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Digital Revolution: “Let the children play”

Posted by devo on October 7, 2009

Okay, this is preaching to the converted, but it is good to have digital content discussed at the top level.

From The Age:

The Olympic movement needs to learn from the likes of YouTube or risk losing young viewers for life, IOC members were told Monday.

Communications guru Martin Sorrell advised global sports leaders to release their grip on exclusive broadcast rights and hand them over to a new generation of technology-savvy fans. “If they are going online, you go online,” Sorrell said in a keynote speech on digital media at the International Olympic Committee’s Congress. “You have to let them play — with your content, your assets — in their own way.”

Sorrell … said sports federations had to learn from how the entertainment industry engaged with viewers. He urged sports to let passionate fans buy access to archive footage …

And from the fivb:

“The FIVB invites all of its national federations to read and study the very important document titled ‘The Olympic Movement in Society’ and the FIVB Executive Committee will discuss the related recommendations during its up and coming meeting in November so that the FIVB is in unison with the IOC in making sure youth and athletes are a key priority.” … taking full advantage of new digital technology …

Digital Revolution: “Let the children play” ~

2 Responses to “Digital Revolution: “Let the children play””

  1. My god, the FIVB is WAAAY Behined on this. They used to have a dead link for an online shop on their website. you could never get matches on DVD or video. It’s only been with the advent of 3rd party file and video sharing sites that people have begun making volleyball matches available (mostly “unofficially”).

    The best ideas on digital distribution were covered by former Wired editor Chris anderson in his book, The Long Tail

    In it he says that people generally do the right thing and buy content if it’s made available to them in the format they want it. And these days a lot of that is online. Online also has powerful searching and referring tools that help get the content intelligently in front of people who are likely to want to see it.

    It’s great now that we’ve got the oz volleyball channel and i think we’ll only see it get better and better – i still would like to see more people watching it. The last jenny kirk match had about 20 viewers. Does anyone know if there has been a match that has had more live viewers?

    Broadcast TV and is dying because of the habits of modern consumers but there are 2 things that can save it:

    1) Sport content will always survive and thrive on TV – it’s the only programme people are forced to accept they can’t watch “anytime, anywhere”. ONE is the only good thing channel 10 has going for it.

    2) you can watch sports streamed live, but until technology and infrastructure gets a lot better, TV is still the only way you can get a good sized quality picture out to a broad audience.

    Let the kids watch as much “old stuff” on youtube as they like, and get them hooked into watching it live on TV. stream it if you want, because so long as the picture looks better on TV, that’s where they’ll go, and the sponsors will follow.

    • Robbo said

      according to my stats, on:
      26th July – Womens AVL Bronze – 39 Unique Viewers, 51 Total Viewers
      26th July – Womens AVL Gold – 64 Unique, 88 Total
      8th August – Uni Blues VS Tian Jin – 31 Unique, 58 Total
      12th September – VVL Womens Gold – 19 Unique, 58 Total
      12th September – VVL Mens Gold – 22 Unique, 89 Total
      2nd October – Jenny Kirk Game 5 – 31 Unique, 120 Total

      We had a good start, but looks like we will need to revamp things to try to get more people on board…

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