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Jenny Kirk Match 5 Live Tonight

Posted by Robbo on October 2, 2009

oz-volleyball tvThe final match of the Jenny Kirk Cup will be streamed live tonight on the OZ Volleyball Channel from the State Volleyball Centre in Dandenong. The broadcast will begin around 6:50pm, with the game scheduled to start at 7pm (AEST).

 The teams come into the 5th and deciding match both with 2 wins. It should make for a great game.

Apologies for the non-streaming of game 1 last Sunday night. We were informed only once we got to the stadium that there was no internet available.

4 Responses to “Jenny Kirk Match 5 Live Tonight”

  1. Great work Robbo

    hope i’ll have enough bandwidth for that. always gets a biot slow on friday night!

    The OZ girls have been changing it around a lot and giving everyone a run. they changed their line-up each set yesterday. Maybe they’ll pick a stable team to win the decider tonight.

    btw, how much bandwidth do you need to do this. Could i stream a whole match with a Telstra next G wireless card?

    • Robbo said

      Thanks Hugh,

      Yeah i spoke to one of the coaches a few weeks ago and they spoke of getting everyone out on court.

      The first game I streamed (Womens AVL i think) was on a Telstra Wireless Dongle and i think we needed to reduce the quality a bit to get a good enough framerate. From some quick calculations during the game i believe it would have used about 600 Mb for a 2 hour game.

      I’ll keep an eye on the upload usage during tonights game, as we will be using a high speed connection with unlimited usage.

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