. Not Nathans team.

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